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  1. Fookin ‘ell, I’m old. I turn 60 this year.
  2. Then again, capitalism by its very nature is exploitive.
  3. “Am I exploiting them?” —QG. I often wonder the same thing. One thing is for sure, as Bumblebee mentioned, most of the ladyboys would not look twice at us old guys if not for the money. So, in that sense, we are taking advantage of (exploiting) an economic situation that works in our favor. The ladyboys are making the best of a difficult socioeconomic situation that leaves them with limited income options. Although no one is putting a gun to their heads, there are very real economic pressures steering them into selling their ass to old farangs for money. This is very much like the economic draft in the US; poor people with limited options obliged to do something they would otherwise not, but for the money. Looks like exploitation to me.
  4. Well, I guess I’m gonna mix it up a bit this year and go to Vietnam for a change. Have never been there so I am looking forward to checking it out. I know, from my limited research that it is not the monger’s paradise that is Thailand. Not too bothered by that because I’m sure there is still all kinds sex fun to be had. The place looks lovely and the women are beautiful. What’s not to like? Plan on seeing as much of the country as I can with my limited amount the of time; just two weeks. Will be going in Late December of this year. Will be there until early January. Will report my findings and impressions here. Cheers
  5. Not that it’ll do much, but I went on gootube and reported all his videos as “hateful and abusive content.” Maybe if all of us did that it might cause the creepy rat fuck some trouble. I also commented on one of his videos and told the bastard just what an ASSHOLE I think he is.
  6. Ha, classic! This asshole had it coming. What a total douche nozzle. Thanks for the laugh.
  7. I like little cuties like this.
  8. I am a yank, but if I were in the UK, I’d be all about getting the fuck outa the EU. Having your national decisions and agenda dictated by a bunch of unaccountable, assclown, globalist, bureaucrats in Brussels looks like a bad deal to me.
  9. I like cute, petite, and delicate femboys, without the ridiculous silicon cow udders for tits, ugh. Though, I could overlook a pair of fake tits for a pretty face, a nice ass, and a hard cock.
  10. Sustra4, these are absolutely brilliant. I love them all, and really like your painting style. Nicely done, and thanks for sharing.
  11. Guess I’m not such a huge fag after all. Pulled the plug on that stupid Grindr profile, and I have a date with an actual female this weekend. I feel so butch! Though, I may try Grindr the next time I visit Thailand.
  12. I was not sure where to post this, but I figure since this thread has a gay theme . . . So, I recently put up my profile on Grindr, again. Have been off the damn thing for years. In case you din’t know, Grindr is a “gay” hookup site. Beside the usual gay males, they also have T-girls, femboys, CDs, and fem twinks on there, which are the types I am looking for. I actually managed to get laid by Filipino ladyboy that I met on there a couple of years ago. Anyway, even though I stated my preferences very clearly in my profile, I still get regular gay dudes contacting me from there. I find this most annoying. I guess it’s what I gotta put up with till I can find what I am looking for. Wondering if any of you guys know of any good hookup apps where you can meet “some of ours” here in the US.
  13. So according to Musk, any guy who goes to Thailand is a “child rapist!?” What an asshole. I hope this dude can get some money outta the bastard.
  14. Indeed, the transgressive element is major turn on for me as well with all this ladyboy business. It feels naughty and sexy in just the right way-so hot.
  15. Oh geez, I’m a big swishy poof. I’m as gay as Liberace’s sequined platform boots. Lol! Actually, I find these categories limiting and annoying. There is nothing obviously “gay” about me, yet I love sucking ladyboy cock and getting fucked in the ass by ladyboys. I have also found that over the years, as I have become more accepting of my proclivities, that I also like cute, and feminine Asian boys. Of course, I am also attracted to females. Though, honestly, I prefer ladyboys/femboys.
  16. Me too! So grateful I did not have my penis mutilated at birth. I also prefer uncut ladyboys.
  17. In case I did not make it clear enough in my previous posts, I’m calling the 2020 shitshow (presidential elections) for the orange tumor. As it stands right now, the evil prick is a shoe in. Tulsie Gabard will not be allowed anywhere near the presidency. Sanders and Warren will sheepdog the moron masses of NPC dems into voting for whatever neoliberal, “centrist” the DNC machine barfs out as their candidate. Peopel will either stay home in droves, or vote for the evil clown out of pure spite. I know I want to. This message was paid for by Vladimir Putin.
  18. I guess I should add, that besides the mouth-breathing moron masses who support the orange tumor, there are others, who while they do not agree with or like him, hated “the other side” so badly, that they found him preferable. If nothing else, just because he shook up the status quo. I have to admit, that as much as I hate the bastard, I wanted to vote for him (did not vote) out of pure spite and hatred for the fucking corporate neoliberal assclowns. I am not that unique, I suspect if I was feeling that way, there were millions of others feeling exactly the same way. It looks like they are trying hard to make that happen again. They have not learned their lesson and are doubling down on the stupid. The orange tumor is the evil clown this blood-thirsty empire deserves.
  19. Oh man, I hate to be Mr. Downer, but I have a strong suspicion that the orange tumor will be reinstalled as puppet prez of the land of fat and stupid in 2020. Looks like the Dems are working hard to make this happen. The horrid neoliberal clowns they are offering up are a joke. They are hated by the majority of people, and with good reason. They work for the big corporate donors who(bribe them) pay for their campaigns. Of course, this is true of the alleged “other team” as well. The mouth-breathing masses who support Trumpo the Assclown don’t care what he does or says as long as he pisses off what they perceive as “the left.” As long as he does that, and blames the poor and non-whites for their many problems, that’s good enough for them no matter how badly they are getting screwed. MAGA, bitches! Sanders was a sheepdog last go round and he’ll likely do the same thing again. Or if by some fluke he magages to get in, it’ll be because he is playing the oligarch’s game, just like Barry the Bomber did. You cannot dismantle the master’s house using the master’s tools. It does not work like that. https://blackagendareport.com/facing-2020-and-bernie-20-what-greens-must-do https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/six-thoughts-on-bernie-2020-c64d7cfd5d7e
  20. Fucking hell. That pic of the orange shit stain with the Klan is priceless. I’m stealing it. Thanks so much. cheers
  21. I wish. That would be an awesome super power to posses.
  22. This is pretty cool. I got “you’re not from around here.” Which makes sense, since I’ve been in the US since I was 3-years-old.
  23. Yeah, there’s always the possibility of contracting AIDS to temper our enthusiasm. You gotta wonder though what kinda stupid shit this dude got up to to have contracted HIV. Bottoming repeatedly without a condom, perhaps? Never a good idea. I’m also not sure how reliable this “Eight out of ten are positive for all diseases, from HIV to syphilis” statement might be. I call bullshit. Sounds like fear mongering. That said, it makes sense to play safe. That is, wear a fucking condom for anal sex, and if you’re bottoming, insist your partner use one too. While not 100% safe, it greatly lowers your chances of contracting something horrible, like HIV, or antibiotic resistant syphilis. I go without a condom for oral, both giving and getting; so far, so good, thankfully.
  24. Pecker Stiffens Resolve . . . https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-10/pecker-stiffens-resolve-against-bezos-extortion-blackmail-accusations
  25. Wow, that’s quite the tongue she has.
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