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    Singlemalt whisky, bourbon whiskey, rum, gin, good cigars, natural tobacco, steaks and chicks with dicks :-p

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  1. The ladies take most of the picture on their phone :-) here a couple of new pictures of them :-p
  2. Happy new year from the Delirious crew :-) We wish you all good luck and health for the next year.
  3. Oh I didn't saw that. I rarely look in another threads. But thank you very much. Can you send me a link of the romscars 2022 ? Happy new year rom :-)
  4. Everybody is welcome to join Jimbo's birthday (get together) today :-) Starts from 8pm. No karaoke (he would kill me) & no balloons (will keep most of the freeloaders away).  
  5. A couple of weeks ago 2 girls were fighting in front of the bar (not working at my bar). Getting more interesting every week 555
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