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  1. Thanks for this extensive post QG. You made me change my mind. Not worth the hassle for a one week trip.
  2. Cuba by normang ยป Wed 6. Jan 2021, 19:09 According to the RKI (Robert Koch Unstitute), DoDC and WHO Cuba is not on the Corona shit list. I still have 20 days annual leave left over from 2020 and I will lose them on 31. Marc, if not taken. I week in Cuba would cost me 799 Euros, hotel, breakfast dinner, and the airfare of course. Now I have to make up my mind. I fear that they change the requirements as quickly as I change my underwar. What would you recommend. I don't speak spanish so that's another stumbling block. Thanks.
  3. The LB I see on a regular basis turns 41 in December. Great rack, no booze or dope, and most importantly, I can talk about stuff with her happening outside of Thailand. She even knows the Capital cities of Mongolia and Australia. Most of my local friends fail here.
  4. Duncan


    Right to the ponit. Fully agree. Let nature do it's run. Mankind lives here for 100, maybe 200 thousand years and has survived worse than that. We're still here. And probably will for a few another 100 thousand years unless sombody pushes the red button. Seriously, I do think there is a political agenda behind it. I just didn't figure out what their goal is. Yet.
  5. Good luck with that. I think it'd be a good idea to look at a nice vacation place in the UK. Northern Scotland is very nice. 2020 is done for international travel IMHO.
  6. Duncan

    Pet Peeves

    Oh. Dixon Cox changed his preferred platform. How did that come about?
  7. In the first video there isn't the Ape man starring. Another hairy dude but not the Apeman. IMHO
  8. Christ, the black one is a stunner.
  9. Duncan


    I wouldn't say fuck China. There are many Chinese who fight to stop this barbaric practice. Better say fuck dog, cat and bat eaters no matter what nationality they may have. Believe it or not, there is a active dogeater scene still going on in Swizerland.
  10. Hi Herberth, I fully agree. For what the bars to open if they don't allow international flights coming in. The bars and bus and resaurants can't live on a handful of expats. I'm monitoring the flights now and Emirates resumes flights to BKK in July. But if I have to quaratine alone in a room at an government institute fir bog money I rather book my holiday in Barcelona this year.
  11. Well done Herberth. Good to see that the foreigners take care of the desperate people in Pattaya when the rich Thais or "the not allowed to name" does not, but ... I find these ridiculous face masks unnessessary and even harmful as it it a paradise for germs. Same goes wirth the gloves. People wearing gloves tend not to wash their hands often enough because the have false feeling of protection. Frequent hand washing is the A and O. The face shields on the other hand I find dangerous. People who wear such a thing direct their exhaled breath unfiltered right to the foodstuff. You do a f
  12. Krabi is great. Breathtaking Landscape. Ferry from Krabi to Phuket takes about 3.5 hours. Take a companion along as there is very little Ladyboy action in Krabi. I only found a small cabaret at beach road at Ao Nang beach.. When you look for a Hotel, don't book "Ao Nang Pearl". It's a shithole.
  13. Video 1 plays ok on youtube. Video 2 is blocked. I unbocked it by installing the "YouTube Unblocker plus" Browser Add-on in my Firefox. Looks to me that they use some sort of Geo-blocking. Heaven knows what for.
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