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  1. Don’t tap him on the shoulder there’s plenty more behind. Whoops some one might see me
  2. only if they decide to pick on you:)
  3. markm


    Clubs with in clubs with in clubs ,
  4. markm

    The Wedding

    Lol I get papa falang I am a young 62
  5. i quite agree,but it would be the average thai that would suffer . the ultra rich have enough cush they have built up to ride it out. then when the baht goes down they will cash in on the foreign stash .
  6. A bit like the road deaths. It’s only counted if you dia at the scene. Get you in the ambulance or die later nup not a road death. I think you could add on at least 50%. What are they up to I think it’s around 1500 1st week into feb.
  7. In japan they make no effort to help disabled people. Eg wheel chair access . They just keep them at home. Asia has a obligation to look after the old and infirm but it’s all an elusion. They had a poll and Thai people were the happiest in the world. Eg elusion. When are we all going to realise we are all homo sapien . We are all the same inside . What is the answer I don’t know, but finding differences amongst ourselves is not the answer. A rant yes, pissing in the wind yes. It’s a bit depressing maybe I am joining the 20% . But not today .
  8. its not a healthy city is it. for your mind i mean .
  9. markm

    RIP June

    my late new years resolution is to be a kinder and more gentle. i had a bit of a run in with julie last time i saw her, my fault 100%. a while ago now. drunk and stupid. couldnt stop thinking about it last night . the shit they get every day , day after day. hate to think in some small way you can contribute to this . hope she is in a better place.
  10. markm

    RIP June

    yes its not good , so many are passing away and so young .
  11. just follow your compass/ straight up true north
  12. The way the Aussie pesos is it would just cover the pillow case
  13. Looking good sp Looking fwd to see it evolve
  14. yes what is it with the hypochondriac thai girls. mine is off to the clinic for a 4 hr wait with the slightest headache or stomach ache. i ask WHY, i want to live long life she says . the funny thing is they all give out paracetamol for everything .
  15. ah ha ready for the Auckland catwalk me thinks
  16. good luck. sometimes its just about timing . something clicks in their head and its time to settle . check out the family and village. its an old chestnut but a good upbringing goes a long way. if there greedy then she will probably be too.
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