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  1. I can't imagine the Pattaya Sandbox/Playpen has the remotest chance of being implemented. Too difficult and easily "circumvented" on production of a crisp 1,000 baht note. No chance. Barmy idea suggested by a desperate barowner.
  2. An interesting topic (for a change). Thailand wants everybody to come, from the wealthy down to chinese mass tourism. There's everything here, from exclusive beach resorts down to backpacker hostels. Same with restaurants. Same with bars and nightlife. I can't see it changing anytime soon: high-rise, high density hotels and condos are still being built in Bangkok and Pattaya by the hundred! As for visas: there's always been the Elite visa for the wealthy, and there's always been the easy to obtain 30 day visa. Can't see that changing anytime soon. The mass markets from India and China will be needed to fill all those places, while the wealthy can go off to an island resort. As for mongering: Patong's Bangla Road changed to a clubby-type scene with high prices, but the girls were still loitering in the street waiting for just about anybody. The same has happened in Walking Street. Soi Burkhao is going the same way, with absurd rents attracting wealthy investors. But the girls are still waiting outside, along the street. Some in the govt want to chase the high-worth individuals, but at the same time market forces will prevail. All those people in their 30 sq m hotel rooms/condos will still be here and will continue to be catered to. Will the cheap-charlie western expats/retirees still come? It'll be interesting to see. During Covid, they've discovered that there are actually other places where they can enjoy sun, sand, sea, and sex. "Our" lot will likely still come, as we prefer the more petite feminine form, but we constitute a tiny proportion of visitors to LoS. There is a requirement already in place to have 800k baht on deposit for a retirement visa, but in typical thai fashion, there are "ways around" that. Has always been the case, and will always remain so, no matter what the govt tries to do. I think the recovery will be long and slow, but nothing much will change here. Not in our lifetimes anyway!
  3. Rom Seriously? First of all i had to read your post 3 times to try and get the gyst (30 minutes of my life i'll never get back!), but by the sounds of it 1) You're saying how clever you were to predict that Livestreams would replace the traditional role of a bar. Wrong. Livestreams are a stopgap to help pay the overheads and give the girls a bit of cash to live on. 2) You're implying i somehow misled this forum about wanting to return the bar to it's original format Wrong again. At the time of my post (2nd Jan) it absolutely was our intention to return the bar to it's original format. It's unfortunate that 7 months later the decision was taken to change to a gg club. Strategic goals have to change with the times. With several other LB bars in the vicinity closing up, it would be difficult to entice customers to our (southern) end of Soi Burkhao. Meanwhile the area we're in has become predominately Gentleman's Clubs, and the traffic will be that way inclined. As for Livestreams: well i think we all imagined they would disappear once the bars re-opened, and tourists were allowed back in. But as time has gone on, it's become evident that re-opening will be a slow process, and all forms of revenue need to continue. 3) You question why i don't come on here more often to inform the members of our news. Correct. If that offends the dozen or so that look in here, i apologise. But really, with such a small membership, is it any wonder this forum gets overlooked? And most can see what's going on by looking in on PLB. 4) Your final note, in small blue text about stopping buying drinks on the stream could force the owners to change their minds is: Wrong You clearly have an issue with Livestreams. But just for your information - it has been a lifeline for a year now, keeping the overheads (mostly) paid, and providing a cashflow for the girls who work it and a roof over their heads when otherwise they would have been homeless and penniless. We're eternally grateful to those that have dipped their hands in their pockets to do that - none of whom, as far as i can see, come from this forum. The owners of Sweethearts could simply have handed the keys back to the landlord, saving themselves considerable expense and effort to revamp the place, However, they've decide to go for a brave plan to remain in the nightclub business, and should be applauded for doing so rather than criticised. I mourn the loss of a LB bar as much as anybody else, but others will undoubtedly pop up as we move on. And who knows - if the right place came up, the owners of SH could well be involved, but for now, with the uncertainties surrounding the re-opening of Thailand it's not yet on the cards. The girls at SH will transfer to KRU, once opening is allowed. None will need to lose their livelihood. Now please give credit where it's due, rather than act as a know-all, prophet, and naysayer. All the best Jimbo
  4. Monday Feb 1st It was good to see the lights switched on again, music playing, and some relative bustle in the streets. A couple of girls who don't appear on the streams, but returned to work: Toey Keng Also good to have a tipple again A couple of cuties back to their beloved pool table: Coffee & lil Nuoy
  5. @Rom I've had to read your post 3 times to get my head round it ! Let me repeat: I am certainly not going to divulge the finances of Sweethearts - it's confidential information that remains on a need to know basis for the partners/shareholders, and frankly i think it's impertinent to even ask. I also, like annat, find it rather odd that you spend time in a social environment trying to run a financial sliderule over it. As for the second question of whether i think streaming will remain part of a bar's modus operandi - for now, while footfall is at it's lowest ever level, the answer is yes. This is a situation none of us have ever experienced, so it's impossible to say with any degree of certainty how long it will take for things to get back to "normal". My own view is that it will take at least 2 years for the hospitality industry to recover. Will streaming last 2 years? Who knows - we've never been in this situation before. But as I've said before it's our intention to return the bar to the condition we found it i.e. a place for social interaction and entertainment which would be unlikely to include streaming. Hope this helps. Here's the group picture of the 13 girls on duty last night: oops " error code 200 prevented uploading!!??" Apologies, but for some reason i can't upload on this forum today - mods??? Important: As of today Feb 1st - Sweethearts will be open from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m., and our next live stream, scheduled for Weds 3rd will run from the same times.
