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  1. I think Grunt is third from right, guess this an old photo
  2. Back on problen with up loading portrait photos thought we had cured this?
  3. yes I have had to move to this new account and yes Cheerjam sounds a good idea to me
  4. Thanks for kind words and support. Strange world sitting here 9 days in, wondering if I am suddenly going to be struck down with the virus. So much advice, so many different thoughts and knowledge. Some saying you past the worst probably going to be ok, others saying after 14 days you might be in hospital. So learning to be calm, watch netflix/amazon, look at the forums, read my kindle and do some of ebay shop work (though struggeling to get carried away with work). Will see what tomorrow will bring, my daughter is on the mend, though still in bed most of the time.
  5. annat555


    I also had test today so waiting to see what is what - to be honest worried I am too old, diabetic and heart so we will see. But in Pattaya a closure is sure to finish a number of bars that are only just hanging on. The girls/LBs are going to suffer badly, unless they work for some one like Sweethearts who will support them for a month, many I am sure will return home if they can. Those who cannot for various reasons are going to struggle. What a start to 2021 Happy New Year from lockdowned Wales
  6. What a pair great art work Quinn wish you stop making the two of better looking in your artwork wish Teya a happy birthday and give Emmy a kiss from me, always had a soft spot for her. keep well you two old people as I said elsewhere I am in enforced quarentine, cannot leave home until midnight on 4th jan. Went to my daughter for Xmas who tested negative on Tuesday last week but another girl in office was ill, but would not go home, now all three in the section including my daughter tested possitive on Boxing day. So I am waiting to see if I have it, rather frightening as
  7. annat555


    so now we will see if they manage a pandemic in the country though i note the government says it is the fault of foreign workers even though a Thai was first reported with it wonder what will happen next
  8. looks like a young grunt in Liverpool shirt
  9. Nearly all I think are LB an odd GG pops up occasionally But New's sisters bar is to be GGs
  10. happy Birthday old man Only if I could be there - just starting another 17 days lockdown maybe next year or the one after happy returns T
  11. wow if i looked like that could have been a girly but looked like this if I can down load on this bloody site
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