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  1. Thanks Pdogg for visiting tonight :-) This song is a good choice for a LB Bar 555
  2. It was a good party and the girls enjoyed it. Som, Me, Daw and the other Girls want to thank all the people that came by and had a good time :-) Here a couple of pictures from the Party Night:
  3. Everybody is welcome to celebrate Daw´s Birthday on the 19.10.20 :-)
  4. The Whisky special of the month We will try to do a Special from now on (also after the chinese virus) that all the people can enjoy it :-) *until stock lasts
  5. Powder not works anymore at Delirious. But I believe she works in another bar at Soi Chaiyapoon.
  6. Hi woodie, i have a DSLR at the Bar but the Ladys dont know how to use it (im at the moment in Germany). When im back i will make the photo´s and of course they will have a better quality (just need to drink a couple of glasses of whisky to get rid of my shakey hands 555 ) :-)
  7. hi bumblebee, we try to survive. Desperate times for the girls and bar owners. Lets hope that the thai government will let tourists in end of the year or the first quarter next year :-)
  8. Thanks to all the people who came last night to the Party to wish Som a happy Birthday and for the Bar anniversary :-) It was a good night for the Bar and girls. In these desperate times they enjoyed a party night. Here a couple of pictures:
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