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  1. Did I strike a nerve? I post opinions which you are free to ignore if you don’t like them. But here you are telling me to kill my self. Jesus, dude, take a look at yourself. You have not even offered any kind of rebuttal, just a personal attack. What happened to reasoned discourse? It must be hard swallowing all mainstream narratives without so much as a second thought. How’s that working out for you?
  2. I think you are correct, seven. Masks are bullshit. If they are bullshit, we have to asks ourselves, why are they being mandated? Surely, it is for our own good, right?
  3. That may be a small part of it. But, to me, it is much more sinister. I think it is about control and compliance. I also think, and I hope to god I am wrong, that this shit just the first round to soften us up for far more worse shit THEY plan on rolling out soon. What that might be is anyone’s guess.
  4. Not really. I’ve gotten used to it. I embraced the tinfoil years ago. That is, I do my own thinking without worrying too much about what anyone else thinks. This means that between my ears, I am sovereign, as much as my consciousness will allow at any given moment. I am also willing to be wrong and change my perspective when new shit comes to light. Also, I am not really interested in “waking” anyone up. Though, I am not shy about offering counter narratives, usually with sources attached, when the situation allows. This way, the tinfoil hat is not a problem, at least it hasn’t been so far. “The cost of sanity in this society, is a certain level of alienation.” - Terence McKenna
  5. https://www.thecourierdaily.com/florida-33-labs-busted-cooking-books-covid19/22602/amp/
  6. https://www.sott.net/article/434796-The-Science-is-Conclusive-Masks-and-Respirators-do-NOT-Prevent-Transmission-of-Viruses
  7. I cannot stand these Hollywood fucking hypocrites. Who the hell do these assholes think they are telling us what we can and can’t do, while they do whatever the fuck they want. Al Gore is another one of those assholes. Fucker flies all over the world in his big ass private jet, his home is a massive compound that uses stupid amounts of energy to run. His bullshit fear porn predictions around climate turned out to be completely WRONG. The list of these clowns is endless, Stink, Bono, Geldoff, Brand, Branson, etc, the lot of them are all pompous hypocrites and liars.
  8. I like Bailey Jay. But I liked her much better before she got the big fake tits. She clearly enjoys her work.
  9. I agree, man. When I said hoax, that does not mean I do not think there is a virus. I think there is, just like there is one every year. By hoax I meant, as you suggest, that this looks to my eyes, like it is being played for all it’s worth to further various nefarious elite agendas. I think Bill Gates is a monster dead set on total world domination. Yes, like a comic book villain. I also think Fauci is a Big Pharma stooge. I will not be lining up for any fucking Gates vaccine, or any vaccine, for that matter. I’ve had enough of those already, do not need anymore.
  10. I could be wrong, there is always that possibility. However, I remain fairly certain Covid is a fucking hoax. I could not possibly be any less concerned about THE VIRUS. What does have me very nervous is all the bullshit lockdowns, social distancing, and mask fuckery. I go into places and I see those plexiglass barriers that do FUCK ALL to stop any virus. This is now looking to me like deliberately engineered mass panic and religious hysteria. Well, there’s your dose of tinfoil for today. https://off-guardian.org/2020/07/10/what-is-the-real-purpose-of-the-lockdowns/
  11. For me, this is the Holy Grail. I have tried to find these mythical creatures here in the US with very little success. I tried Grindr. Mostly, I got hit on by regular gay guys, which I am not at all interested in. I have to say, I did get lucky once and scored a decent looking Filipina ladyboy some years ago. This was one time after trying and failing for years. So I have not had much success. I too would LOVE to find some way to score traps, femboys, and ladyboys here in the US. I would even do a cute fem twink. Any ideas about how to find and have sex with these cuties would be most appreciated. I also had some luck going p4p when Craigslist used to have a personals section. Usually, I content myself with the ocasional massage with a happy ending from local Asian massage parlors. Other than that, I just spank it to ladyboy porn.
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