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  1. Yes. My other half was asked about asking me for a "loan" of 25,000 baht. She had the sense to throw in the drop in the exchange rate, and that we simply couldn't do it. The "friend" wasn't too impressed - apparently all farangs have money (but not this one!)
  2. I'm living in Thailand (Phitsanulok) but travel to Pattaya just now is not an option. I had booked to be there 6 April but obviously had to cancel. I must say Chaiyapoon Inn management was very understanding - we exchanged emails re the cancellation. So, when will I be back in Pattaya? Couldn't give a date, but as soon as it's reasonably safe to go. I'm old; time gets away, and I want to make the most of whatever time I have left. I expect Pattaya will never be the same as before the virus, but I'd like to see for myself. Meanwhile LBR helps keep the dream alive.
  3. Didn't know what to expect with the video, Pdogg, but better than a porn mag. And I haven't bought a mag for maybe 15 years. Blame the internet, like many other BMs.
  4. It's the best there is, Woodie - you know that. Mainland cheese, tasty, and the Chesdale slices - they've kept me alive for a year or three.
  5. Day One of emergency in sunny Phitsanulok today. Went to a big Tesco Lotus shopping centre in the city - temperature check at the entry; just about all the small stalls and kiosks closed up (even the True shop was closed), and in the Lotus area itself, all the homewares (fridges, TVs, etc) and all the shoe/shirt/ underwear bits were cordoned off. Other than that the store was pretty normal, except some mongrels had bought up all the eggs - not even a cracked shell to be seen. Aah well, plenty of weet-bix, milk, bread and NZ cheese to see me through (and plenty of stuff for my other half to cook at home). One last whinge - more than usual lazy Thais leaving the trolleys just anywhere in the car park, when there are places to park them. Three behind my car. Rant over, and I'm stocked up until next week. No road-blocks or police sighted on either trip. See how we survive the next few days, and shop again next Thursday.
  6. Strong baht v Weak Aussie dollar. what I've seen today means I, for one, am not super rich. Not super poor either, I suppose, but heading down that soi.
  7. I thought that too, and it's all down to you, markm. We might have to discuss it with the man himself sometime. From a safe distance though.
  8. Yes all right bbg. Maybe I got carried away a bit - must be living in the wilderness area of Phitsanulok. I'd booked a trip down early next month, but who knows if it will happen? But if it does I'll be hoping to catch up with you and svelt man. Look after yourself too mate.
  9. Svelt doesn't begin to describe him, but they do make a lovely couple Then AND now.
  10. I stay in the room with no window whenever I come down - I find it quite ok (to each his own, of course) and the bonus is no stairs. The Chaiyapoon Inn (Apartment) staff have always been great and while I'd probably look for an upgrade if I was staying longer, for 4 or 5 days I've no complaints at all. I found this a reasonably good video. Thanks, duke.
  11. Apart from any other pressures, maybe Lewis Hamilton's comments carried some weight. Bad luck SP. You'll just have to watch the traffic in soi pothole instead.
  12. I was going to post about one of my other passions, namely horse racing, but because of the corona virus situation, I see that the Royal Bangkok Sports Club has suspended racing until further notice. I presume this will apply to the other horse racing venues as well. Ah well, save up for the next punt when it starts up again. Here's a shot from my last visit to the races in Bangkok.
  13. Talking with SP the other day got me thinking about things happening away from the bar scene, and boat racing came to mind. Not an all-year-round thing, but somewhere between June and September (from memory) and depending which province is holding the races. Here are some photos of the local racing in Wat Bot (Phitsanulok province) from last year. Quite exciting, especially with the Thai commentary.
  14. Thanks so much, bbg. My lawyer will be talking to yours . Look, I had a really nice time at Katty Bar the night I met Pokki, so I'll live on that memory, and life moves on. I'll certainly be over to Jomtien on my next trip down.
  15. Woodie, I always try to look at the good times. (But yes, you're right). Catch you on your next trip, hopefully. And "Then" can become "now".
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