  6. I'm certainly not going to divulge the bar's finances on here, seven. But whilst covid devastates the tourism industry we shall continue streaming four times a week for the moment. Once airports are open and things return to "normal", we obviously hope to run the bar in the "traditional" way. For now, footfall is at an all-time low, and the revenue provides an absolutely essential ingredient to staying operational.
  7. Saturday Night 15 girls on rotation for the stream, last night, on the penultimate show before we open our doors again on Monday 1 st Feb. A lively chat too, with Daddy Rom popping in under the pseudonym "Pyongyang" asking a lot of questions, without adding anything of entertainment value, presumably as "research" for his current thread on streaming.
  8. Weds 20th Jan A few pics from last night's stream (courtesy of Youngone): Another very successful stream last night, helping to keep the wolf from the door. Thank you for participating in a lively Chat, especially so if you kindly sent over a few drinks
  9. To answer your question, Rom: to be honest, as far as i can recall i've only ever had one, fairly brief conversation with you, and as my memory is bordering demential i probably didn't recognise you. But glad i smiled, even if you didn't even stop for a drink! In future, don't be intimidated - my Grumpiness is legendary, but really i'm a pussycat! Happy New Year - let's hope this covidcrap passes soon!
  10. "Webcam Model of the Year" , lol. Well, i suppose i should thank you Rom, but really the girls get waaay more drinks than i do. I think i only get some out of pity! I'm sure all of us at Sweethearts, especially barowner of the year, Youngone, will be delighted to receive your awards. However the ceremony looks as though it's on ice again, judging by the Governor's pronouncements this morning that we're back into lockdown!
  11. Friday Night - Oct 30th It's our Keith's birthday today and we're having a party! Nevertheless, we'll be doing our Online Stream until/or unless the bar gets too busy, so please look in and wish the old perv a Happy Birthday. Saturday Night - Oct 31st (Halloween) Thanks to the generosity of a couple of BMs, we're offering cash prizes to the 3 best costumes/made up on the staff. Look in and be afraid, be very afraid!
  12. Thursday Night Having enjoyed a couple of fun evenings with J Bar (soi 7 Jomtien) playing a Pool match, it was decided it was time for a rematch. J Bar play in pool leagues, nevertheless on Home turf we secured a 7 - 6 victory Team Sweet hearts Games in progress A couple of End Shots i couldn't resist!
  13. Friday Night: With the rains belting down all day, I was concerned I would be doing my compereing thing from home. However, they ceased at the right time and I was able to get to Soi Burkhao without any problem. Coming home was a different kettle of fish! The heavens opened as we closed up, and i got a proper drenching on the way back to Cell Block A Happily, we had a decent night, with a few guys dropping by, and barfines duly following. At the same time the online stream went very well, with plenty of chat while the high jinks went on in front of the camera: The Chatroom erupted when little Nuoy began to get a hard-on ! That was a hard act to follow, but the girls gave it their all, and thankfully, were well rewarded
  14. Apologies for being M.I.A. for a while . Here are some pics from our Live Stream, which starts at 9 p.m. thai time on Weds, Fri, Sat & Sun
  15. It may be that the Nightwish managers are on a lowish salary , without any profit-share bonus, in which case there is an arguement in favour. However, for any owner or manager with a profit share package , to be charging a premium for drinks bought in the spirit of friendship and camraderie seems well over the top to me.
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