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  1. Too lazy to post links but 2 other very very good channels are Serpentza (his buddy) and ADV China (the 2 of them together) very very interesting
  2. Hmm really? Seemed pretty clear to me right from the start what they are talking about
  3. I'm pretty surprised they can get away with talking so graphically about shit like that on holier than thou youtube
  4. Too bad that incredibly annoying fool makes it almost unwatchable
  5. I was there in 2014 and it was a relatively sleepy cheap (ish) beach town, but China fucks up everything and everywhere though right
  6. Jeezus that thing is like a night stick
  7. Congrats, well deserved Duke, I knew it was only a matter of time
  8. Yeah I wonder whatever happened to him he just seemed to stop posting all of a sudden long ago
  9. Not sure if I am supposed to be posting this so forgive me if I am stepping on Dave's toes here but it just seemed like the best place for it as this is a very interesting vid about a very controversial topic these days, mods feel free to move to somewhere more appropriate if need be
  10. Ultimately it's the access to cheap goods that puts them in the position to continue to be fucking horrible arrogant pricks with no regard for human rights
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