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  1. thanks again...i'll catch it...and i thank you for the information that actually my lb should have given...ok...not talking about it as she stays just behind the bus station...but as i pay...probably not important...starting to have a bad feeling about it
  2. i ' ll try... thanx...report will follow i hope the bus will not be full at 7 a.m..being september...my plane direct flight to BKK is landing at 5.15 am...otherwise i'll catch a meter taxi. I usually like to wait...so to smoke a few cigarettes after a 11 hours flight.( sooner or later i'll quit...smoking i mean...not flying ) I will not stay in soi 4 this time....just a few days in jomtien and fly to Phuket....need to swim in clear waters. Swimming in Jomtien...i don't have sins so serious to expiate
  3. I arrive in BKK at 5.45 am after tomorrow ..and going to jomtien...now...I understand that I can buy the ticket for this bus there...no need to pre-book....am I right? I just have 400 bath left in my pocket since last trip ( A taxi would cost me 1200...)
  4. you mean i cannot buy condoms anymore at 7/11? there is a machine " eating plastic " now at the entrance of every station in Rome...
  5. Well... I'll be in jomtien on the 17th...few days..then fly to Phuket...report will follow
  6. thanks for the information...also seems very reasonable priced...€ 70 round trip for 2...obviously plus the luggage weight ( she is going to overpack with make up and lb stuff... )
  7. from pattaya i'll fly Phuket...better from Pattaya Airport or Bangkok? Air Asia has direct flight from u-tapao.....i didn't even know pattaya had an airport.
  8. Sustra4

    Jokes Thread

    this looks like a joke but it isn't. I'll go to Thailand next week and booked a hotel in Ko Chang for a few days. When showing the pictures of the hotel room that is actually a suite ( obviously trying to stay on a budget ) my lb just told me " my room is better looking " Now...as i pay her rent...( 8.000 ) what would you do? take it as a joke..or tell her to fuck off?
  9. Sustra4


    absolutely factious to show a video with Trump and this guy toghether....disgusting...... miserable ...
  10. was expecting this after China...New Zeland and India as well...
  11. Sustra4

    Heat Wave

    Looks like jomtien.enjoy your night in Cambodia...always wanted to visit
  12. Problem is nowadays music that will stand time
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