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  1. Wooohooo!! 2020 started on a high with a great trip in Jan, took a decidedly sinister turn and is now ending on a high. Surely a sign of better days ahead. Thank you indeed @Rom
  2. Thanks @Quietguy An honour to be nominated by an illustrious BM such as yourself.
  3. This could have happened anywhere but... The first time I was in Asia was 2011 when I was sent to China with my job. I flew into Beijing from Dublin/Frankfurt and then was to get a connecting flight to Wuhan, where I based for the first week. All good, (plane was the Lufthansa A380) landed in Beijing and found my way easily to the gate for the Wuhan flight. It's my first time in China so all excited and wide eyed. I'm sitting there minding my own business waiting for the flight and I see the the girl that checked me in with what looked like two Policemen walking towards me. It seems like they're looking for someone. Then I get this sinking feeling... Yeah, she's pointing at me! Fuck! Over they come. She spoke only a little English. So, in pidgin English she says I was to go with two policemen. What! What did I do? This is not good. In China for the first time, just landed and getting arrested. The girl is mortified and just keeps saying Just go please... OK, so off all we all do. This is bad. Baaad. All sorts going through my head...show trials, westerner guilty of crimes against the party....First time in China remember. Jaysus. I'm just off the fucking plane and I know I haven't done anything so what the fuck am I being arrested for? The two lads say nothing. Not a word. We're walking for about 10 minutes. 10 minutes can be a long time! It looks like they're walking me back to the check in area, a good distance from the gate. Eventually get to the desk where I checked in and I'm really sweating now. They pull out my suitcase and bring me to the side. I'm trying to think what's in it. Couple of bottles of whiskey for my hosts but apart from that just normal stuff. So they put the suitcase down and one of the cops puts his ear to it and gestures for me to do the same. OK.... The fucking case is buzzing!! WTF! So, I opened it and it's my electric toothbrush! The button must have been pressed during the flight or something. Jesus Christ. Laughs all around. I'll never forget the relief! Fucking hell. Two cops look relieved as well. All buddies now. The check in girl was laughing her head off! Phew!
  4. I'm a a bit late but Happy Birthday Emmy.
  5. Red velvet! Love it. Great news Emmy. This put a smile on my face back in rainy miserable Ireland.
  6. Kylemore


    Just when you think you've heard it all...
  7. Damnit. That's terrible. Hopefully she'll be back.
  8. Well done indeed Herberth! I'll buy you and the girls a drink whenever I can make it there (November hopefully)!
  9. Hopefully it's just the initial opening rules and it'll change after a few weeks. Sad to hear about Sweethearts.
  10. Was this unexpected with a majority conservative court? Significant that 2 conservative judges voted in favour.
  11. If this pestilence hadn't happened I would have arrived in LOS today and probably be getting ready for a night on the town November hopefully.
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