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  1. I shall be visiting Jomtien soon after arrival to check on the corner! Yeah, Pdoggg, had a fantastic time in January. Meeting you guys was great so hopefully might hook up with a few BM's this time too.
  2. I'll be back May 3-23 20 days this time because 10 was way to short in January.
  3. I've only been the one time but it was the highlight of my recent trip. Chilled place, music not too loud, easy to sit back and shoot the breeze. Oh, and the ahem, corner seat is very nice....
  4. Knew I had a pic. Apologies for the quality (taken on crappy Samsung in 2016). But here she is just before she got her kit off. It was a party night UK Bar.
  5. Ouch! She'd have to get comatose!! I'm a bit nervous now.....
  6. €586 with KLM from Dublin. Yes she does. And I can hear her whispering in my ear "Book that flight now"
  7. You're just toying with me now!! €530 flights. Etihad in May.....
  8. When you put it like that it does sound attractive. And it does remind me of my college days. Didn't go to a lot of classes. Drank a lot. Ended up with some repulsive women too. I imagine it's probably good for a while but may start to lose it's shine after a few years.
  9. There she is. And looking at me with those eyes! Ok, checking flights. May....You're a bad man Bumblebee!
  10. Kylemore

    Boob Job

    Yeah, hard to know if she's joking but I hope this is isn't true.
  11. Fah. Mad as a brush. The last time I saw her she was dancing on the bar in UK Bar, topless and wearing a just a g-string. I was with Mon at the time but I remember thinking, Yes, I would. Great body. Never got the chance unfortunately. Back in her home now I hear. Ladyboy Ladyboy
  12. Thanks for the photos Quietguy. Reminded me what I'm missing and the need to get back soon.
  13. DeeDee is great fun.
  14. Yeah, interesting. Don't think the authorities in the middle east like this kind of thing. I imagine most men would also be hostile. But if they're posting on Instagram maybe not as bad as I'm imagining it is.
  15. Nice. Can't see myself visiting the middle east though.
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