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  1. just pray Buddha Bell is not reading this and meet you "one of these days"
  2. being told she passed away yesterday
  3. And In the meanwhile...Aramco smiles
  4. It is a special kind of snail that lives in Thailand...i've been following this topic for a while...i guess that building a space for them and providing special food is a piece of cake...then it is only profit....i bought some for a friend of mine in Italy....She keeps telling me results on skin are amazing
  5. Sustra4

    Jokes Thread

    “Tesla Italy” arrives on the market, the electric car that automatically parks in the spaces reserved for the disabled
  6. I can see that the snail skin treatment is trendy in Thailand... miracles it does! ...they say...so I got some informations on the internet...is it profitable to have a snail snail farm? I bought a cream for my lb....that makes the skin smooth like...ehmmm...a snail!
  7. Till 30 days ago in September when I took it was every hour...
  8. It seems the main problem...the tone....as grammar is simple and alphabet not that difficult....I speak 5 languages but tone is my problem....even if I ask for a manao pan they don't understand...they reply...lime?
  9. Interesting question... I was thinking myself of learning Thai...
  10. If Thai bath is going to be this expensive longer ...be prepared to see people only wearing underpants
  11. was exploring but no lb bar there....around Chris massage many bars with some lbs https://goo.gl/maps/rFVBajrn1fgZvtJa6 The owner of my hotel told me that many lbs in Phuket ( Patong ) are the worst...stealing everything they can... but as said before i was with my lb..( jeaulous )...no had much time to explore... she was really annoyed because everyone was looking at her..had some problems never experienced before in Thailand...she always yak yak with people looking too much at her ( in Thailand considered as an offence ) i guess patong is to avoid about lbs..too much marketd..but going outside..maybe it is worth ( if You like swimming the best place i've seen ) my bar 3 is definitely a good place..not expensive and not pushy. Bangla...to ovoid... i strongly suggest kata night market for food...the best i've ever had in Thailand in 10 years
  12. well...just close one eye...as going to toilet and something is forbidden...only god knows why....pope poo
  13. Ohhhh...now I understand...when I took my flight back to Rome 2 days ago on my Thai airways plane ( half empty ) 5 Thai nationality Catholic sisters were seated not too far from me.. I'm used to see many Philippines sisters..but never seen before Thai...maybe they were going to pick him up...was surprised to see them ( not surprised to see naked lbs anymore now...a sort of new first time in life )
  14. Sustra4

    Hunny Bunny

    my last night in Thailand...
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