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  1. Ya I agree he lives all the way out in Bang Saen which says alot
  2. Funny story there buddy, but I meant his stuff in general gets repetitive as I hadn't even watched this one yet, I still like KSR in small doses when in the right mood
  3. I like alot of his stuff but it does get pretty repetitive
  4. Haha maybe but it was still the mongers HQ and club house for that other forum back in the day
  5. Who's the one in the leopard skin shorts?
  6. And Sensations tied for last with 0%, only a few years ago it was THE lb bar to go to and would probably be #1 on this list
  7. Surprised Baby boom didn't score higher as they offer an experience like none of the rest
  8. I just noticed the Coconut bar didn't make the cut
  9. "Confirmed temple dodger" couldn't agree more, seen my fair share and would be ok to never see another
  10. Ya I hear ya, ours is only slightly less shit at just over 23
  11. True but the gay guys I like all have long hair and wear skirts and lipstick :)
  12. Been following him a while now, mostly great content
  13. The friction you mention I believe was with Bambi and as I recall it got resolved with her getting a beat down
  14. She must have borrowed Som's boots
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