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Premium Spirits are served here: Single Malt Whisky, Bourbon, Rum, Gin, Vodka etc. in big measures (50ml), Rock Music all Day & Night, Horny Ladyboys, Free Pool,
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  2. I have to ask. Did she visit you dressed like that or change into it for a photo shoot?.
  3. Shirley visited us last week and she will be back at the bar when we can open :-) 
  4. Just a quick update:  The refurb of the bar is nearly done and there are only some minor things to do. I will post more pictures of the whole bar when we're 100% ready but we're getting there :-) Counter is ready.  We got some new group tables and a BJ/relax area with a curtain at the back of the bar.     
  5. Out of quarantine and since a week a lot of work. The bar is getting a complete makeover. We also kicked a wall out and we will get a proper "relax" room upstairs.
  6. Found a couple of pictures of better times on my "travel USB stick". Hopefully next year these times will come back :-)
  7. Time for new Pictures of our Ladies: Dao is ready for a shower :-) Bella Dew
  8. Hope all of you enjoyed the weekend. Here some pictures of the naughty ladies :-) Dew Dao Bella Jessie, Bella, Dao & Dew
  9. She is indeed very nice. Only got good reviews about her and hope she can return to pattaya soon :-)

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