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  1. cobber32


    Exactly. We haven't got many cases here, so let's bring some in from outside. I'm stunned.
  2. Great news SP. Best wishes to Zaza Massage in these difficult times.
  3. I couldn't give it a "like", and because it is serious, I wouldn't give a laugh either...... but honestly, an evening in a bar under these rules would hardly be exciting for a patron, and would be absolute hell for the bar owner. The only potential winners would be the BIB, who I'm sure would be only too happy to jump in on any wrong-doing. And you can't even play pool. May as well stay home; at least I can walk the dog without social distancing.
  4. cobber32


    Thanks Big Tel. It did seem hard to justify on both counts, so all good to go. Appreciate your info, mate.
  5. I think that's probably a good decision (says me, the instant expert). From what I've read, many places are open, but the client base must be pretty thin. My other thought is that there's no harm in waiting a little longerto see how things go. Best wishes, SP, and to the staff as well. And Zaza won't be dodgy at all when it's up and running.
  6. cobber32


    Yes, I heard this on the news tonight. I've always gone by bus from Phitsanulok to Bangkok and / or Pattaya over the last 10 years; no problems. Now my plan to go down (when things start up again) will need some reviewing. I heard it was ok to go by train to Bangkok; and flying? I'll look into both in due course, but bus has always been convenient. Aah well, one more bump in the road.
  7. That's absolutely brilliant SP. I've never seen anyone I know planting rice before. Better than anything on TV, so well done.
  8. "Do as I say ... not as I do" seems to be the message here. We went to Pizza Company yesterday and had to sit well apart (at same table). No such problem for Mr Anutin.
  9. Yes, it's all a mystery at present. Best wishes to SP and Dao, and I hope a safe opening will happen soon. I may not be first in the door, but the bus from Phitsanulok is on standby.
  10. cobber32


    The highlight of the day was hanging out the washing - staying home, doing the right thing. Bloody boring. The second highlight was getting the washing in. I thought to myself, I've got to do something more exciting. So I started watching replays of greyhound racing from Ipswich and Bundaberg (in Queensland, Australia). Lo and behold I see a dog named "Pattaya Girl". Not that she was exciting, as she finished well down the track. Short of building a dog track in Phitsanulok, I hope restrictions can be lifted soon. I can't be hanging washing out every day for enjoyment. Life has become just one day after another. I do feel for those in a far more serious state than mine, but geez, for the average person , life has gone to the toilet.
  11. Thanks duke. A shame that it didn't work out. I thought it reflected well on PP in that he didn't bag Steff out (other than the fact he didn't show up). Ah well, maybe more will come to light given time. The "like" is for your post, mate, not the content of the livestream
  12. Duke, I must've been asleep. Can you give a bit more info please? I enjoyed the Pattaya pariah episodes, and have no idea what this is all about. Thanks, if it's ok.
  13. Fair comment Woodie.Slow horses and fast women - the story of my life. If only it had been the other way round. But even so, I'd be prepared to take the punt.
  14. Like music, a very personal choice. So just my view - being old(er) who knows how many chances are left for me? Getting down there from Phitsanulok is the challenge, but once there l'd take a punt on it. 3rd parties i see as minimal risk, and l thinkif l'm going to do it, l'd do whatever happens. But l'd only do a pretty one 'cos they're safe . I put that last bit in 'cos many years ago an army mate of mine used that logic with a gg; and fronted the doctor a few days later.
  15. Thanks again, duke, for posting. Another distinctive shirt on display again in today's episode.
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