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  1. looks like its been removed ?
  2. i see on the thaiger news the government says it will announce no more new measures. as the curve is flattening, one feels after a week or two they may relax things a bit or there could be a lot of civil unrest. who knows a trump said enjoy easter the govt here may say enjoy songkhran .
  3. so glad you put on your dress thongs sp.' svelt person' very dapper . glad to see its seems to be agreeing with you both
  4. just got a message on the phone from pattayaone from police chief. in english. warning about there will be desperate people who still have to pay rent etc with no income so expect crime to go up. hope he is wrong but prepare for the worst and stay out of danger guys .
  5. It’s better than squirrel grip anyway 5555 but it will be up to sp. now he is a respected man about thailand he needs to elevate his status
  6. Svelt man has a good ring to it . A little more classy than the sp Monica lol
  7. Looking very svelt there mate . I think it might be agreeable for you.
  8. yes i was being cheeky with the rent, hope she has enough to last till high season. wish her all the best and hope she can retain her staff
  9. i wish her luck. not a great time to start a new business . hope she has a rent free start up period .
  10. Hey sp. do they do falang as well . Or only workers .
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