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  1. markm

    Douche Dead

    no he is born again. he will live in paradise . but the poor heathen brothers and sisters he murdered will be in hell. as they followed the wrong superstition. he was a cunt and still is.
  2. This is a subject that gives me nightmares . And the jury is not out yet .
  3. i,d be worried sp. looks like she is ready for shopping and not the food variety .
  4. no foreign currency flowing in. need to make exports more appealing and stimulate exports . so it must go down . i hope .
  5. thoughts and prayers with nz, lol ,no a lockdown will work better. good luck guys. will be watching with some morbid interest. to compare it to victorias action.
  6. Every one knows in history purple was the most expensive colour to produce. Reserved for royalty and Roman emperors. So three cheers for the new power couple in the north. May you have a long and happy life there .
  7. no it will be hand signals or those rockets or dao can run messages . sp,s thai is not good enough yet 55555
  8. wow great mate, loved the pic,s enjoy . a lot of weeding to do out back. sorry picking rice ,
  9. markm

    Bar Location

    looks like the bar location terns out to be soi 3 jomtien
  10. yes a boy scout always carries a pocket knife
  11. yes i typed it in again and spell check changes it grrrrr . yes no fees for me as well . i sent 3000$ and paid around 15 to 17$ fee , nothing after that. use my thai atm card .
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