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  1. oh my god.....i am in a communist forum...do you eat babies at night?
  2. Well....sleeping during a st with such a tongue in action...deserves an extortion... just jocking Was not expecting much from a lb acting like this in a video...just a blowjob..for 500 baht
  3. Recently the news that Nacho Vidal, the porno actor, is hiv positive was on all italian newspapers. Reading an interview with Rocco Siffredi that was his friend, this sentence has surprised me as many of us could identify Rocco Siffredi " He told me: I do not like pussy any more. He told me: "Now I hate fucking with women, you do not know how much". He lay down with a woman, in missionary position, put the women on top of him, made her legs stretch, put the c...k inside bent inside the contrary and said to these: talk to me as if it were a man who is fucking" So he took it recently in Colombia where he went, or in Spain where he attends trans no stop, he in his private life only fucks trans. Which are top for fantasies, three, four, you and your woman, but they're too much at risk. It is very difficult to find trans-negatives, they are positive for everything. Who goes with the trans risks his life. Silvera (a porn director, ed) and other colleagues turn with the trans and earn ten times more than me, but when they send them to do the tests eight out of ten are positive diseases. John Stagliano, a great director, fifteen years ago calls me from Brazil: I am convinced that I caught Hiv. He got buggered by a trans. He told me that it was as if he had looked for him, his woman had committed suicide. It's a story that reminds me of Nacho ". He's a huge hetero with women, but he can also be a huge gay with gays, he never did it in front of a camera, but he shot dozens of movies with trans. Here, with the trans is very funny, mix them, turn them, I have produced three movies with the trans but I've already told you. Eight out of ten are positive for all diseases, from HIV to syphilis "
  4. 25 years ago... the 90's were fantastic...I regret those times...so many beautiful lbs...now seems the inflation has rebated the quality.. Yes...some from Colombia and Venezuela too...Argentina...Philippines..I went with one from Lithuania as well..
  5. well....if you come to Rome...i'll tour you around...Rome is a city with 1 ladyboy every 10 inhabitants...and prices are cheaper than in Milano
  6. last time was 10 years ago.....i used to be a frequent traveller......if You've never been there i strongly suggest a visit...still not dangerous and still amusing ( so i've been told by friends ) and much more ladyboys in comparison to my times...resign to the fact that speaking spanish is a must if you wish to fully enjoy it
  7. I understand u......Beautiful times when in Cuba during my youth they used to call me " el negriero" only ebony beauties ladies for me at my table...and now...turned 50 and became a faggot...mmmhhhh....this makes me think a lot....what my ex girlfriends would think of me if they saw me in BKK? Anyway she has something of Grace Jones...
  8. i've been watching this video...loop for 10 hours
  9. Kitty replied to book with Agoda or booking..I emailed them directly...
  10. i've seen the commercial from Burgerking during Super Bowl
  11. yes...still smoking those slim faggot's cigarettes...in BKK the only one i can find are called "Esse" from Korea...but when i go to Dubai duty free i usually stock 2 boxes of Winston blue slim i cannot smoke anymore normal cigaretes...too strong for me
  12. I've seen str8 couples into lb scene too...you never know......are we not str8 too?
  13. Smoking areas at Thai airports closed from today.....trying to refresh BKK air
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