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  1. This has to be a joke, right? I remember on my first trip to the LOS, some tuck tuck driver offered to take me to some whores. This was while we were standing right at Sukumvit and Soi 4; we were literally surrounded by working girls everywhere. I know it was rude, but I could not help myself; I looked around and started laughing hysterically. What was that clown thinking?
  2. Exactly, Pdoggg. You know what they call guys like us? “Chasers!” It is a derogatory term that refers to trans-attracted guys who like their TGirls with fully functional penises. We are totally un pc. Works for for me. I have no patience with millennial SJWs. Fuck them. https://www.susans.org/wiki/index.php/Tranny_chaser
  3. I could not read this piece. Too much millennial pc nonsense for me.
  4. strocube


    Can’t be too careful around those randy cucumbers.
  5. That is not Buddha; it is Ganesha. Not the same thing at all. I have noticed that most Thais have no issues with foreign deities who are not Buddhist. I have seen them make offerings to Islamic deities or Hindu ones, like our cute friend here. I love that about the Thais. There is very much a transactional aspect to these offerings. The people remember and make offerings to the gods or ancestors with the idea that they in turn will favor them with blessings in their lives. It’s folk magic. You see variations of this all over the world. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganesha
  6. I was a 9-year-old boy who was totally captivated by the entire spectacle. I remember being glued to the tv for the duration. Hell, I even had my bedroom decorated with all kinds of Apolo and NASA stuff. I also had one of those special space pens that writes upside down. Lol. As the years have passed, and I have looked again at the whole thing, I have some serious doubts that they ever actually went. The only thing that keeps me from thinking that it was not faked is that the Russians have never called them out. Or, perhaps the Ruskies are in on the scam. I remain agnostic. But it would not surprise me in the least to find out it was faked.
  7. We have a choice, lol
  8. strocube

    Heat Wave

    We’re enjoying lovely weather here in SoCal. Looking forward to getting out and enjoying it. Hey, guess what? Climate change, formerly “global warming,” is not caused by humans. Shocking I know. https://arxiv.org/pdf/1907.00165.pdf
  9. You know, I do not disagree that the dems are the lesser evil, according to my values. The thing is, I am done with lesser evil. Evil is evil, lesser or otherwise. “I don’t think so!” “Homie don’t play that!”
  10. Obviously, I do not agree. Please, as if voting for the other wing of the perpetual corporate war party would make any difference. Tell that to Libya, Honduras, The Ukraine, and now that I think about it, Vietnam and Cambodia, all countries destroyed and or fucked with by democratic administrations.
  11. Jesus Christ, the goddamn empire has to fuck with every country on the planet. How the fuck does the US have the right to tell any country how to conduct its own internal affairs? The US already bombed the shit outta Cambodia, destroying the country, mass murdering thousands of innocents, and setting the stage for the Khmer Rouge during the Vietnam war years. They gotta fuck with it some more, seriously? Fuck the psychopathic US government and its deranged military.
  12. This kinda music makes me wanna dropkick a bag of kittens. Though the girls, and to be honest, a few of the boys, are totally doable. Had a grumpy old man moment at my local pizza joint this weekend. Walked in and they were playing that horrible shite with the fucking auto tuner, ugh, arrrrrgh! Asked the server if she could maybe turn it down or switch the music to something, anything else. She was very sweet and just shut it off, no worries. “You kids, get off my lawn!”
  13. I don’t know how anyone can watch that nonsense. Your time would be better spent watching angry monkeys throw shit at each other. It is a fucking puppet show. Makes no difference which corporate tool gets installed as prez of the land of fat and stupid. The imperial perpetual war machine will roll on regardless because Merika. Industrial scale mass murder for profit is the Merikan way, always has been. This will not change until the empire collapses.
  14. strocube


    You know, much social progress has been made since Stonewall. I think, this is mostly for the better. Though, personally, I cannot understand why so many gays are so keen to get married and join the fucking military, ugh. This drive or need to be just like the breeder normies I find truly puzzling. Gimme the freaks, baby!
  15. Fookin ‘ell, I’m old. I turn 60 this year.
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