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  1. Jezzus 6.9999 never thought of you as a mug but better you than me amigo or whatever the equivalent is in Swedish, chok dee as always
  2. How would you even be able to sleep when you're pack'in something like that
  3. globetrotter1

    The Big Breakfast

    Looks pretty good but those pancakes need a bit of a tan, don't even look fully cooked
  4. I nominate Sir Duke to the LBR Hall of fame, not sure it exists but it should
  5. Whaaat jeezus I'm a bit of a pervert but thats just plain fucking disgusting
  6. I remember seeing a GG cashier but all the working girls were boys
  7. Heard from one of the girls that the bar is now closed for good, too bad had alot of good times there
  8. Horrible country,the rudest , most arrogant, horrible people as well
  9. How much to bar fine a NW manager?
  10. Totally agree, but looks like living the dream
  11. The cream filled ones are always the most delicious
  12. True it's actually Family mart that has the under counter gear
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