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  1. Maybe his statement of "he can stick it where it hurts" didn't do him any favours too. Just declining the offer may have been better, but it's easy to sit here in hindsight and make a calm assessment of it all.
  2. That's a big no-no; buy a ladydrink and then they walk away. But on my previous trip in October I had a daytime (about 12:30 pm) session in there with Natalie (I think) which ended up going upstairs for a pleasant hour. I was the only customer at the time though - maybe that helped. An older, non-hansum man is better than no man at all, I guess.
  3. Great shots (again) BB, and great to meet you in person (finally) here at TJs. Back up north now, but the mind is with you, and your camera, in Patts.
  4. I just now asked any potential users (of the bus, i.e.) to post on the site on that forum. I'll let you know any replies SP.
  5. Anything to do with someone's arrival, SP?
  6. Yes, BB. I hope we can meet up after all these years. Who Knows about Chris de Burgh? He said "Don't pay the ferryman". But I could be carried away with this lady in red. TJ's a must visit this trip for me.
  7. I know the answer, but I cannot play because SP and I have talked about it before.
  8. It's hard enough getting down from Phitsanulok to catch up with SP when he comes over, but it seems I'll have to track over to Naklua as well!. Great photos, BB, and as I've only been to TJ's once, I will have to double up next trip; maybe 4th or 6th December. Red (as on the table in that last shot) is my favourite colour now.
  9. Great post, seven. He's obviously still got it, despite his age, and as a free agent I'm sure several clubs are considering an approach for him. January will be interesting.
  10. That's it exactly, Quietguy. And even between mates it doesn't happen all the time; but when the words come out, as stoolpusher said, no one takes offence, because it's not meant that way, and both parties know it.
  11. It really depends on one's particular circumstances. I live here (Phitsanulok) full time. On one hand costs are cheap - go to the market, food stalls, bread 36 baht a loaf, water 7 to 10 baht a bottle, etc, etc. On the other hand the funds that finance this lifestyle come from Australia, my army super, and so the exchange rate has affected the extras I can buy. When I came her 10 plus years ago I got around 25 baht to the dollar; now it's just over 20, so my slush fund has taken a hit. Having said that, I have no intention of going back. Home is here now, but I do hope for a rise in the Aussie dollar, sooner rather than later.
  12. The great thing (one of them) about this forum is the advice given, sometimes upfront, and sometimes in answer to questions. Like the Pdoggg - SP exchange above. Now if only I had a lazy 800k. Blame it on all those slow horses over the years. Not tax deduction I'm afraid.
  13. Great post Pdoggg, and explains what happened in my bank book.In June I got 7.52 interest, and next line showed 1.13 tax. I just presumed it was tax pure and simple, but now I know more. Living in Phitsanulok I don't think I'll worry about trying to claim it back, but wait and see what happens next June. Given that I'm using my monthly super as proof of income (not a fixed sum), so it's money coming in and going out too, I'm not likely to face a huge tax debit. Could be different for others though.
  14. cobber32

    Hidden AGogo

    Zaza is a well run massage establishment; no question of that, (and I hope to be back there again in a few weeks). It would be interesting to know the real story of the Hidden Agogo staff arrangement, though it isn't really my scene. Just trying to make sense of the translation gave me a headache - I need a massage I think.
  15. cobber32

    Hidden AGogo

    The translation is woeful, but I get the idea. The bar's future doesn't look too bright, I'd say.
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