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  1. i had to reset password...i noticed that the site is no more on google..maybe adding a https would be useful
  2. Is this the same woman comparing herself to Lincoln with a raise in taxes up to the 70%.....the right could sleep quiet dreams https://youtu.be/_HKhP0nzaAM
  3. Sustra4

    La Bamba: What's Up?

    I usually avoid Pattaya...but I well remember nok...the manager in the far 2011...she's like parmesan cheese..the more seasoned the better she gets
  4. Sustra4

    TJs Bar Naklua

    G strings= A form of underwear for women. Consists of an ass string and a very thin frontalportion. Worn on the right women, it is extremely sexy is it the thin frontal that turns u off?
  5. Sustra4

    Always have a camera with you...

    Even outside Thailand...
  6. Sustra4

    Always have a camera with you...

    the new years proposals will not include quit smoking.....anyway the pinky one is super...I think she's lb
  7. Sustra4

    Always have a camera with you...

    Are you a professional? Those pics are not only beautiful and classy...but also a "must buy a ticket to BKK"...congratulations ( I am at work for holidays and I am just smiling looking at them )
  8. Sustra4


    Chris was the best ....as the best time I had in BKK was at dark side.. I asked specifically ...Chris..do you know a lb in BKK that is not p4p? He replied yes...after 10/20 attempts..(the biggest whores in BKK.) .he introduced me to my special one and will always remember him We were laughing a lot toghether..last time I spoke to him was almost blind ...he told me ...I can now see BKK only with imagination
  9. Sustra4

    Travel insurance

    A factory I know with many workers abroad uses William Russel global health...have a look
  10. Sustra4

    Jokes Thread

  11. Sustra4

    Little Known Bangkok Bar Areas

    Would You like to have a sightseeing from the top of the roof of MAHANAKHON SKY WALK?
  12. Sustra4

    Old School LadyBoy Scene Photo Archive

    earlier than this is impossible..Sleeping Hermaphroditus at Galleria Borghese in Rome....haaaa the greek & romans....and we think we were pioneers in the 60's
  13. ask for Piazza Pasquali or via Longoni or via Prenestina ( same area ) if You have a car....so many....but watch out...some are crooks https://goo.gl/maps/QJT5Z6GZ8gT2
  14. Sustra4

    The Shortest Time in Los

    the best trip i had was in 2014...only 7 days....the best 7 days of my life...i still remember it as the best week ever....at woraburi soi 4....and darkside at soi 33 in BKK...was like swimming laps...back and forward. It was like drinking a concentrated red bull...gives you wings