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    British Irish Dialect Quiz

    This is pretty cool. I got “you’re not from around here.” Which makes sense, since I’ve been in the US since I was 3-years-old.
  2. strocube

    Nacho Vidal and his private habits

    Yeah, there’s always the possibility of contracting AIDS to temper our enthusiasm. You gotta wonder though what kinda stupid shit this dude got up to to have contracted HIV. Bottoming repeatedly without a condom, perhaps? Never a good idea. I’m also not sure how reliable this “Eight out of ten are positive for all diseases, from HIV to syphilis” statement might be. I call bullshit. Sounds like fear mongering. That said, it makes sense to play safe. That is, wear a fucking condom for anal sex, and if you’re bottoming, insist your partner use one too. While not 100% safe, it greatly lowers your chances of contracting something horrible, like HIV, or antibiotic resistant syphilis. I go without a condom for oral, both giving and getting; so far, so good, thankfully.
  3. strocube

    Have You Ever Texted A Dick Pic

    Pecker Stiffens Resolve . . . https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-10/pecker-stiffens-resolve-against-bezos-extortion-blackmail-accusations
  4. strocube

    Check in Bar, soi 7, sukhumvit

    Wow, that’s quite the tongue she has.
  5. strocube

    Have You Ever Texted A Dick Pic

    The Pecker in Question is David Pecker. He’s the US tabloid king and Trump associate. Trump’s Pecker is out to fuck Bezos.
  6. strocube

    Stunners You Won't See At Nana Plaza

    Very nice Pdogg. Jeen is just stunning. This is the type of ladyboy I like. That face! My god, I am smitten.
  7. Diesel is especially noxious. I live close to the Ports of Long Beach/LA. Unfortunately, the onshore prevailing winds blow all the fucking diesel exhaust from the trucks, tankers, and trains right over the city. Gag. But, great strides have actually been made in mitigating much of the particulate matter from all those sources. Though, we still get a lovely black gritty dust accumulating in our homes, not to mention lungs. I have been thinking about where I will retire. Was considering Thailand, but it would have to be someplace much cleaner and cooler than BKK or Pattaya. Perhaps Chiang Mai or Chiang Raí, up in the mountains.
  8. Seems about right for BKK, the air quality is total shite. Growing up in LA in the 70s, I remember the exact same thing. The air was way worse than it is now. I have seen air quality actually improve once the 70s and 80s. It is orders of magnitude better than it was then. Catalytic converters and a host of environmental protections have actually worked. The air is still smoggy, but nothing like it used to be, which is a very good thing. I hope Thailand will eventually improve their air quality. If for no other reason than shit air is bad for business.
  9. Beto is just another DNC corporate TOOL, just like Barry was. As for AOC, meh. She’s cute, and she makes a few noises I agree with, but I ain’t buying her schtick. I have no love for, nor do I trust the Democrats. I see them as just the other wing of the corporate, perpetual war party. Fuck them.
  10. strocube


    Not trying to promote a kinda shitty app, but have any of you guys used Grindr to shag a local ladyboy/Femboy in your area? I guess I'm just bragging, then . . . Anyway, I totally got laid this afternoon. Have been on the silly thing for about a month and got pretty much fuck all. That is, until this afternoon. She hit me up, we texted a bit; next thing I know, we fuckin. Ah, yeah. Pinay girl, 25ish, a bit curvy, not super pretty, but she was horny, eager, and she gave great head and had a most sweet ass. Did the deed, and she left. Feeling delightfully sleazy. Cheers
  11. Yeah, it ain’t cheap, that’s for sure. But, the quality is far better and more consistent than back in the day, when all we had was that shitty Mexican dirt weed, blech, gag, no thanks. I live in SoCal, and have a medical card. Now, I call up my local weed shop and they have whatever I want at my door within the hour. Not cheap, but very good and always reliable.
  12. Not sure what you mean you this. How is anyone ever too old to enjoy herb? There is no age limit. Besides, baby boomers are some of the biggest consumers of cannabis, and we OLD, dude. I’m 59 and I toke up every night to help me sleep. Herbal medication is da healing of da nation.
  13. It’s good to see a bit of sanity prevailing once in a while. Yay, Canada!
  14. strocube

    Ladyboy relationship

    Cheers, girish.
  15. strocube

    Ladyboy relationship

    “Normal” is a setting on a washing machine. Anything is possible. I’m sure there are many happy ladyboy/man relationships out there. Depends on the people involved and the context. You pull a drug addled working girl out of a bar who is 30 years younger than you and bring her to your country, chances are there will be issues. You meet an educated ladyboy who is not working in the sex industry and who has some kind of a career and establish a relationship with her over time, then things might go better.
  16. Title says it all. It’s about damn time. May the bastard rot in hell.
  17. The only thing you need to read about THE REAL John McCain. https://blackagendareport.com/manufactured-mccain-lifting-bloodstained-lying-venal-servant-capitalist-empire
  18. https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/do-not-let-them-make-a-saint-of-this-asshole-6626690474bc
  19. strocube

    Pattaya Pool Party Orgy

    Looks like a good time.
  20. strocube

    Lizzie vs Isabely

    Isabely is cuter, but I am put off by the big fake tits. I would take lizzy, even though she is circumcised. I love uncut cocks.
  21. strocube

    Rubbing Cocks Together

    So fucking hot. I love rubbing cocks together. When I was in the PI this past May, my Ladyboy friend loved it when I made her cum while her little cock head was engulfed in my foreskin. Docking, I believe it’s called. Getting a chubby just thinking about it.
  22. strocube

    Pattaya Pariah

    The guy struck me as an insightful, decent, and self-reflective person. Really enjoyed the videos. Thanks for sharing. Cheers
  23. strocube

    Chiang Rai Cave Disaster

    Glad they’re ok. Holy shit, ten days in a cave, what a horrendous ordeal. Props to the rescuers.
  24. strocube

    What is this?

    Damnit, I have no idea!
  25. strocube

    Hot or Not

    Gross. No way.