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  1. I thought he got dengue fever for a 2 nd time. Correct me if I am wrong .
  2. wait and watch for me i think . can you imagine an outbreak and they close the borders and the airlines cancel flights let alone your home land wanting to disown you
  3. yes its pat tay a / not pat tya or patty ya
  4. and they want tourists back. why!!!!!!!! unless your a mormon ........................... not that there is anything wrong with that lol
  5. why lock it. keep it going in honour of our mate brett. thats my vote
  6. its such a dive...... gotta love that :)
  7. whats the problem tastes like chicken
  8. I find this hard to believe . We all know it’s only white people who are responsible for slavery . All jokes aside it’s a terrible story .
  9. the driver has since said sorry and paid the hospital bills. the aussie did not press charges . same same a wai covers all sins
  10. Is it joiner friendly
  11. Indeed but the Aussie dollar has made very modest gains on the Thai baht. Given that the Aussie economy is quite strong and civil unrest is nearly non existent compared to the kingdom . The Thai baht is weakening but no where near what it should be considering everything the Thai economy is going through .
  12. thats why the u.s. has put them on the currency manipulators list
  13. shame for the aussie shekel its bottoming not topping
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