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    "Suggest PDoggg change the name of this thread to "Thais' Perception of Farangs as ATMs" or something like that, as so far no one posted about "sending money" (the thread's topic) and I am sure some of you did. I did. " Appreciate your post. It is kinda a "Drop the Mic" post as no one followed up. Of course, I'm a fucking ATM. I show up in Thailand, spend a few baht for a blow job, and I'm never heard from again. This disease, if you have eyes, even if not a heart, highlights the huge difference between the haves and have nots. We can blame the Thai (and others for a "live for today" attitude), or we can have compassion. I personally struggle in my heart seeing a working girl I know who used to brag about buying Cartier bags, and her $3K per month apartment in South Orange County, California, posting about needing a few dollars to make ends meet on Facebook. Maybe she should have saved, but she didn't. If Trump can say nobody expected this, then I guess a working girl can say the same. So let's all have compassion. The rain falls on the wicked and the just. RandiUno
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    Sadly, I'm sure most girls (escorts) are scrambling to survive. I hope a few farang with steady pensions will send their favorite girl(s) a few baht to be able to survive. In the states here, even though in my state (California) is in a lock down, there are so many girls with their ads up still, and probably just scrambling trying to pay rent. Difficult times for most people, catastrophic times for the working girls. Be kind to one another. RandiUno
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    We have started getting the rice fields ready by burning the old crop, then the tractor will come in and brake the ground up before the rain come so then the planting process can start. Rice seed will be used instead of seedlings , it takes a little longer for the crop to mature before harvesting but less labor involved . I will post more photos once the planting starts. WARNING: please refrain from making smart ass comments as they will be removed . Thanks .
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    Well I am certainly not agreeing with Trump. There are some studies starting to show up that those that had the virus and were asymptomatic or had very little illness did not create any/many antibodies and therefor are likely not immune. The latest I heard on this was today from a doctor on TV that was in the Obama administration in some major health capacity. The only thing we really know about this virus is we don't know shit.
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    Sure have. Problem is the amount of girls asking , and this falang can't go out and pick monies from the tree. But sure, I have helped some out.
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    A group of holidaying farangs were sighted earlier this afternoon
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    The only way to really get an estimate of the increased mortality rate due to Covid19 (and related deaths, i.e. cardiac arrest patients not revived in NYC because of order not to transport to hospital). will be to compare the average mortality rate for a given period of time (ie March 201x-August 201x), and compare that to the actual mortality rate from March 1, 2020 through Aug 1, 2020. The difference between the historical average plus the Covid19 identified mortalities and the actual deaths from all causes, known and unknown, will identify the actual increased mortality due to this epidemic. They have done this in a couple of northern Italian towns, and have found the undercount to be as much as 40-50%. In addition, and I'm not trying to start an argument, in my country (USA), there are strong political reasons why certain regions will want to under count the number of fatalities. Consequently, we will never have a true count in the west. In places like India, Indonesia, Central and South America, and most of Africa, due to lack of resources and inadequate reporting, we will never know the actual toll. Sadly, pictures like some I have seen coming out of Iran of people expiring on the streets will happen all over the third world, but in the west people will just expire in their homes, alone, and unreported. Be safe everyone. Praying for us all. Randi.
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    You're not alone here. Our head honcho (scientist, no agenda driven politician) , suggests travelling as we know it might be over with in the future. Far more restrictions, proof of no infections, proof of immunity etc. Not only that but lots of other travel restrictions/ precautions for the next pandemic. So far hes been right in everything.
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    I was just adding a reply to the Katty bar thread and mentioned a hotel I stayed at, which made me think of bad hotel experiences I have had over the years. Both staff wise and room condition etc. The one I mentioned in the thread was the Now Hotel at Jomtien Beach. I had booked in via a website, and then during my travels had changed the dates. When I arrived and tried to check in, it was though I had broken the Ten Commandments. The looks, the sighs, the exchange of glances between the two staff members. it was along the lines of,"you should not have done that, you should have done this etc etc". I was at the point of telling them where to stick it when she said ok, and threw the key down on the counter. Actually the room was ok and the activities in the room with the fili girl more than made up for that little drama. It did make me think at the time, why do these hotels employ staff that really have zero people skills?. A similar experience occurred at the Zing Hotel, on the climb up the hill towards Jomtien from Pattaya. The girl there was probably the worst I have encountered. First when I checked in and secondly when I asked if she could change some large notes. Sighed, made dopey eyes, the whole lot. Another basket case!. Other hotels that I would not return to, but off the top of my head cannot recall the names of, had bad facilities, or lack of. Had bad bathrooms. Were dirty and not much hot water and others where the aircon was not working properly and/or was noisy. A funny experience was at Sugar Sugar a gogo on the corner of LK Metro. They have rooms above the disco. Had booked in during the day, and returned later that night with a LB who I had known for some time. Had our showers etc and just getting into the action when I heard a key in the door. I had not chained it. Next minute this girl bursts in and dumps some water on the table, looks up and sees me poised over my girl. Just looked for a few seconds then backs out the door as though she sees that every day!!!. My girl and I look at each other and I said something like WTF!. The oddity about the place is that you climb up stairs to get to the room and there are girls on the landings changing their costumes right in front of you. Not that I minded!. On the other hand have stayed at some hotels where you wonder how they can provide rooms at the price they do. Good size rooms, really clean linen, cheap bar prices etc etc. To continue on that theme, I have had some really good ones. One being the Beer Garden Bar opposite Baby Boom. Another being Chaiyapoon Inn. Both nothing flash but more than made up for it by the people they had. I hope those hotels get through this period and come out the other side with the same staff?.
