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  1. Yes, I have spent many hours masturbating to the sexy content of Ladyboy Gold.
  2. I would just like to add that despite my views about Christianity and the other Abrahamic religions, I have no issues with people who follow and believe in those doctrines, as long as they leave me, and people with dissenting and heretical ideas alone. I know plenty of Christians, Jews, (don’t really know any Muslims) from various denominations, whom I like, trust and respect.
  3. If I go to a ladyboy bar it is to pick up a ladyboy for fun. That’s pretty much it. I am not a huge drinker as any more than one or two drinks these days and I’m useless for sex. So I don’t hang out for very long. I chose my date for the evening and I’m out.
  4. I am a recovering Catholic. I hate Christianity and actually think the “god” of all three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) is a bloodthirsty demon responsible for untold human suffering for over two thousand years. So, FUCK THE POPE and his bullshit middle eastern religion. I hope the Thais are sensible and ignore the bastard and his noxious death cult. Ave Lucifer! Long live the horned gods!
  5. Quite the show. Looks like a scorpion fight in a dumpster fire to me. Kinda fun watching your enemies have at each other.
  6. I was on Koh Lanta years ago. Not sure if I was in that particular bar, but I can attest that you could smoke weed at pretty much all of the beach bars. That was certainly fun. They also had signs advertising shrooms. I did not not do any, but I kinda wish I had. Wasn’t sure about potency and dosage, was traveling alone, so I decide to be cautious and not do any.
  7. To make this a left v right issue is the height of stupidity that plays right into the hands of our beneficent overlords. More divide and conquer nonsense. I am a left anarchist for fucks sake. As I have stated repeatedly, I have no love for Trumpo the assclown, Barry the Bomber, or either of the two wings of the perpetual war party in the US, Faux News, or any of the MSM propaganda outlets like MSNBC, the NYTs, etc. They are all garbage and not worth your time.
  8. It seems pretty clear to me that she’s being used by her own family and more powerful others to push a fear based agenda. They’re basically telling kids their lives are totally fucked and they’re gonna die soon because of “climate change.” This is traumatic as fuck. This is a fear campaign directed at the children of the middle and upper middle classes.
  9. That girl has a disturbing dead stare. She looks like she’s been completely indoctrinated into a cult. Reminds me of Jonestown types, Manson family, Moonies, Khmer Rouge, etc. There is something very wrong with this whole thing. Kids are being terrified into thinking they’re gonna die soon from “climate change.” This looks like just more trauma based mind control to me. “Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone!”
  10. Yeah, the cartoon is not nice. I could’ve made a better choice, sorry. Sting, ugh, talk about a smug pretentious prick. Can’t stand that asshole. Can’t decide who has their head further up their respective asses, Sting or Bono. What a couple of major wankers. Geldof, too. No shortage of these clowns.
  11. First of all, I have no love for the orange shit stain, nor do I believe anything he spews from his noxious gob. As far as “climate change,” yes, it is clearly changing. From my my own research, it seems that’s what climate does; it changes, it goes through cycles. See: ice ages Now, whether humans are responsible for this, is certainly up for debate. It seems to me, as I suggested in my previous post, that we would all be better off if we could switch to some kind of renewable energy. My issue with the current narrative is that it has taken on the trappings of religious orthodoxy and that it is yet another convenient tool used by our beneficent overlords to further control the masses. When Al Gore, Russell Brand, Bono, and their ilk give up their private jets, etc, I might be inclined to take the issue a bit more seriously. Until then, fuck them and their fear-mongering. So, again, I’m calling BULLSHIT on the MSM “climate change” narrative and their current, autistic child saint. I’m heretical like that. Cheers https://abruptearthchanges.com/2019/07/07/90-leading-italian-scientists-sign-petition-anthropogenic-origin-of-global-warming-is-an-unproven-hypothesis-catastrophic-predictions-not-realistic/
  12. This is the autistic girl that sees carbon in the atmosphere. Lol!
  13. Sorry lads, I’m calling bullshit on the entire Greta narrative. Here’s a copy of a text I sent to my brother dealing with that very issue. I’m calling bullshit on the entire Greta narrative. I just see it as yet another of a myriad of weaponized narratives we are constantly subjected to by the MSM. Also, climate is subject to cyclical changes that has little or nothing to do with human activity. Ice ages, dude, they come and go and have came and went long before us monkeys started fouling our nest. Yes, fossil fuels are horrible for all kinds of reasons. We would all be better off if we switched to renewables; no question about that. The total hypocrisy of the “climate change” narrative pisses me off. Remember when it was “global warming?” What happened to that? Just call it climate change and you can blame whatever you want on it and therefore manipulate the herd accordingly. Carbon trading is another giant scam. The meat head Al Gore and that assclown Russell Brand and their fellow elites with their private jets, fleets of cars, massive compounds to heat and cool . . . Fuck them. Funny how it’s us little people that have to make sacrifices. I really think nothing any of us do will make any difference to the climate. Now, if you wanna talk about pollution of the oceans with radio activity and plastics, that’s another story all together and something much more tangible for which concentrated global efforts can have an immediate impact. You don’t hear much about that. Rather we get the climate change fear narrative for which we can do nothing. Tin foil rant over. http://www.wrongkindofgreen.org/2019/09/18/the-manufacturing-of-greta-thunberg-for-consent-the-behavioural-change-project-to-change-everything-volume-ii-act-v/
  14. This has to be a joke, right? I remember on my first trip to the LOS, some tuck tuck driver offered to take me to some whores. This was while we were standing right at Sukumvit and Soi 4; we were literally surrounded by working girls everywhere. I know it was rude, but I could not help myself; I looked around and started laughing hysterically. What was that clown thinking?
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