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  1. As per the above, SP. Great you are here now and a new chapter begins. Best wishes mate.
  2. I'd like to add my congratulations to the above posts too, SP. Great news, and my best wishes to you both for many happy years ahead.
  3. I've had 3 goes at writing this. The thread is Delirious Bar. I don't drink alcohol (now) but have been in the bar on 2 visits to Pattaya and enjoyed the company of the staff, and bought lady drinks for my companions. All I can say is that I've enjoyed my times there and will go again on my next trip down. All the best to Herberth and Som.
  4. I never knew the original, Arch. It must've been good to be better than what I discovered in the Rajah, which sent me on the path ..., but the Darkside gave me some great times.
  5. Talking of novice LB chasers, I went in to Guess (in the Rajah complex, soi 4), and it opened my eyes to the LB scene. I had no idea what sort of bar it was. And while i went back a few times, my favourite (defunct) bar would be Darkside - happy memories, including Rabbit saying "do you want to put it in here?" And Gate (I think) posing for sexy lingerie photos when her tackle slipped out and she got all embarrassed. If only we could turn back time .....
  6. Best wishes, strocube. Your pic says it all. Good you've got some medical attention, and hopefully you'll be hot to trot very soon.
  7. petesie, I'm just sitting at breakfast here in Phitsanulok, scrolling through your photos (and they're good) when I choked on my weet-bix with the last shot. That harness - rabbit dong looks a mean weapon. And what a selection of toys! Something there for everyone.
  8. I'd echo SP's words about the photos BB. In fact I might put in a bid for the blue plastic chair - especially if Paxky will sit in it again. Zaza is great, and I can't wait to get back down there.
  9. I'll take you, SP, if you promise to stop Dao being angry at me for leading you astray. But yes, we could stick our heads in the door for a couple of hours .....
  10. I'm sorry I read this. I'm an Australian, and we, New Zealand and ROK were there too - not just the Americans. I was there 1966 - 67, and those who died did not deserve that.Of course war is not good for either side - too many people died and/or have had their lives ruined. What I do respect is your right to your views, strocube, and for that I have no problem.
  11. For me, looks are important, but attitude is also a factor, so I do tend to balance them out. Looks alone are not enough - I have a horse racing friend who says that looks are everything; and then the horse runs like a three-legged camel. Apply that to performance in the loom - and even after all the thinking, chemistry and some luck play their part too.
  12. Mind readers are everywhere, apparently, . No, bbg, he's a great bloke but the Merv Hughes lookalike is not on the team!
  13. Merry Christmas, sydneyjohn57, and thanks for the Bucko & Champs jingle bells. Great to hear the Aussie accent (other than mine) here in Phitsanulok. And I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
  14. Yes, thanks from me too, BB. As SP (under other aliases too) well knows, I'm very keen on one of the subjects in your camera.
  15. I'm not gay! I only fancy the one on the right in the dark blue shirt. The rest I'll leave for strocube.
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