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  1. The Afro-Cuba style has colours that you cannot find in any other place...hot and sensual...but at the same time classy ( just like salsa music )
  2. the most difficult thing is to make them understand , especially in thailand , that the pics are not for the forum or porn...but for me only
  3. this reminds me the most wonderful day ( and night ) in Santiago de Cuba ....i met them in Plaza de Marte...in front of a chinese restaurant ( chinese in Cuba? do not try ever ) Their name Neriza & Nelly
  4. this is the most beautiful travesti in Sao Paulo...the wonderful Adriana Fofinha ( fofo/a or fofinha in portoguese means...sweetie )
  5. and from Colombia my adorable arelis ladyboy ( well in spanish..that i speak perfectly, is more correct travesti )
  6. As usual ....another trip will be over soon....and as usual the big depression will be upon me. But...i am lucky as my passion is ladyboy art. Living in Rome, being italian...how can i not love art? I have been painting ladyboys from around the world for more then 25 years. Part of my time spent in Thailand, Brasil and Cuba...as well USA or anywhere.... is looking for models...i take then pictures and at home i paint them Oil on Canvas...usually very large canvas. Also known in the art world as the ladyboy painter...not many people could understand what they mean to us. When they ask me why i sit down in a bar, drinking slowly a Leo beer with the eyes almost lost in the air...i am simply waiting for the perfect creature to paint...if i meet her...i stand up...and run to her Here 3 paintings made before my first trip to LOS...in the beginning of the new Millenium ( so almost 18 years old)...based on pictures i have seen on the net...you can possibly recognize who they are. ( could be also lbr quiz )
  7. I have done it and was very happy with my choice...only a small accident on my last day...not due to the bar...I really do not want to talk about...but I will be back for sure if staying in jomtien
  8. I had a nice stay....told Emmy to subscribe on TripAdvisor...I've already done it..write a good review on it to push it up
  9. Sustra4

    Jokes Thread

    What a pervert..hope it was clean and not stinky at least! Strangest place where you had sex?...inside a woman!!! ( From the movie boat trip )
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