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  1. I don’t. Geez, man, “love it or leave it” innit. Actually, someone (mom and dad) did bring me to the U.S. when I was 3-years-old. I plan on leaving at the first opportunity. It just may take a while yet. I do not like bullshit or propaganda and I will continue to call it out whenever I see it. The imperial clown show is bullshit and propaganda on parade.
  2. I cannot take any part of this clown show called the 2020 election seriously. I’m calling this again; the US and the world are in for another four years of orange buffoonery and continued imperial fuckery across the planet. Not that it makes much difference which evil clown TPTB decide to install as puppet prez, since the empire will continue with the usual planet-wide, industrial scale mass murder for profit regardless of whatever preselected corporate psycho stooge gets installed in the Whitehouse.
  3. Congrats on your Big Move. Wishing you much happiness and every success in your new life. Still have a few years to go yet; prolly like 7. Not sure exactly where I’ll be going. Though, SE Asia remains very much a possibility. I love Thailand, of course, but with the tighter visa and other restrictions I’m hearing about, who knows . . . It’s pretty clear the Thai gov is getting sick of (with good reason) so many troublesome Western expats mucking things up for the rest of us.
  4. You’re most welcome, Seven. Glad you’ve enjoyed it. Always good to have an appreciative audience. Thanks so much, I’ve been mostly functional for a few days now. Just have a bit of a slight residual cough, nothing major, and no secondary sinus or lung infection which spared me from having to take any antibiotics, thankfully. Cheers
  5. I did the best I could. No idea how to tap into the local market. Shagged a local Vietnamese femboy last night. Chemistry was just not there. He gave me a quick blow job and that was it. Nothing like the previous sessions with the Pinays. Also paid 2ml Dong. Perhaps if I were super into getting the best deal from the locals I could have. The thing is, 2ml Dong is cheap for me. It ain’t gonna break the bank. I’m ok paying that. Just couldn’t be arsed to go out of my way to shag a local for the cheapest price possible. That to me would’ve been a MAJOR BUZZKILL. I’m more into convenience and not so worried about cost. I’ve been living like a king; staying in four star hotels, eating in fine restaurants, getting two-hour massages, shagging ladyboys, femboys, and girls, and I’m still way under what I had budgeted. No complaints. Yes, I found Vietnam is nothing like the LOS or the Philippines when it comes to shagging ladyboys. That’s perfectly ok with me. I did not come here just for that. I came here to experience a country and a people I had not experienced before. That was the main point of the trip, ladyboys and p4p was a secondary consideration. Tonight is my last night. I fly out tomorrow afternoon. Went to the airport this morning to see if I could possibly pay for an upgrade to premium economy or business but it was not possible. Will try and see if might be able to change to premium economy or business when I get to Hong Kong. Not looking good, but it never hurts to try.
  6. Must be nice to live in a civilized country. I have health insurance that is actually excellent by US standards. I got my doctor to prescribe me some viagra. Insurance would not cover it. They wanted like $300 for four pills, or some such nonsense, I kid you not. So, since I am now in a place where it is readily available and CHEAP, I’m stocking up on at least a year’s supply. Not that I will have many opportunities to use them, but it never hurts to have some around should an opportunity present itself.
  7. Hey, do any of you guys get side effects from the various viagra/cialis analogues? I get indigestion, a sour stomach, and heart burn that I treat by gobbling antacids. I found the cialis was harsher than the viagra as far as the side effects. Anyone have any suggestions for mitigating these side effects besides the antacids?
  8. Surprisingly, not many stems. Unfortunately, I have developed such a stupidly high tolerance to the stuff over the years that it takes quite a bit of really strong herb to even get a decent buzz going. Appreciate the herb anecdotes and the tips. Cheers
  9. Shagged another Filipina ladyboy last night. She was not a stunning beauty, but she was very horny, had nice rock hard cock, a deliciously tight butthole, was eager to please, and was very sweet. God bless the Filipina ladyboys-l love them. She offered me a threesome with here friend, who is also a Filipina ladyboy. I’m thinking I might take her up on her offer today. Never had a threesome before. Might be fun to get “spit roasted.” The hotel where I am staying has a strict visitor policy, which I should’ve asked about ahead of time-oops. Anyway, it’s not that bad. Can have guests in my room from 7:00 am-9:00pm. Good enough. I’m not sure, but I think it would’ve been simply a matter of checking the two person box when booking the room, then I could’ve had people over all night. The point is, check the visitor policy with the hotel well ahead of time if you’re planning to monger.
  10. I was finally able to score some weed. It’s dubious quality reminds me of the dirt weed from Mexico we used to get back in the 70s before California domestic growers started producing the world-class stellar bud we are so used to. What I got here is barely serviceable for this weed snob. There were actual SEEDS in it, for fuck’s sake-the horror, the horror! Not exactly a pleasant smoke either.
  11. Thanks so much, Pdoggg. Yeah, I’m pretty much back to normal. I ain’t gonna be storming no castles, but I’m good for a bit of fun.
  12. Thanks so much, bumblebee. Yes, like Zombie Jesus I rise from the dead after three days on me arse. Only have three days left. Yikes, that went fast. Glad you’re enjoying the pics.
  13. Well, I shagged a ladyboy this evening. A nice Filipina girl; cute, great attitude. Cost me 2ml dong. That’s like $86 US. Prolly could’ve paid less, but whatever. Had tried earlier to set up a fuck with a 20-year-old boy. That turned out to be annoying and frustrating waste of time that never happened. The Filipina ladyboy more than made up for it. There is another Filipina ladyboy with a monster cock I’d like to try. Hopefully tomorrow . . .
  14. Thanks so much for your suggestions P&G. I really appreciate it. Feeling much better today; almost 100% back to normal, thank the gods. Booked an extra two night where I am staying because I was feeling like crap. Now that I’m better will see about Phou Quoc. Or I may just stay in HCMC and have a relaxing mongering experience. Been contacting Filipina ladyboys here on Grindr. Gonna see about making contact with one of then tonight. I would like to try a local femboy while I’m here. But if not, I guess I’ll have to console myself with what’s on offer. Anyway, the blow job places with genetic girls are also an option.
  15. Thank you so much, Sustra4. Feeling a bit better today. Was planning on going to Phou Qouc for some diving, but that is not happening. Booked two more night where I am currently staying. The hotel staff here has been taking really good care of me.
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