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    Singlemalt whisky, bourbon whiskey, rum, gin, good cigars, natural tobacco, steaks and chicks with dicks :-p

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  1. Thank you for coming by pdogg :-) Hope you had a good time.
  2. Today´s Whiskey Update: Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey Buffalo Trace is the flagship bourbon for the eponymous distillery made from corn, rye and malted barley. It’s aged in new oak barrels in historic old warehouses. The award-winning bourbon is batched from no more than 40 barrels at a time, and is aged on the middle floors of the distillery warehouses where the temperature fluctuation is the greatest. A top whiskey, with oodles of vanilla, barrel char and spicy complexity.
  3. Today´s Rum Update Plantation XO: The Plantation XO from Barbados, aged in bourbon barrels before being shipped to France for a secondary maturation in Cognac casks from the Ferrand house. The result is a well balanced rum with a remarkably long finish, with a palate of chocolate, banana, coconut and mango. The finish is very long lasting, with the sweet spices complementing the toasty oak and fruit.
  4. Today is soms birthday but we're not making a big party. (Because this covid shit). All the girls dressed in red :-)
  5. Today´s Whisky Update: Cragganmore 12Y - Singlemalt Scotch Whisky This is the Speyside representative of the Classic Malts series and is rich and spicy, with a very satisfying complexity. On the palate you get fresh citrus notes, joined by sweet toffee, malt and oat biscuits. Very clean and refreshing (perfect for the weather in Thailand).
  6. Fay is at the Bar tonight and ready to please you :-P
  7. Today´s Whiskey Update: Michter´s Unblended American Whiskey Very fruity and sweet, this whiskey from Michter's positively drips with toffee and butterscotch, enlivened by toasty notes and a hint of vanilla and dried fruit. Technically not a bourbon due to its ageing in 'bourbon-soaked' barrels as opposed to new oak. This is one of the sweetest Whiskey´s at Delirious Bar and is very easy drinking :-)
  8. A good night last night. Thanks again to the guys from KRU´s for visiting the Bar and drinking a good amount of booze :-P Also the girl´s enjoyed the night ^^
  9. It´s getting HOT tonight :-P
  10. And for you horny guys out there. Sarah :-) 
  11. Today´s Whisky Update: Glenfarclas 12Y - Single Malt Whisky: The Glenfarclas 12Y is a delicious single malt from Speyside's Glenfarclas distillery, aged for 12 years before making its way into the bottles. Dig in to rich Sherried malt and earthy allspice notes. The taste is Medium-bodied, with notes of date and walnut cake, Oloroso sherry and hints of earthy forest floor. A beautiful note of malt, with toffee apple and a touch of smoke :-)
  12. Today´s Rum Update: Plantation O.F.T.D Overproof Rum (69% ABV) The Plantation Overproof is a high-strength blend of rums from Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica. O.F.T.D stands for Old Fashioned Traditional Dark It is rich and warming with notes of spice, coffee, orange and clove. This rum is good for mixed Drinks and also good to drink with an ice cube :-) 
  13. I'm in Germany at the moment. Have to take care of some things here :-)
  14. Hi pdogg, Maker’s 46 goes through its normal production then they place French oak staves in the barrel and allow it to age for several more months. To do their work the staves must be seared first. They discribe it as “a crescendo of wood” and the taste characterised very aptly as “copper tone”. It is created to be sipped neat over ice :-) In my opinion It tastes better than the normal makers mark and the price difference in Thailand is not very much.
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