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  1. @stoolpusherThank you for the welcome. I do have access to the blue pills and will use them especially when I am at the tail end (lol) of a marathon session. I don't think I had any in my system in either of the situation. Again, I had no issues getting a blowjob and being hard. Ever with Jerlin, I was sexually very aroused and was hard...for whatever reason, I just couldn't take it to the next step. I guess I just have to keep trying. @Ashoka I always have an alcohol buzz when I am in Angeles. I never get completely inebriated but always have a constant buzz. Never had an issue with losing an erection with any girl...the situation with the LGs I think is just mental. After all, I am in Angeles to have sex so I always find it silly when people say they get too drunk visiting different clubs with their barfines only to fall asleep without having sex. Not this cowboy!
  2. I just discovered this website recently and read a lot of posts and reviews. I am happy I found this site and thank you for everyone that shared their comments and experiences. I wanted to share my experience...or lack of it I guess. Ladyboys to me look like women and for that reason I do want to experience an intimate experience with them. The first time I finally decided to do anything about it was in Bangkok. Decided to go for a massage with a parlour on Sukhuvit near Soi 7. I had walked by many times and the ladyboys sitting outside always caught my attention. So I went in one afternoon for a massage and a handjob or blowjob. Wasn't sure. I have been to many massage parlours in Asia and received many happy ending so I think I know the drill and prices. Went upstairs, I was asked for the money for the massage (500 bhat) which I handed over. Led to a room, asked to change and then my masseuse came in. Within a minute of her touching the skin on my legs, I was fully erect. She asked what I wanted to do and I asked her how much a handjob or blowjob was. She said handjob was 2,500 and blowjob 3,000. I laughed. i told her I only have an extra 600 bath at which point she stopped massaging me, said the massage was over, turned around and left. I was stunned at the price and mostly by the attitude. Another masseuse walked in and asked what I was still doing on the bed and I should leave. I left and was okay with my first experience - ladyboys weren't meant for me. It was my mistake for handing the money over but, still... A few years later, I am in Angeles City and walking down Perimeter Road after breakfast at Angels Bakery. (They have wonderful coffee and cinnamon rolls!) At the bottom of a set of stairs was a ladyboy who was trying to drum up some business for the spa. There was something about her that caught my attention. She was obviously a lady boy but had a very casual look and attitude about her. She didn't look feminine but she naturally acted feminine. (Does that make sense?) I decided to get a manicure. I was the only customer and even the Korean boss wasn't around. We talked and she just talked like a normal girl next door type girl. I was getting mesmerized. I go back a couple of days later because I wanted to see her. During our conversation, I told her she was beautiful and made it clear that I knew a thing or two about the ladyboy scene. Jerlin was so cool. Nothing happened but some good bantering. I was staying at Scorebirds and as I was leaving around 9 pm, there was a trio of girls that I walked past. I thought they were hot slutty dressed girls but as I got closer, realized they were ladyboys. On an impulse, I stopped them, started talking and we negotiated for two of them to come back to the hotel and put a show on for me for the next four hours. I forget the price but it was a negotiation and each girl grabbed my arm and off we went back to the hotel. This was when Ladyboys were not allowed to stop on Walking Street so were forced to walk one way and then loop around a different way after the mcdonalds. Sam and Christina were beautiful, had sexy smiles but when we got back to the hotel, Christina changed her attitude. She sat on the edge of the bed, got angry, Sam tried to calm her down. Not again with these people and decided to kick them both out. Sam didn't want to leave but Christina was starting to cause a scene. Called security and she was escorted out. Sam apologised and said she just met her. She asked if I was angry which I visibly was. She calmed me down and proceeded to give me a wonderful blowjob. I am not going to lie...I enjoyed it. We talked and it turns out she usually has long term relationships and the last one had promised her the world only to abandon her abruptly. She showed me her Facebook page and it was littered with some pretty impressive trips with this Aussie boyfriend. We talked and I kept rubbing my hand over her skin. Such soft skin! And oh so feminine. Small tits as she was on her hormones and was going for the surgery but Aussie bf took off instead. She asked if I want to go again and I asked for another blowjob. I told her I wasn't ready to fuck her. Wonderful evening and did want to meet her again but wasn't sure if I would have enough time. She promised that she could show me a really good time and more than a blowjob. I don't know why but I didn't want to see Sams cock. or her arsehole. I liked the way her tits felt and the way she put her mouth on my cock. That was perfect for my fantasy. The next day, I noticed there was a ladyboy with huge tits (for the philippines) in the salon near Scorebird. On a whim, I decide to go in and ask for a manicure. As I am getting my manicure, my girl is talking to her colleague and giggling. They know I took two ladyboys back to the hotel. (Insert Screaming Face emoji x2) My spa girl asks if I would like to take her back to the hotel as she gives a really good massage. I am, like, ok. We get to the hotel, I undress and I am expecting her to get undressed and unleash her tits. But she doesn't. She spends maybe ten minutes on my back, asks for the flip and then does a pretty useless massage on my legs. I asked if she can do more than a massage to which led another ten minute conversation of "up to you". I ended up with a handjob that was not very memorable. That night was my last night and I wanted to spend it with two girls that I had met earlier on the trip. Around 10pm, I get a call from Security saying my friend is here. I have my hands full with these two lovelies and not expecting anyone. Tell the girls to relax and I will be back. Sam is waiting for me by the bar. And she looks absolutely stunning. And innocent and shy that she was interrupting my evening. I am enamored by Sam. We sit down by the pool, have beer and she wants to spend the evening with me. I tell her i am sorry and I can't because I "need to catch an early plane tomorrow and need to sleep" line. She leaves and I have regret right away. Oh well. Fast forward a couple of months and again I am in AC. I stop by the salon on Perimeter road and Jerlin recognizes me, gives me a hug but she can't help me because, in this spa, it's a hierarchy of sorts and her colleague has to help me. I leave and come back after getting breakfast and Jerlin is able to help me. She so wanted to come back with me last time I was here. She remembered our conversation. She is putting a conditioning mask on my hair and it feels so sexy. She walks me to the back of the salon where she washes my hair. This is the only part of the salon that doesn't have any cameras, she whispers that to me while the back of my neck is resting on the sinks edge and clean water is running through my hair. She bends down and kisses me on lips. Such soft lips. It was my first kiss with a boy teeheehee! Instant erection! We make a plan for her to meet me at my hotel after her work. She arrives, I am nervous, she is nervous but looks so beautiful. We sit by the pool, have tequila shots and beer. I am determined that tonight is the night I lose my ladyboy virginity. We are walking back to the room and in the hallway I stop and we madly and passionately start kissing in the hallway. We stumble to my room and she starts giving me a blowjob and I am in heaven. She looks at me naughtily with her lips on my cock and asks if I want to fuck her. I don't know what it was but I lost my erection. I went from instant hard-on to the exact opposite. Jerlin spent the rest of the night with me but the moment was gone. Don't know why, but I couldn't do the sexual act of my fantasies. With Jerlin or Sam who were both wonderful individuals that would have made me very happy. Does this happen or am i just phobic with my issues?
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