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    I had to do my first 90 report ever today at Nhong Khai , I must say I was a little worried hoping I did every thing correctly and no fine involved. What an absolutely nice bunch of immigration officers , thanks to Cobber32 and BBG for giving me a lot of info and what paperwork I needed . From when I got out of the car to being processed and back in the car it took a little over 15 minutes and all done , I didn't fill any paperwork out I just handed the guy copies of the house book ( my address in Thailand ) , Dao's ID and my passport then I signed a document and my passport was handed back with a smile to return on the 9th of July.
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    Some photos appearing online of the shutdown. While many who reside there perhaps had no plans to leave Pattaya in the coming week or so, the fact that one can’t right now is sobering no doubt. Like a Thai version of the Truman Show movie.
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    Here is a little more on salt farming in Tha Bo , after the salt water has seeped through the soil and caught in the bucket it is then tested for its salt content by seeing if a heavy nut from a tree floats, if it does then the water is taken to the hot plate for the evaporation process. It takes about 4 hours for the solution to evaporate then the salt is collected, dried and then off to market it goes . In photo order . Salt after the evaporation starts. The water waiting to go on the hotplate. Water seeping through the salty soil . The salt boiling The little nut for checking the salt content.
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    and what has happened to the village cockerels at 0600 ot the puibarn on his loud speakers at 0530 and of course the village dogs barking on and off all night ha ha ha a few more photos a village event similar to Loy Katong songran village parade our bedroom songran again cane growing the b-b-q- barnin how tall the sugar cane our house or better her house flowers in the garden x 3 Buddah day at the temple 0700 cats when kittens x 2 waffle and her making waffles at the local market and herself sad to say I miss it and I miss the house, the cats, the family and her - but life goes on - well I hope it does with this bloody virus one does not know
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    Alot of the ones hear are now offering cam /video sex only instead and I'm sure if this thing goes on much longer they will all go that route or have to lower their rates considerably for those willing to take the risk
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    Thank you , China. We rejected a shipment of useless masks from China, KN 95 Homar FFP2” . They were copies/ forgeries which do not meet the criteria of safety. Whats wrong with these people...
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    Great topic Woodie. I think a receptionist's attitude comes from the top down to some degree. If an owner places great importance on things such as broken ashtrays or lipstick stained towels but doesn't adequately monitor staff friendliness then he will reap what he sows. Repeat business is important as well as Agoda/Booking.com/TripAdvisor scores. I've rarely encountered surly staff at Thai hotels but then I've spent most of my time here staying at three places where the staff is pretty good. I initially chose one of these places partially due to one friendly, ever so slightly flirtatious ladyboy who is my all time favorite staff person. In this case recruiting a good staff member and probably paying her slightly more than he going rate for a shitty receptionist paid big dividends. But I'm going here talking about the good stuff. The Sundance Riverside in Phnom Penh (not Sundance Inn on Street 172) was taken over by new ownership a couple weeks before I checked in. The new owner was quite nice but made changes to the safety box in standard rooms because too many customers customers were removing the good batteries in the safety box and replacing them with older batteries. As a result I had a safe that could only be opened by key which is not great if bringing a guest back. But to make matters worse the key (which did not work very well as it took some jiggling) was welded to the thingy that must be put in the wall that turns on the electricity so in order to open the safe at night I had only 15 seconds to put the key in the wall, quickly remove it to open the safe. So I had to practice this routine countless times to learn exactly how to do this in 15 seconds. Btw, this is an otherwise good hotel but can't see myself ever staying there again.
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    More blasts from Newbars past.
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    I have a few tele’s, all USA, didn’t have any here so picked up a used Japanese one for a good price, roughly 50% of a UK sourced one...I’m here for at least 3 months, not played for some time so ordered an amp too...Doris thinks it’s too loud & she’s probably spot on.
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    And then turn the tables on you
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    Its ok, was not saying it was me that took the photo. I happened to stay in the Now a few years ago. All concrete walls and wood floors. My fili gf at the time lived just around the corner. Have to add that the 2 girls at the check in were 2 of the surliest I have come across in all my travels!. Absolute horror show. Matched only by one at the Zing Hotel!.
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    She looks like she needs a good spanking.
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    She has a particular look for sure, one to note down for an eventual return for some perhaps when times are good again.
