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    Singlemalt whisky, bourbon whiskey, rum, gin, good cigars, natural tobacco, steaks and chicks with dicks :-p

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  1. Thanks to all the people who came last night to the Party to wish Som a happy Birthday and for the Bar anniversary :-) It was a good night for the Bar and girls. In these desperate times they enjoyed a party night. Here a couple of pictures:
  2. Today we have our 1 Year anniversary & Som´s belated Birthday Party. Everybody is welcome :-)
  3. Glenmorangie 10Y - Singlemalt Whisky (40% abv.) The Glenmorangie 10Y is a nice Highland Whisky, medium bodied with a nice honey and malty taste. It also not breaks the bank at 200 BHT for (50ml) or 120 BHT for (25ml).
  4. Thanks very much duke. I not saw this video before. much appreciated :-)
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