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  2. I didn't know where to put this. I recall some posts about whether Sweethearts thread or whatever it was renamed as should remain, but i couldn't find them. But as the lbr Home page is getting longer and longer, perhaps the other three Sweethearts threads, 'Sweethearts Rants, Sweethearts Updates and Sweethearts How to Join' could be deleted. There aren't any posts in them. This thread could also be closed, archived or moved into the general lb bars thread?
  3. unusual? lily didn't find them unusual. In fact she kept saying to me "i didn't realise that you are Australian Grunt" anyway, if you are still in touch Woodie, ask her to send my handcuffs and Cattle prod back to me please.
  4. Excuse me ?. I was the one that set up the dungeon for your rather "unusual" behaviour needs. Just in case you had forgotten?. I kept in touch with Lily, (figuratively), to make sure that you kept within the boundaries of normality. She said you were rather stand offish and needed prodding to keep any action going. You would think that with all my efforts in establishing the dungeon, that you would have made full use of it. There are others standing in line who would like to take over, and who assure me that they can perform any time Lily desires. No wonder she got out!. Lets see if the next cell mate can keep her occupied.
  5. I have a self-imposed rule that whenever I draft a heartfelt post I force myself to sleep on it and if on the day after I still feel it’s important I say it … then, and only then, I go ahead and post it. This time I slept on it for 2 days until I decided NOT to post what I had drafted. All I am going to say is that RESPECT is earned by treating the weak with more empathy than the strong. The few with more care than the many. LBR is a labor-of-love (not mine!) that fosters free-thinking and creativity (artistry even) unmatched elsewhere in the ladyboy online world. The other Boards have their own specific merits but overall they have nothing on ours and to come here and disparage us to our faces is … never mind! I may have over-reacted to the GGfication of Sweethearts but that’s bc I gave it the 2020 Ladyboy Bar of the Year Romscar and wanted it to succeed, only if for the sake of Youngone to whom I feel indebted because he was always so kind to me at PY. After these 2 days of reflection, I also concede that I may have gotten carried away with the dungeon thing but I could not resist it when Duke mentioned it. I guess I should not have showboated with my pics of 4 naked ladyboys in multiple group-bondage predicaments so I just erased them… I will repost those pics (and even juicier ones) another day at the Romscars Club when I get around to the S&M section… This thread is for showcasing SH ladyboys one of whom is on my bucket list for the Pattaya return… If Sweethearts is dead? Then: Long Live KRus! and the new GG bar venue ! Rom
  6. yes, nice to see you here JImbo. interesting plans, i wish Jolski etc well. all seems a bit complicated and expensive to me though... why don't they just open a dungeon with Lily in it? that's all you need.. she was quite used to a dungeon you know... until she manage to tunnel out from mine.
  7. Nice to see you posting again on here @jimbo33. I appreciate your and the KRUs guys' efforts to keep some money coming in for the KRUs girls. I'm not into livestreams but I do understand they are a lifeline for the lbs at this time. I did look at the Sweethearts' livestream when it started last September and I did buy a round for the girls. Admittedly it was only one a couple of times, but I am doing what I can to support Emmy's Bar which has a lot less support than Sweethearts, so I do as much as I am able to. And I do know the EB girls personally, but I don't know any of the KRUs girls - they were out of my price range!
  8. I think a S&M Lite themed gogo is a pretty good idea especially easy walking distance from Soi Boomerang, you can get there without even walking on Buakhao. I know there are more serious S&M joints such as the Castle and Mistress Cruella. But they tend to have hefty admission fees and not great places for guys who are not really into that scene. A buddy of mine (not me lol) had a girl use a cattleprod type instrument on his balls at the Castle. Will be interesting to hear about the dungeon! Good luck!
  9. Very well said Jimbo . I do wish you, the owners and all the staff all the very best in the future
  10. Nice stuff, Rom. You can bet your ass that the copy and paste crossposting reporter will make PY aware of your ideas as some of them have an unpleasant interest for your posts.
