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Sad Sad Sad

will so miss this little lovely bar, tucked away in beautiful jontiem

had two great Meet & Greet and met many nice people & Woof Woof here


where else will be able to get not one grumpy old git but two

 and beautiful boys who look like girls and have naughty bits and long hair and wear dresses and heels ?

I liked Emmy, always had a soft spot for her - I think she is lovely

She had some beautiful girls working for her, who were friendly ,pleasant, and treated everyone like a friend, even made me feel young again

As Jimmy says was a nice place to stay

I hope she gets set up somewhere (like jimbo) and not be lost to us all

Good luck Emmy, Teya & Sunny

Be Happy Grunt you still owe me a drink - I hope to live to claim it when (if) I get back to LOS

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well Gentlemen and Annat... i'm going to help you out a little bit.

you can read between the lines.. there will be a post from Emmy very soon, likely later this afternoon.

when Emmy has posted that, this thread will be locked and retitled, but still available to peruse in the Katty klub but not to post in.

Another thread will be started, but it's only right that Emmy is the OP, so we await her. She's a very busy bunny at the moment.

there's the lines... read between them! The road goes on and on....

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