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14 minutes ago, David3615 said:


Any feedback on this hotel woudl be welcome 

Centara Azure Hotel Pattaya

Soi Bua Khaow 15,Pattaya 20150, Thailand, Pattaya Centre, Pattaya, Thaïlande, 20150

First thing I suggest is to get crystal clear about exactly which hotel you're booking as there are many different Centara hotels some very close to each other. 

I think the Centara Azure is one hotel on Soi 15 in a 5 building complex that includes 3 Centara Condos and a second hotel named (I think) Centara Avenue which is on the backside and actually closer to Soi Diana/LK Metro than Soi 15..  There are other Centara hotels around town.  It gets especially confusing if you book on a third party site because often Chinese condo owners are renting out units in the Condo.

I saw one room at the Centara Azure (I think) and it was quite nice but also quite small.  I stayed in a Centara Condo room once and also quite nice.  If you are staying in the Condo then more than any other hotel/condo, poolside is especially nice.  I think the big pool is for just the Azure and the 3 condos while the pool for the Centara Avenue is on the roof.  As I said, very confusing.  

Location is excellent.  Actually hard to pick a better location for being close to action but just ever so slightly removed for peace and quiet.   Very close to Baby Boom and Sweethearts.  

Btw, Centara Azure is an easy 3 minute walk from the Neta Hotel that I posted about up a few posts.

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