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  1. Diplomatico (Reserva Exclusiva) Rum now available at Delirious Bar. 180 BHT for a double (50ml) !
  2. We welcome you to our Bar. Have a nice drink and more :-) #Ladyboys #rockmusic #strongdrinks #Singlemalt #Whisky #Premiumspirits #Pattaya #Soichaiyapoon
  3. Was nice to meet you and pdogg again. This time we had enough time to have a good chat :-) And thanks for the excellent photos :-)
  4. Her name is beauty :-)
  5. Some of the Lady´s tonight :-)
  6. Yeah you mean beauty :-). She has a great body. Was nice to have a chat with you and I hope your enjoyed the beer Lao dark :-p
  7. For me good whisky is better than a fuck :-)
  8. Yeah was a very good night :-)
  9. Opor´s Birthday Party on the 10.01.2020 - Thanks for coming by Was a great night. Pictures by: Alexandre LurSaluces and Rudi
  10. Today is Opor's Birthday. Come and join us :-)
  11. Thanks for visiting the bar and I am happy you enjoyed your time :-) hope to see you again :-)
  12. Thanks :-) Nice. Enjoy your retirement :-p
  13. Our Grand Opening on 05.01.2020 Photo´s by: Alexandre Lursaluces
  14. Nice to meet you bumblebee. And thanks for the nice pictures you made. Would be happy to have a chat with you :-)
  15. Nice to meet you pdoggg. Would be nice to have a chat when it's not so busy :-)
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