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  1. "And those who return home or leave the area will be arrested and imprisoned for 14 days because of violating and telling the infection to spread again."..... I have this message regarding Pattaya...is it true?...can anybody confirm?
  2. And don't forget to clean properly your phone...if you go out with it
  3. Keep safe...I haven't been cutting my hair for 4 months now..because I was scared..looking like a heavy metal guitar player now..in compulsory quarantine here for everyone.. you're not alone
  4. I have the same feeling...what you say it makes sense...
  5. Maybe Korea ( south ) has done a very good job...in 3 points: 1 ) compulsory test to everyone 2 ) $ 1.200 monthly bonus 3 ) an app on the phone telling you of there is a positive around 300 metres It makes sense to me...science+technology+money
  6. Here you are served ....were you forecasting this? In the next 6 months Pattaya will be reduced to starvation...
  7. My gf just bought noodles hassles free.,.
  8. Well, 55 cases officially declared.,..not to scared ....in Italy situation is dramatic..I guess 10% has it
  9. Well..at least my gf told me that test and cure for coronavirus is free for Thai people
  10. I am....but 4 of my colleagues are not....China and communists are the evil
  11. Death to communists.,...you will realize it in the next future...Trump understood it long time ago... politically correct= nonsense...well done UK to exit Europe...the heritage of ancient Romans could not end into communists....
  12. Spreading a virus in Europe .. reduce it to bankruptcy ... Here is the move of China ... years have been trying .... you haven't understood it yet.?.they want to buy us...this is a war...we are in war... everything was planned....they are sending us masks for money... they're helping us for money...and one day they're reducing us to slavery....
  13. Well done..stay home and wait
  14. I confirm. To go out you need an auto certification that you are going to work or home. Before entering grocery shop you need to wear gloves. Police could stop you anytime. Regarding the fan ban in Thailand..well done. I'm in the middle of it and people is really scared. Do not understimate this virus. But we have free hospitals...and they are full to the top..what would happen in Thailand?
  15. I think same same...I tested this morning...result=negative...I had little bit of cough....I presume infection is among us 10 times more than said..... I'm very pessimistic..just the beginning And how Thai people can pay for a hospital testing when they don't have money for food Regards from the red zone ( Rome is actually orange )
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