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  1. Wow, the ass on the left in those last 3 photos are amazing!
  2. Finally, someone appreciates old, fat white men again. About time!
  3. The one in the 2nd and 4th photos (same person) is pretty hot.
  4. So I've been a lurker for a couple of weeks now and stumbled onto this old thread. I don't mean to flame, but based on a lot of the posts that I've seen in this thread and in general, I feel my tastes are quite different from the majority. Honestly, as I scanned ladyboys on pool tables and such, I found very few that I would even consider and a couple that scared any stiffness out of me for the day. I don't mean to be a jerk, but just being honest. Anyway, I'm a top and I usually go for natural women, but do enjoy transgenders on occasion. For me, the answer is Empress Lee (Filipino) that moved to Australia. I had seen her multiple times and haven't seen her for several years now. She was stunning, feminine, easy to talk to and fun to have sex with. My next answer would be Lisa in Bangkok. Actually, I might like Lisa better, but since she is still available, I can see her, but Empress (or Krizzy) slipped through my hands. Lisa's body and face (with makeup) are amazing IMO and I find her fun to be with- great mix of kinky, fun and friendly.
  5. I have had this one also. I think she was the first cock I sucked. Goes by Ms. Pulchritude now on IG. It seems as she isn't taken anymore.
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