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  1. OK as long as she is good at smoking falang sausage
  2. That's not Tuy massage Benz is it mon ami?
  3. Ya their numbers are total bullshit, not even close to being truthful or accurate
  4. Ya, I had a feeling the vid was shot at least a few weeks ago
  5. YouTube Vlog so not sure when it was filmed, check out at about 11:25 of it
  6. I saw that at one of the Siam malls (Paragon I think) they had a security guard standing at the entrance checking everyones body temperature who entered with an infrared thermomter
  7. Looks like a North Korean supermarket
  8. Sure I'm not the only one but I have a hard time believing China's numbers as well
  9. Ya his vids are pretty good and the fact that he speaks fluent Russian adds another dimension imo
  10. This is a very interesting vid about the trouble he had doing a visa run, it's in the first 40 minutes
  11. And she tested positive
  12. I think old fat women might still
  13. Always wondered what became of that one too, last I heard (long time ago now) she ended up in Phuket or one of the other islands down that way
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