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  1. Originally booked for May. Postponed to November. I'm clinging on to the possibility that I'll be able travel then. But will be no big surprise if it's well into 2021 before it's possible.
  2. I knew it was you immediately! Only clocked the camera afterwards and that confirmed it!!
  3. Housemartins, Think for a Minute, 1986. Old song. New video.
  4. Only 8 weeks! A different world.
  5. Postponed until November. Who knows what's going to happen.
  6. That's her Bumblebee. A few years before I got my hands on her.
  7. Not not one. Different girl. I've heard her called Palm aswell.
  8. The thread is such a disappointment! Here's something to cheer us up.
  9. Hahaha. And alive and kicking to tell the tale.
  10. Yeah, I can guess one too QG. Now who at TJ's....hmmmmm...???
  11. EZY was gone by the time I made it to Pattaya Pdogg so not sure. I only knew her from Sensations. It would have been 2015 probably when I hooked up with her. I did see a picture of her fairly recently and she looked the same, gorgeous.
  12. Palmy from Sensations. Always thought she was drop dead gorgeous and was rendered speechless whenever she was close Did manage to nab her one night in Marine however. It was late and the alcohol had rid me of all inhibitions. She took me home on her motorbike. Great night.
  13. Brilliant video. A lot of familiar faces. Well done Tony. Oops, Sir Tony!
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