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  1. With Zaza2 now sold, all the action will have to be at Zaza. I hope to be down there at the weekend and will report on my findings (up to a point, anyway).
  2. No I haven't - quite the reverse actually, as on my last trip home the visual scanner (is that what it's called?) in Melbourne didn't recognise me. An officer said something like "this does happen sometimes", checked my passport and ushered me through. End of story. Your report is very interesting - must have been a rotten experience for you, and I'm glad you came through it ok. Thanks for posting, and it's certainly food for thought when travelling.
  3. Musk and his team give arse-holes (ass-holes) a bad name.
  4. Thanks Quietguy, and you have made some good points in your post. All is not bad about religion, and acceptance of differing opinions is important, I think. And you are right - fish n chips is probably better than a big mac; but eating meat on a Friday is not something I do deliberately to piss anyone off - it's not something I really think about, and many times in the army we had no choice anyway. Back to the topic: I wish the Pope a safe trip.
  5. No I don't. I go for a night out with the ladyboys. Sometimes I have happened to speak with Iain at Why Not, and Jimbo when he was at TJs one night, but i don't know too many bar owners anyway, and I'm quite happy just being with the girls.
  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. Being an older bloke, I've given up worrying what others think of me, but it's interesting to see I'm not the only one with these views I have of life; religion in particular. And duke, I'll duck into town and have a big mac for you, seeing it's Friday..
  7. This is a serious question. I am not religious at all, and I wonder how other people, Catholic or not, feel about this visit. I would really like to know.
  8. I said before that I liked the artwork; but even more so now, seeing it on the wall. Quite striking.
  9. cobber32


    Well I'm almost lost for words. That is sportsmanship with a capital S. Good commentary too. I'll clear my eyes now.
  10. cobber32

    Jokes Thread

    In answer to Pdoggg's quiz question about "French Lick, Indiana" I won't give the answer 'cos I had to look it up. And for me, I've never heard of the bloke anyway. Have to get out more. I'm sure someone will know.
  11. cobber32

    Jokes Thread

    So many messages on that billboard, BB. Only rock n roll is missing. Now if Kate and Edith were also an item ..... maybe the crystal meth is kicking in.
  12. Happy birthday for yesterday, xyzzy.
  13. Yes I know about duke and his football "likes" (and dislikes). Well, your + count has changed, so you can relax now It's good to be able to share a joke as well as to be serious when we have to.
  14. I was going to give you a like, but after the last two phrases I'll leave it to duke. Also, being Friday 13th, I did not want to tempt fate with your + count. Take an honorary like.
  15. Bloody hell. You want fries with that?
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