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    Guidance for foreigners from today's Pattaya Mail https://www.pattayamail.com/latestnews/news/where-pattaya-farang-stand-now-294794
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    BANGKOK — Bangkok City Hall is preparing to impose a ban on the sale of alcohol starting Friday with a stated aim to curb gatherings and coronavirus infection. The ban, lasting 10 days at this stage, would be imposed in order to dissuade alcohol-fueled parties and gatherings, particularly at night where the 10pm to 4am curfew is already in effect nationwide, officials say. https://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/crimecourtscalamity/2020/04/09/bangkok-to-ban-sale-of-booze-for-10-days-starting-friday/
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    “The only thing we really know about this virus is we don't know shit.” Yep.
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    wasn't woodie. my suspicions were confirmed when i saw the photographer sitting in a coffee shop on jomty soi 4 recently, with the same backpack as appears in the Sunny photo over his shoulder ! well done big Al... nice photo. and by the way NaughtyNik...welcome to the Katty Klub. thanks.
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    Sweden says Trump criticism of virus strategy 'factually wrong https://news.yahoo.com/sweden-says-trump-criticism-virus-115036838.html "They talk about Sweden, but Sweden is suffering very greatly," Trump told reporters. The Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell: “Yes, now, no one should take this too seriously. It is, of course, that all countries suffer from it here, more or less. Of course, it is very difficult in Sweden. Not least in the health sector. However, in comparison with the situation in New York, where I happen to have a relative that works, so it is still very good in Sweden,” said Tegnell. In contrast to the american president claims Anders Tegnell, that herd immunity is the only way to go – either through the vaccine or by the fact that large parts of the population get the disease and become immune. “I don’t know what he thinks of it (the resistance against the herd-immunity, ed.), but those of us who work with infectious diseases know that this type of disease continues to spread, until we achieve immunity in the population. There is no other way to stop it.”
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    Wow, she looks hot. No ridiculous fake cow udders either, major bonus. If I were in Pattaya . . .
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    Sexy femboy. Thanks for the pics, BB.
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    I must say, I'm a bit surprised by this thread, social distancing and all that. I suppose you will be recommending that we wear a mask and meet her within the curfew hours, like i said, I am surprised by this, reckless to say the least
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    Well done Snoop. One never forgets one's first ladyboy. I remember mine and how after I took my satisfaction in her mouth and ass, she begged me to help her cum and the best I could do was wank her with a towel wrapped around her cock so I would not touch it AT ALL. But this is about your journey. Not mine. My next questions will hopefully get you to expand on the tormented-man-auto-biographic-literary-style so far into the kind of blow-by-blow report with all the juicy bits you got us fans used to. So my next question is: Details Snoop ? Copious details please ...
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    I shall be posting Baldy's Bolivian and India adventure's at a later date and on different threads, hopefully some BM's will find them interesting
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    On LBC Radio they said the UK Govt advice is all hols should be postponed indefinitely
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    I would say that for the majority of farang who've already made the decision to live / move / retire to Thailand that is the case, in varying degrees. Something they will all likely share is/was the ability to create a nest egg with income. A perpetual money-stream or sufficient built-up and invested without the necessity to work again. The 'living for today, tomorrow will take care of itself' policy most Thais live by is perhaps turning on them now and many, if not the vast majority, will get bitten on the backside sooner or later for sucking the life out of that sorry mantra. It is only going to get worse before it gets better. Resentment from those not under-the-wing of a financially savvy farang will increase. Blame poor education and stupidity. The best thing farang in Thailand can do right now and for the foreseable is not to display unecessary signs of wealth. To Thais, a farang simply living in their country and seemingly doing nothing all day yet happily paying for rent and food without a worry in the world is already rich, so plenty enough for resentment to begin. Despite this, there are some farang among us who don't know when to shut-the-fuck up and stop displaying unnecessary signs of apparent wealth. Bragging about their life upgrades and consumer items and the other useless things they enjoy spending their money on. It just makes them stand out as a bigger wanker than they most likely already are. Thais are not blind, they will notice all these things, too. A curfew is annoying and confining, but in the long run could well be something which prevents someone getting robbed late at night on one of those usually busy streets. Thailand is a very safe country in terms of physical attacks and street crime. Most is done by stealth and the victim unaware until later. But these are unprecedented times and desperation levels are at the foot of a steep upcoming incline. Be safe and smart.
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    I am a Buddhist so the Temple loud speaker is normal to me and I am a dog person so no worries, what gets me is the locals wonder around ours and joining farms all hours the night looking for a type of big gecko ( lizard) that they sell . Cool photos mate , the last one is yummy for sure .
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    Thanks Annat. You can have the city's and even the large towns for that matter , I have never been a people person so being here is great . There is only the light animals and insects doing their calls and the birds of an early morning. Please keep posting your village and farm pics. .
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    your farm well in the wilds not like the one I used to spend time on which was based in a village of 2000 keep well look after yourselves the locqal water works next to the lake cutting a cane field after harvest the lake her house house back of the house a young field of cane village pond
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