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  1. cobber32

    The Pattaya Times

    Further news from facebook (from my other half) - it was in the Philippines where it all happened (she says). People didn't know whether he/she was man or lady - but now both have been taken care of and are well. The world is full of surprises.
  2. cobber32

    The Pattaya Times

    My other half gave a rough translation: "tom have baby in soi and people look only and not help". She said people should call hospital and offer help to him (her).
  3. cobber32

    Melbourne, Australia

    Some years ago I found by looking in the yellow pages of the phone book (Escorts ... or some variation of that) there were many to pick from. Call up and tell them what you are after. Good luck with your search.
  4. cobber32

    Jokes Thread

    Keep them coming BB. Nothing like a good laugh. (well, almost nothing)
  5. Yes, BB. I'm the same. Makes it much easier than having to login every time.
  6. cobber32

    Scenes of Pattaya.

    Always enjoy your photos BB. I hope I can meet up with you before you go back.
  7. cobber32


    From the first time I went to Darkside, Chris made me feel as if we'd been friends for years.I met him several times and he was always the same - even with the health issues he had then. I bought a Darkside polo shirt one night, and he joked that he hadn't got himself one yet. I've still got the shirt, and wear it. Sad to learn of his passing; yet hopefully he is at peace now.
  8. cobber32

    Jokes Thread

    Yes BB; so true. Sorry I missed you as I was late getting down last week, but I'm still smiling at the joke above, and from my few days visiting Zaza. Not sure when you're going back, but enjoy the rest of your stay, and safe travels.
  9. cobber32

    Scenes of Pattaya.

    Great shots, BB, as always.
  10. cobber32

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    The very best of luck to Dao for the Miss Nong Khai pageant. I'm sure she will do well.
  11. cobber32

    A Bit of Fun.

    I just tried it on my other half. She kept looking at the Thai, not the English, and even after explaining it she never got past "can".
  12. cobber32


    I look at new content almost every day. No problem. Then today I get a message that I haven't logged into LBR for 30 days .... so, I try to log in. Cannot do it as before. Am I doing something wrong? (computers and I are not friends)
  13. cobber32

    France vs Croatia

    I have a friend (who knows very little about football) who tipped France to win the cup even before the matches started. After seeing them against Australia I gave them very little chance - so what do I know? Well done mate.
  14. cobber32

    Pattaya Pariah

    Many thanks, duke007, for the posts. Good and interesting they certainly are, with some classic lines (an example: "... no sense putting lead in your pencil if you've no-one worth writing to ..."). Can easily be amended to the ladyboy scene. I like his laid - back delivery too. All in all very enjoyable
  15. cobber32

    Money Exchange Rates - ATM vs. Bringing Cash

    Bangkok Bank charge 220 baht fee for a "foreign" card.