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  1. Damn! What a body! Probably a good thing I'm not in BKK because I'd be tempted to drop more baht that I should.
  2. outsider

    Nice TF

    Saw this stunner on TF and was wondering if any of you had encountered her or knew where she worked? Or if the photos are legit. Listed as Nice7058.
  3. I was partial to "spilled" Milk despite the tattoos and the wide gap between the bolt-ons. The last girl has a great body and I also like Itim- I think I follow her on IG. I will say this group of ladyboys has to be one of the strongest overall collections I've seen at a bar recently.
  4. While donuts aren't the healthiest thing to consume, I might be willing to make an exception.
  5. Saw a nipple on one of the videos on either their FB or IG
  6. P&G got me thinking. Here is a search of 40 up in BKK on TF. There were 2 pages, so this is only the first 4 rows. Not much that caught my eye. I flipped it over to "girls" and the quality wasn't much better, but 70+ pages there, FWIW.
  7. When I was living in Thailand the 2 things that I noted that really affected the looks and aging of Thai women (natural born), was time spent on the farm & having a baby. Farm life ain't easy and so they would have a lot of wear and tear, per se. But many Thai women really added pounds after having kids. I guess, that's fairly true across the board with a lot of cultures, but I really noticed it in Thailand, maybe because they often start out so lithe and slim compared to western women, so the weight gain can be more pronounced. As far as ladyboys, I think wear and tear is a factor-
  8. Jada would be my pick out of that group of photos
  9. If Sky & Itim have good personalities & aren't the pretty types that get a bit too full of themselves, I'd be game for that... whenever LOS opens up again.
  10. Really feels like this thread is going off-topic. Aren't there other threads that directly relate to COVID, the news about COVID and people's opinions?
  11. I don't know. I think I saw her on Massage Republic when she was doing a tour outside of Thailand or maybe TS-Dating
  12. I had sex once with Amy a couple of years ago. I was a little nervous as the photos in the ads she posted had shown some weight gain, but was quite disappointed in person. She had added a lot of weight to her petite frame and was like a little butterball. I really had to focus on my memories of her before to enjoy it. She was nice enough during the session, but definitely had let herself go and so one of the least attractive ladyboys I have been with. So it's kinda like those t-shirts that say, "I went to ________ and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".
  13. I prefer more feminine ladyboys. This one doesn't interest me.
  14. Out of those 5 Candy tickles my fancy the most
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