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  1. markm

    Bar Location

    looks like the bar location terns out to be soi 3 jomtien
  2. my weakness after porn a good liquor
  3. yes a boy scout always carries a pocket knife
  4. yes i typed it in again and spell check changes it grrrrr . yes no fees for me as well . i sent 3000$ and paid around 15 to 17$ fee , nothing after that. use my thai atm card .
  5. this is only for those who have a thai bank account. i transfer with travel wise before i go. the other day vasu was offering 20.90. super rich 21. but travelwise was 21.37 for the aussie. i do take cash as a back up as well .
  6. markm


    yes the illusion that they like white guys . 55555
  7. markm


    2020 the year of the big yawn. a gap year for the fun police. cant wait for new years eve .
  8. well almost. ive been trying for years to get a winning lucky number ticket. un lucky numbers i say 555
  9. yep take no chances . the bb are looking for a shake down.
  10. that one month is looking like 3 or 4 . any idea sp when the dyke will break. at least the house is going strong .
  11. this thread is def getting fucked 5555
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