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  1. Sustra4

    Heat Wave

    Looks like jomtien.enjoy your night in Cambodia...always wanted to visit
  2. Problem is nowadays music that will stand time
  3. you are right....thanks for the suggestion
  4. when you work like a dog...and you want to send a present via western union to a ladyboy you felt in love with..and the receiver account looks as blocked temporarily as she received too much money...( blaming starvation ) only then..you understand that capitalism or socialism are nonsense when you talk about prostitution....i've seen prostitutes also in Nicaragua, Cuba and Russia in the 80's.. i wasn't alive at those times but also in the ancient Rome A prostitute sentence " why should i have a decent job for 1.200 when i can earn the same amount having fun and drinking champagne in 2 day's work?" there is sure exploitation on some of them....but if you start listening to them..it's over...what should they say? i make prostitution because of money...or...i was forced by society to be a prostitute? what would you say...victimism is the first way to give excuses false like Judas...cunning as a fox...it is good to lie in bed...waiting to say i love you i miss you.....400 Bath a letter
  5. i'm 52 too....hey....nowadays at 52 we are teen-agers!!!!!!!!!!!!!....c'mon
  6. Vice..vice...vice....money and vice and lies...at the end they will die alone in a field..far away...looking at the stars they will never reach..because a younger one will take their place..and no money will be left..while sharks swm in circles around us..only there you realize how futile Your life was When sperm & shit & blood mix together.. there's no place for love..but what else can we say...I miss you
  7. bloody lucky....better angeles than the louvre
  8. No...the french "stole" many things....Like this one in Venice...Canae marriage by Veronese ( Veronese is my favourite painter...a big drinker and a big playboy )..as well in Louvre...but with da Vinci was different
  9. Lisa was her name and Mona in ancient Italian is Mrs. NAT king Cole was my mother's favourite singer...I listened to him 20000 times when I was a baby But anybody knows why the painting of Mona Lisa is in France and not in Italy?
  10. Too easy for me..but if you are curious the first part of the name in italian dialect from Venice means " pussy " Ohhh Che Mona! Means ...what a pussy!! ( Regarding women ) If you are a man and somebody calls you Mona...means you re a jerk
  11. I met a few days ago an old friend..he was just coming back from Vietnam...I told him I was in Thailand. He replied that after his experience in Vietnam...he will never go back to Thailand... he's a nice guy in his 50...still in very good shape...those kind of guys that never got married preferring adventure...but especially he has good taste for everything...so wait for your review...seems that Vietnam is going trendy....
  12. Breaking news: "I am inspired by my idol", Neymar dedicates the allegations of rape to CR7
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