  11. 24 hours later: Apologies Jimbo for upsetting you by posting my views and thanks for sharing yours. I would only correct you in that at least myself from the LBR membership bought more than a few online drinks for the SH livestreamers, including for you and Youngone. Then at some point you busted me (when I used the handle "Pyongyang" to log in to the livestream) and I became wary. Those drinks I bought prior to that and the fact that I awarded SH the Romscar for 2020 Ladyboy Bar of the Year precisely for its pioneering role in livestreaming objectively make me more of a contributor to the SH project than 90% of the PY BMs patting you on the back. And now that I have your attention, and so we move forward on a constructive note, I'd like to offer my humble input to discuss here dungeon ideas that you may want to transmit to Youngone and his partner. I believe I am adequately dungeon-qualified since, as far as I can tell, as of this date I am still the only BM ever at PY who made an S&M-focused Trip Report with ladyboys. Here is a flashback to those more collegiate times when I was the Toast of Pyongyang. All the best for you as well Jimbo. Rom [ POST EDIT: several pics of non-SH ladyboys deleted ]
  12. Rom Seriously? First of all i had to read your post 3 times to try and get the gyst (30 minutes of my life i'll never get back!), but by the sounds of it 1) You're saying how clever you were to predict that Livestreams would replace the traditional role of a bar. Wrong. Livestreams are a stopgap to help pay the overheads and give the girls a bit of cash to live on. 2) You're implying i somehow misled this forum about wanting to return the bar to it's original format Wrong again. At the time of my post (2nd Jan) it absolutely was our intention to return the bar to it's original format. It's unfortunate that 7 months later the decision was taken to change to a gg club. Strategic goals have to change with the times. With several other LB bars in the vicinity closing up, it would be difficult to entice customers to our (southern) end of Soi Burkhao. Meanwhile the area we're in has become predominately Gentleman's Clubs, and the traffic will be that way inclined. As for Livestreams: well i think we all imagined they would disappear once the bars re-opened, and tourists were allowed back in. But as time has gone on, it's become evident that re-opening will be a slow process, and all forms of revenue need to continue. 3) You question why i don't come on here more often to inform the members of our news. Correct. If that offends the dozen or so that look in here, i apologise. But really, with such a small membership, is it any wonder this forum gets overlooked? And most can see what's going on by looking in on PLB. 4) Your final note, in small blue text about stopping buying drinks on the stream could force the owners to change their minds is: Wrong You clearly have an issue with Livestreams. But just for your information - it has been a lifeline for a year now, keeping the overheads (mostly) paid, and providing a cashflow for the girls who work it and a roof over their heads when otherwise they would have been homeless and penniless. We're eternally grateful to those that have dipped their hands in their pockets to do that - none of whom, as far as i can see, come from this forum. The owners of Sweethearts could simply have handed the keys back to the landlord, saving themselves considerable expense and effort to revamp the place, However, they've decide to go for a brave plan to remain in the nightclub business, and should be applauded for doing so rather than criticised. I mourn the loss of a LB bar as much as anybody else, but others will undoubtedly pop up as we move on. And who knows - if the right place came up, the owners of SH could well be involved, but for now, with the uncertainties surrounding the re-opening of Thailand it's not yet on the cards. The girls at SH will transfer to KRU, once opening is allowed. None will need to lose their livelihood. Now please give credit where it's due, rather than act as a know-all, prophet, and naysayer. All the best Jimbo
  13. Thanks Duke. Great floor plan Duke but I am more interested in the DUNGEON floor plan (upstairs? or below ground level?) ... which you said will double as the ST room... It's not revelaled yet at PY either, so I hope this time we get to be part of the dungeon premiere here at LBR... I am a bit of a dungeon buff myself (all dom except for the ass worshipping) and here is what Dungeon101 gear entails: If Sweethearts can't fit it all, at least please get the St Andrews Cross and the pillory: (Apologies for the farang ladies. That's all I got.)
  14. Construction has started at the now defunct Sweethearts and the whole project is expected to be completed by the end of August. Here is the Floor Plan. As it is only going to be a GG only Gogo/Club in the future, I shall probably refrain from posting any more updates 'on whatever its going to be named' on here
  15. I saw it coming , but Jimbo did not or pretended not to : 6 months later: was i right ? or was I right ? This outcome is precisely what I had feared and prognosticated: that the ladyboy livestreams generate such good revenue for the short periods of time that they last, that it makes more sense to just use a few ladyboys for 2-hour shows 2 or 3 times a week while reassigning the physical infrastructure (bar premises) for something else that generates more revenue on an ongoing basis: in this case a top-of -the-line GG go-go. I am not posting this to gloat about my prescience, but rather to vent my frustration at Jimbo and the likes of him who could be informing and discussing here at LBR at higher levels of insight and foresight than at PY where the editorial line is that the mongering outlook is always rosy, and covid is going to disappear in time for your next vacation, and Pattaya will never change from the glory days of Scott & Paeng... and if you say otherwise you get ostracized and eventually banned... Seriously Jimbo, why do we at LBR always have to hear second-hand via PY about your latest endeavors ? What would it take to get you to announce here at the same time as at PY ? Or just to post here once in a while without me poking at you first ? Do I have to make another video ? FYI, I gave up on the Sweethearts livestreams after 2 months... not because i did not enjoy them but because I got spotted and started to feel awkward ... good luck gentlemen with the GG bar. I will definitely be trying out the dungeon...
  16. Could be due to "Premature Ejaculation"
  17. As SP said two of the owners (Youngone and Jolski) will go ahead and open Sweethearts up again (with a name change) as a GG Gogo/Club whilst Pad Thai Boy has dropped out. It will be having a major renovation and amongst the changes will be a Dancing Stage, VIP/Private area and a Dungeon themed ST room, they also don't anticipate opening up again this calendar year. The 'livestreams' will continue on a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (9-30pm - 11-30pm Thai time) and Jimbo will continue as its Host. The seven staff can continue to live above the Bar, free of charge. As for Katoeys 'R' Us all three guys will still stay on as partners.
  18. 2 of the 3 owners of Sweethearts are staying. The other has pulled out. There is a sexual connotation for that, but cant think of the term!.
  19. Annabelles secrets. But don’t tell BBG.
  20. Same owners? I guess a livestream could be from anywhere if there are no live customers. Name change? Sweet Pussy?
  21. Sadly Sweetheart Bar as we know it will be no more , given a facelift and changed to a GG bar . According to the other forum. They will still have the live streaming and Jimbo will be the host but all other bar stuff will be GG / go go bar action only with a name change . I do wish the owners well in the new venture.

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