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  1. Just for clarification does "GG" mean a natural-born woman?
  2. Thanks for clarifying the $ to time you spend. That does change things a lot.
  3. There are a lot of ladyboys that go to Dubai. Several of the ladyboys from the Philippines and Thailand make trips out there. In talking with one Filipina LB about traveling, she basically said that when she arrives, she doesn't wear makeup or dress feminine, pulls her hair up and wears it under a cap, wears jeans, athletic shoes, plain shirt with a baggy jacket or hoodie to hide curves. I think the Immigration officers know what's going on, but I think in a lot of places that are restrictive, if you don't stand out in the wrong places, they just wave you in. Back before travel came to a
  4. Your rules make sense, but your payouts don't. You didn't elaborate on the time and number of shots, but if you are paying $900 (USD) for 1 shot in less than 2hrs, it better be the most beautiful and "into-it" fuck you can think of outside of a celebrity/real model. IMO the photo you shared doesn't qualify for the former. Now, in the recent batch of photos, 1, 3 & 4 are definitely hotties, but that's still a ton of fucking cash. And the 2 problems with that are the buyer's remorse Pdoggg mentioned and the fact that it makes some lazy escorts/amateurs think their services are worth mor
  5. Yes, Only Fans is becoming quite big. Almost every sexy, model type on IG has an Only Fans acct now. But I can see where it would be almost a full-time job to maintain. You basically need to generate a lot of content on IG and/or Twitter and then get people to go to your profile, click on your Only Fans acct, then commit to paying monthly to see your content. Seems like a of them use LinkTree to connect to other accts they might have. I follow a couple of ladies on IG that basically are escorts that fly around the world (or used to), but also supplement their income with Only Fans. Of cou
  6. She's in a lot of ladyboy porn. Very easy to find. Small tool, but was really sexy. She's added a LOT of weight now.
  7. I know several members are based in Thailand and it seems like some/most of them are in long-term relationships. But are there any guys in Thailand now that are currently active in the sex scene with ladyboys (or other TBH)? It seems like the women are really in need of clients, so just wondering if anyone is taking advantage of the situation and what it is like.
  8. Do you mean few comments on this board? If you look at social media, she tends to get more responses than most of the others at CIB. And to me, she's the most attractive on staff and it isn't close.
  9. Yes to the one in the dark red dress and the black next to her! Probably to the one in the solo photo and the one in the tan minidress with the other 2.
  10. Damn! What a body! Probably a good thing I'm not in BKK because I'd be tempted to drop more baht that I should.
  11. outsider

    Nice TF

    Saw this stunner on TF and was wondering if any of you had encountered her or knew where she worked? Or if the photos are legit. Listed as Nice7058.
  12. I was partial to "spilled" Milk despite the tattoos and the wide gap between the bolt-ons. The last girl has a great body and I also like Itim- I think I follow her on IG. I will say this group of ladyboys has to be one of the strongest overall collections I've seen at a bar recently.
  13. While donuts aren't the healthiest thing to consume, I might be willing to make an exception.
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