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  1. xyzzy, I see you're a Spurs fan - well you'd have to be happy with the result, but also their performance, and best of luck for another big game this weekend. And of course to make the Champions league final. Torrents? I'm not tech savvy at all, but I'll see what I can do. Thanks a lot.
  2. Thanks very much duke for taking the time to do a real, on-the-spot report. It must have been a great game. Trust you to get on the pitch too. Best wishes to Man U for the rest of the season.
  3. I've read reports about the game, duke, but if you could give your first hand impression of the night, i for one would be very interested.
  4. Well it's all over in Phitsanulok. Today at 12 noon there was no water being hosed, shot or thrown anywhere between the backblocks where I live, to the city centre. The traffic was pretty heavy though - people going back to work tomorrow I guess.I only went out to see off a mate to the bus station. Yesterday there were a few pickups with 44 gallon drums in the back driving around, and lots of kids having "fun". I managed to miss it all, apart from the purely family things. So glad not to be in Pattaya.
  5. Well, that certainly made for a pleasant evening's viewing. Thanks jeffs.
  6. Sorry, I got past and present mixed there (must be age, or the dread of Songkran). Nothing happening yet, apart from the floral shirts which I'm sure are breeding - they're everywhere, including some that have just appeared in my other half's wardrobe. The splashing will probably start Saturday, but of course schools are on holiday, so Friday I won't be going out if I don't have to.
  7. I'm living out of town in a small farming community. The local youngsters have done the usual splashing cars and motorbikes on the main road; but it's more of a family thing with us - quite an extended family live in the same general area. Can't remember the last time it rained here, but I'm sure water will be found somehow. A few years ago I did the compulsory Songkran thing in Phitsanulok city - similar to Bangkok streets. Fun once, but over it now.
  8. In Tesco Lotus in Phitsanulok, the staff have been wearing the floral shirts for over a week (hard to tell staff from customers). And as of tonight my house will be filling up as "family" start coming back for Songkran. A time I dread every year. Roll along 17 April.
  9. Yes indeed. Amazing Thailand. If only things were clear cut and consistent. (I was going to say black and white, but in this day and age .....). Oh well; the price we pay for our lifestyle, I guess.
  10. No. This may not be so. Last year in Samut Prakan my condo owner was fined for not lodging my stay details - not me. As the interview said, the talk was with the Jomtien office only, and things in Phitsanulok are different again from Samut Prakan; so it does seem to vary from office to office (immigration officer to immigration officer). What is important is to have that piece of paper in your passport, however it gets there.
  11. cobber32

    Jokes Thread

    That is a joke in itself BB. Looking in an old man's window wouldn't (and I mean wouldn't) be anyone's priority, although .... . Hope I'm still around when you get back here on your next trip.
  12. cobber32

    Jokes Thread

    Thanks BB, for your comment and the next joke. Much uplifted.
  13. cobber32

    Jokes Thread

    You've been looking in my window BB. Like the joke but not the truth - the downside of getting old(er). Keep the jokes coming (please). I need a lift.
  14. Living outside Phitsanulok city, I see several decent looking posters every day along the roadside. And yes, one or two are quite attractive. But as you say, tongue in cheek (and very cleverly put), I don't think those sort of services are what they are standing for. And I've not been tempted as yet.
  15. After watching that video, put me down as a mouse. I'm there for an enjoyable time (though I'm sure there are guys who are right into this). I'm happy if she isn't just a starfish, but there are limits. (says he, who seems to know no boundaries at times).
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