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  1. Got mine 11 years ago from Pook Bar, Soi 6..... still together!
  2. bizguy111


    Australia has its 6th victim. They’ve sent him home and instructed him to not pass it on..... https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/coronavirus-case-confirmed-in-victoria-bringing-national-total-to-six-c-670864 The guy flew in from Wuhan and us Australia’s 6th coronavirus victim. He had the symptoms of a cold and has now been sent home with instructions not to pass it on to others in the house with him. seems it’s not serious at all outside China. It’s just a variety of the flu. Like SARS, it’ll burn itself out. no locking down the city, airport or other places he’s been in. The restaurant he visited is a buffet style. Patrons are advised to see a doctor is they feel sick. Like him, just stay home.
  3. We went down Soi MIT, past New Bar.... nothing seemed to be happening there. It was empty a couple of nights ago so ventured further down to 69. Had an absolute blast with the girls In 69!.... rang the bell!....Had a great time!... no sign of my friend Cartoon ex-pook SB....there, but she freelanced mostly there I think. full marks to the management of this bar!.... thanks
  4. Usual shit going on here! theyve declared a holiday and started reaching out for foreign aid within minutes..... thousands of 5 years old typhoon aid containers are still sitting on the wharves until the Red Cross pays $20M in import duties.
  5. It’s more a term you hear in the Philippines bar scene. the owner of the bar Thai/Filipino would not live long if they had to do drinks/shooters all night with the customers so the bar owners usually employ a falang “liver” to absorb the alcohol nightly and also to promote the bar. in the Philippines we joke about how the livers’ girlfriend effectively slices of a piece of the falangs liver and feeds it to her trike driver boyfriend each night. In Thailand similarly the Thai owner effective slices of a piece of the falangs liver and feeds it to either the indigenous lover or an Issan family. when the liver gets used up it is simply replaced by transplant or sent back to its place of origin if still transportable. that’s what a “liver” is in the vernacular of the mongerer.
  6. No Thai bar owner like to see the falang liver become a liability gentlemen.....let the record show.... 1. herberth criticized a customer for not introducing himself 2. you swear on a bible I have not been in New Bar. I’ll understand if these newbies attitudes deter you from visiting their places of employment.
  7. quod erat demonstrandum
  8. Please! spare is your crap..... 1. herberth criticized a customer for not introducing himself 2. you swear on a bible I have not been in New Bar. please get off your high horses and retreat to your low paid liver rental jobs. you have both paid dearly in revenue, but the real cost is in your street cred!..... I shall not enter into any more discussion on this thread. The readers know now.....just stay away from bars like delierious and New..... the owners will know.
  9. You categorically swore I had never been in New Bar. then I drew your attention to a picture of Julie you posted on LBP that has me in the background. why don’t you stop your lying?
  10. We are not anti LBP.... just pointing out that it’s editorial content had been influenced by vested financial interests. the liver who works in delirious bar only joined this forum a couple of days ago after he got outed on the other board as an unfriendly manager. He’s still a newbie who joined yesterday!
  11. Like you we also visit lots of bars.... but making the comment that there were porky staff in Delirious bought a rant from the liver that I “didn’t have the balls” to confront him on the issue..... I don’t need to be described as gutless. when I criticized him for such comments the moderators warnings started coming through. there’s your example..... as you requested. Perhaps you might shut up on this issue now you have been supplied with sound reasons that he influences the moderator mates of his on PY and that he treats his customers with complete disdain all the while worshipping a bunch of hookers whilst peddling their flesh for his own personal gratification and gain. Thai owner penalized due to rent-a-livers’ actions.
  12. He influences the moderators on the Pyongyang board. as for the axe to grind, I made a comment on the other board about one of his bar specimens being a bit too porky for my liking. He the replied “you don’t have the balls to take up the matter with the manager” I was only in there having a drink with some mates and felt no need to have to grovel to the resident liver. we marched with our feet and have decided to issue a financial penalty to the owner for employing this particular liver as PR manager. I often now just look at the empty bar from across the Soi in Assienda and smile knowing justice has been done.
  13. God help this forum if he suggests himself as a possible moderator..... please do not entertain his boss’ solicitations. He’s not a bar owner, a Thai national os pulling the strings here. hes the liver only......
  14. Be careful if you don’t grovel to the current owners rent-a-liver...... he’ll accuse you of not having the balls to take up issues like makeup running, detached eyelashes, frumpy product or ladies in flip flops....
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