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  1. Well, I'm in quarantine right now. My hairdresser has it. Wish me well folks. No symptoms so far. Knock on wood.
  2. Ah. Some good news.
  3. I got heroed twice at PY and don't need a third time. Therefore I post on public fora only stuff that the whole world may read without backfiring at me..
  4. You must be a Yank. In Europe they have stripped the ordinary population of all firerams and ammonition. The terrorists and criminals still have them of course. They don't care of the laws. I go make a bow.
  5. Fake news posted on Fartbook and adopted as true by (fake news distributor) CNN. Fucking hell, I believe the news from Russia Today and Al Jazzera more than the western media now.
  6. Yep, saw her in Delirios in Jan. Chin, a former 131 Bar employee can be found there too. BM Herberth can be found there too, albeit not available for barfine. Som has a close watch on him.
  7. Come back to Parraya Uncensored.

  8. What does this Upvote button? Never noticed it before.
  9. We live in a fucked up world, with fucked up people. And IMHO religion is the very root cause of all this fucked up people. In the dark ages they burrned witches on the stake. In modern times they hang teens for being gay. All in the name of religion. I spit on these religious hangmen.
  10. Duncan

    RIP June

    RIP sweety. Suicide by Hanging. She was always so lively. Must be a hard life to live as a TG "in The Land Of Smiles". I can't hold my tears back.
  11. Nice report Rom. You have whetted my appetite to visit the Phils, as I've never been there before. Nice MILF you scored. I alyways look out for the 30+ ones. They tend to be better in the room and more fun outside of it. Keep it coming.
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