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  1. I'm so pleased the night seems to have gone so well - pissed off for myself for not being able to come, but really happy for everyone there, and for Emmy especially. Thanks for a top post, bbg.
  2. Thanks to covid, l'm not able to be at your party tonight. But l send my best wishes for a very happy evening, and l'll be there in spirit. I hope it will be a great time.
  3. Every couple of weeks l get money out at my ATM. Yesterday there were a few of the old notes in with mostly new. The former king is still held in such high esteem that l doubt there is any rush to cancel the old notes. As has been said, a slow process to weed them out is all that is likely to happen - for now anyway.
  4. I couldn't make it down, sadly, but l'm pleased it was a good night. I thought of you all, green with envy. Maybe after Songkran.
  5. I haven't been down for a while, but l did speak to LinPing a few days ago, and yes, Zaza is still going.
  6. Your post is very cynical, and generalises things you do not know first hand. I for one am living a far better life in Thailand than if I was still in my own country. We all have to live somewhere, and building a house here, where i am happy, has worked out well (for me). "Stories always end the same way ..." well, I've lived here 12 years and counting. I would not tell you what to post, or to think, but in betting terms you seem to want a dollar each way, and throw in a second bet for the quinella.
  7. So, I am one of these blokes to be got rid of, I guess. I'm no millionaire, but over the 12 years I've lived here I've put around 50,000 baht a month into the local economy. And some of it is very local, not all to the hi-so companies, but rather to local markets and tradespeople. And tax is taken from the bank interest I earn as well. Right now I think Thailand would be happy, financially speaking, to have blokes like us living here. By the time the country finds it's feet again I will probably have gone in the local temple crematorium, thereby contibuting again to the local economy on my way out.
  8. I won't turn this into my thread, but I'd like to report on yesterday's vaccine shot. On arrival at the university, it looked like disorganised chaos, but with so many staff willing to help everyone it turned out well. In the door just after 1.00 pm; processed through the various stages and got the shot at 1.52 pm. Into the waiting room for the 30 minute check, and out the door at 2.22 pm. Booked in for my second Pfizer on 23 September. Very happy with it all.
  9. Nothing heard from the "expatvac@consular" site I registered on a month ago, but just now i had sms from the big hospital in Phitsanulok (registered on Monday) to say I'm on for a Pfizer shot tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon at the university just up the road. Only had to confirm it. see tomorrow.
  10. Thanks, Pd. Appreciate your thoughts, but I'm hanging on for the Pfizer I registered for. And then today I managed to register with the big hospital in Phitsanulok with just my passport number, name, age and phone number - but type of vaccine not specified. We'll see what happens.
  11. If you've lived here a while you learn that Thais don't stop at pedestrian crossings. The farang was silly to bang on the car, but what the driver did was piss poor too.
  12. I thought the bloke was going to be a smart arse, but once I got over that, I found the interviews very interesting and enjoyable. Decent questions asked, and her answers and comments seemed honest and she spoke her mind. Thanks very much rx for posting.
  13. It's all in the spelling, Pd - "Buy your vaccine". Or am I just an old, crabby cynic?
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