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  1. I'm buggered (so to speak) in as much as I must have an Australian bank account to get my army super. Then I do an "international money transfer" on the internet from that bank to my Thai bank. If I do it around 10.00 pm, it is in my Thai account by lunchtime. The Aust bank charges me $6.00 to send around $1,000.00. However somewhere before the money hits my Thai account a further fee - anything up to 620 baht - has come out. Such is life.
  2. cobber32

    Covid Cupid

    Who was it saying that, because the birth-rate had dropped, dating was to be encouraged, and couples should have more babies? You can't have it both ways, unless there's some new technology I've missed Happy non-sexual Valentine's Day!
  3. I think you're right, though no doubt there are some creeps who visit (obviously not you, SP, Woodie or me). Love your job description too. As far as the "moral ground" goes,I tend to think it's a fairly neutral thing. They are prepared to provide the service; I'm prepared to avail myself of their service.So I see it as a win - win result (politically correct) or a 1 - 1 draw (with a replay if I enjoyed it).
  4. Good luck Emmy, and for the girls, for tomorrow. Hope that the livestream goes well I'll do my best to tune in from 9:00 pm.
  5. Yes, I had tried to reply too, and couldn't. So I'll just endorse your words Mr.P. In Australian language (and maybe others too) rooting has a meaning other than cheering or supporting. Perhaps some of us will be doing that as well. Best wishes, Annat. and we'll be expecting a full description of your cricket match come summer.
  6. I'm sorry I can't get down there tonight, but best wishes to Teya for her birthday, and to you Emmy; hope it's a good night.
  7. I'm just back home from a few days in Pattaya. As usual, time flew and I missed the chance to be with Nam, or Nut. But one evening on my way back to my room I was invited in by someone I had not met before (and whose name escapes me). I had my backpack with me and no time to put it in my room. "No problem, we have safe locker you can put in" she tells me. Apparently been there for ages but I'd never had the need before. So, all locked away, key on an elastic on the wrist, and indeed, no problem. What can I say? Zaza is great and I'm already planning my next trip down.
  8. I'm just back home from a few days in Pattaya. Jessie is lovely to talk with, but I had limited time (hopefully next time for her). Took Bella out to the back room, and she was brilliant; a very enjoyable time. I'll be visiting again on my next trip down. What I especially liked was there was no pressure for drinks, and all the girls made an old bloke feel welcome.
  9. cobber32


    Thanks seven. I'm still planning to go down to Pattaya tomorrow, but only to numbers 1 - 4, although I may well worship at Zaza at some stage. And of course I'll wear a mask and wash my hands. Thanks Woodie as well.
  10. cobber32


    Thanks, mate. I know how blokes outside Thailand feel. I'm here, and still have problems. Hopefully I'll get away tomorrow or Sunday.
  11. cobber32


    This has stuffed up my planned trip down to Pattaya. Fear is the killer here in Phitsanulok, apparently at least one school is closed because a teacher was on the same plane as one of the returnees from Myanmar, and then went to Phichit also. In my farming community, people are quite worried, and I'm being pressured not to go for my trip. Aah well, see what happens today.
  12. Well, this post has done it for me. Get a life, Rom, and get over LBP. I'm sick of all your complaints about PY. There are great BMs on here and Ladyboy Review has (mostly) been flame free, which makes for enjoyable reading/viewing. Don't drag it down to a lower level. Of course you, as any member, can post what you want, so maybe you can vote for me as the anti-Rom guy. Go for it. I'm done.
  13. Rom, you obviously enjoy doing this, it's your thing, and go for it. but let's keep to Ladyboy Review. The other site is just that - the other site. I don't care what happens over there. I don't put anyone on ignore, because I might miss something good sometimes, but if all I get is PY, PY, well, it does get boring. Just my feelings. Rant over.
  14. Thanks duke for posting the Thailand News Today videos, as well as the extras they put up. Much appreciated.
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