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    Guys I have started a twitter account let's have some fun. twatter name. Is. Asshound69 let's be silly and do some serious piss taking
  2. Okay chaps anyone know of any mid range hotels in Chiang Mai that are guest friendly ,especially LB friendly with no joiners fees, need a pool as well.
  3. I am sure I have not got every bar on here form memory but I think most of the popular and talked about ones,if I have missed any out then I apologise in advance, dont shoot me. If you want to qualify your choice here then feel free as it will help many members. I was going to include another section of which we think is the worst but that might be unfair to the guys who run the bars as each individuals experience is different,but please feel free to criticise as well as praise. My choice is very close between Stringfellows , Labamba & Koyo7 all for totally different reasons but plumped for Stringys as there is nowt better than having the lovely Susie jam that salami down your throat when you least expect it. My least favourite is probably Obsessions due to that horrible fat ladyboy Mamasan who is the most annoying cunt for hustling drinks and getting your bill wrong
  4. Guys simple question where do we like to catch our prey or should I say let them snare us. I expect this will have many answers and maybe help any lads new to the scene other ideas for aquiring new notches on their gun belts. When I was totally new to the scene I must admit walking into a bar ie LaBamba or Ezy was a pretty daunting thought,on my 1st ever trip to LOS I only fucked 2 ladyboys in a month,both of these very surreptitiously ,one from a beer bar on Soi 7 and the other one from a ladyboy show in Samui. As I have gained more experience I have found many and varied ways of hooking up. I have gone through the stage of Bar girls and out the otherside,basically I am a tight cunt and begrudge paying barfines for a start but find most ladies in bars very uninteresting and very inane. I use the internet a lot now days, I can arrive in LOS with as many as 10 or 15 new numbers of ladies I have cultivated over a few months,I find them more interesting because I have got to know them a little away from where they ply their trade,I have met ladies who are not in the P4P scene. My current lady Amy I met via facebook and have been talking to her for a few weeks before arrival,when left to her own devices she works out on Walking St ,Pattaya outside Hot Tuna Pool Hall. Over the 2 weeks I have been here she has grown on me,this is due to the fact we new each other slightly from talking,she has introduced me to so many of her ladyboy friends who all appear quite sweet,I have been introduced to them in their own environment as a friend of Amy and not as a potential customer for them,the otherside of these fine ladies is a surprising change to see. I realise this approach is not for everyone and persons of little or no experience could end up out of their depth, its an alternative to the usual bullshit hustle that you suffer in most ladyboy bars,not all I hasten to add. A lot of these ladies come across as hard ,harsh hustlers and many are,this trip I have had less bullshit and aggravation than ever before but have probably talked to and fucked less ladies than ever before. I think at my age I am starting to look for quality and not quantity. You read many threads how Walking St is for Noobs and rubes ,all rip off,well it is if you are a prick and dont keep an eye out. Take a scenario of guy from Uk lands for 1st time in LOS ,jumps in his taxi at the airport 1st Rip Off 2000bht for Taxi to Pattaya Throws his bag in his hotel 2nd Rip Off 2000bht a night for a 800bht hotel cause he has booked via the travel agent Gets motorbike to Walking St where he has seen on net certain 3 legged ladies hang out 3rd Rip Off 200bht for Motorbike Taxi gets acosted by numerous deep voiced ladies offering him good time,he takes the 1st one that he takes a fancy to 4th Rip Off Lady askes for 3000bht for a shag (or 5000 if it is Emma) silly sod pays it not being any wiser Gets motorbike back to his hotel ,gets pulled up short at the reception 5th Rip Off Receptionist says you pay 1000bht joining fee for lady Now add all this up Mr Noob has been royally shafted on his 1st night by a good 5000bht, now if he read this type of forum and asked questions he would have been forearmed with this sort of info. 2nd day he bumps into a guy like one of us in a bar and gets put straight,he then spends the rest of the week annoyed at himself for wasting so much money. Guys please post your preferences and reasons for your pick up methods as it will help any new guys who join this forum,I only wished that some place like this existed when I first started mongering as what I have said above about Mr Noob arriving was me 10 years ago only thing I have altered is the price comparison in line with shooting prices. Be patient with the Noobs and Rubes when they arrive as they certainly will when the forum kicks on next year.
  5. a nice little pic of the cute Aum, guys please feel free to add some pics of other Pook Swan girls in this thread
  6. This is my current squeeze Amy she is 23 years old today and will fucking skin my balls if she knows I put pics of her up ,then she will thank me when all you pervs start to chase her tight ass round Pattaya. Hope this gets us going in a nice fashion.
  7. Del1

    Koyo 7

    Koyo 7 for me is a great bar,well run by Koyo with husband John usually in attendance to play pool with anyone who wishes to play. The ladies are all low pressure,not hustling for drinks all the time,drinks are priced a little on the high price for some mongers,that being said the measures are generous and the beer always cold,the prices for drinks are comparable to the better LB Bars,like LaBamba and Pooks. One of the best thing for me is that you will not get ripped off or your bill padded A lot of guys who will read this will have payed a visit in the past, most of the girls are new to the place since my last visit in September. There is gonna be a great Christmas Party there on Christmas Eve with Koyo making all the food herself,I believe there are gonna be competitions to win prizes,knowing John they will be drinking games, I am gonna get some pics of the girls and post them over Christmas, I will be encouraging Koyo or John to join so they can keep this thread updated themselves.
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