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  1. Hold your horses. Pun intended. I may have been premature in saying horse racing may return soon in Thailand. As it stands with the emergency decree extended, it is hard to see race meetings resuming anytime soon. Trainers must be in a quandry about preparing horses to race, owners still have to meet feed and vet bills, and training fees. And all the spin-offs such as race books printing (and selling), catering at meetings, race day staff, and jockeys and strappers must be feeling the pinch. Obviously it's an interest of mine, but I'll try to post any updated information I can get at.
  2. I find it amazing that the bus from Phitsanulok to Bangkok (and return) do not require any details just pay the ticket, wear a mask, and that's it. Six hours each way, all seats full, no worries. Add 2 hours each way Bangkok - Pattaya; same procedure.
  3. I've just come back from 4 days in Pattaya, and I stayed at said hotel. Sadly age has caught me (so I wasn't the lucky guy) but I did spend time with LinPing and had plans for Nut, but she was taken (obviously popular). It's a great place with excellent staff. Already planning my next trip down.
  4. I've been known to buy a drink for a bar manager (in a ladyboy bar) but as a friendship thing, as i would if I was in the bar with a mate. Obviously I've also bought the lady of my choice a drink as well, I'm there to enjoy myself, and as long as the bin is all ok, I'm ok too. How the bar works out it's affairs is none of my business.
  5. My recent visit so impressed me that I've made plans to come down again in a couple of weeks. Lots to like about the bar.
  6. Here's a test post. I also happen to think it's a big step forward.
  7. What I can tell you now is as it was before covid brought it all to a halt. Anything new, when it starts up again, I'll try to update. Betting: All totalizator betting, minimum 50 baht (and multiples of 50 baht). Win, Place (1st, 2nd or 3rd), Quinella (1st and 2nd, in any order), Trifecta (1st, 2nd, 3rd in order). Only on course and only on the current race (you can't put a bet on a race later than the one with the horses on the track). On the screens, approximate odds are shown for 10 baht Form guides: Along Henri Dunant Road (avenue) there were many stands selling form guides, most
  8. I'm led to believe that horse racing will (maybe) start again in Bangkok and Korat in the next month or so. I haven't been to Korat yet (a sand track) but the Royal Bangkok Sports Club has a grass track, where they raced every second Sunday. I'll keep an eye on race dates, but here's a reminder of the bangkok track.
  9. I saw her (Donut) when I was in the bar the other night. She looked lovely, but I was otherwise engaged.
  10. Geez mate. stop picking on me! I had to borrow a shirt because i stayed an extra day and didn't have an extra shirt in my pack. Back on topic, the bar is all SP said it is, and more. Service staff: excellent. Ladies:excellent. What's not to like about the bar? I'd like to wish Iain and Nam every success in the new location, and I'll be in there again on my next Bangkok visit.
  11. Yes it was me, mate. Great night as you can see. Hope it isn't too long before you can get back, though I guess every day is one day too long at present
  12. Yes indeed it was me; and yes bbg, all is forgiven. It really was a very enjoyable night, plus I knew you were distracted.
  13. cobber32


    I suppose it depends on the definition, but thinking of Australia, . Melbourne, with some postcodes "locked down" or deemed "hotspots", as against state borders being closed.
  14. Yes. I do. Apart from the ones you mentioned, all other buttons are there to confuse the user. Can't have viewers knowing more than the smart-arse tech people. I think I'm getting old and crabby like BBG.
  15. No shame, Jimmy; just sharing your perversion. Great video mate. And I also liked Woodie's video, so I suppose I really am a random pervert. Couldn't send a postcard as I couldn't write too well after watching the videos.
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