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You got it Cobber! I don't really want to read anything about LBP, as far as i'm concerned the best thing that happened to me in ages was Lursaluces getting me thrown off. That is something for w

3 "Ayes!" : 1 from an admin + 1 from a massage joint boss + 1 from the Romscars MC (moi!) are Ayes good enough for an instant ad hoc Romscar. And so the first Romscar of the 2020 Romscars Festivi

To all excellent and chivalrous fellow BMs:    We are approaching end-year which means time to kick off The 2020 Daddy Rom Annual Awards for Board Excellence and Chivalry.  More popularly known a

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Thanks guys.  Now we are rock&rolling.  Those are the kind of posts that help with making informed Romscar picks.

Going back to Newbie of the Year I agree let's keep the PYongyanganites out of this one and award it to a BM from our Board having joined since last year and made the most noteworthy posts.  That BM would probably be me (I joined exactly 1 year ago today or tomorrow depending on time zone) but, again, I can't give Romscars to myself.  My preference would be to ask the admins to pick the BM they consider to have had the best start.  But the admins might not want to pick a newbie in detriment of the other newbies, so I will go with the BMs flow or, absent it, pick one myself.  Kylemore was on my radar (thanks Quietguy).  As is Papa Sam.  And if anyone else has a suggestion please POST it!  New BMs will appreciate being acknowledged by the tenured ones.

Regarding Teya for Romscar Ladyboy of the Year (as endorsed by bbg and Quietguy) another BM had already PMed me proposing her and I am starting to be persuaded.  I had someone else in mind, but I can tell Teya is the second pillar of Emmy's Bar, which is a very important landmark for our LBR chore BMs and which in 2020 underwent Romscar-worthy developments.  Teya is also my kind of attractive femboy, so I hereby deem her the frontrunner as of now for Ladyboy of the Year.  If no one else comes forward with a more popular ladyboy and Teya wins, she will be the first Romscar Ladyboy of the Year I did not fuck... yet !

Regarding bar owner of the Year,  TJ's Em / M is a strong candidate and she won it last year and should have won it 2 years ago but the PY BMs rather voted for Jimbo.   For 2020, my own first choice is PY's BM Youngone who had the balls to open a bar during the pandemic and hired none other to run it than said Jimbo from our Hall of Legends.  Moreover, that bar (Sweethearts) is a game-changer with its online interactivity.  My second choice would be the LBR Jomtien sexpats' favorite Emmy who overcame major adversity although only temporarily it seems.  What do more BMs think ?

Regarding BM of the Year I wasn't thinking of Emmy but why not ?  BM of the Year will for sure be someone from this Board and Emmy is technically a BM like the rest of us.  It will also be a timely tribute from our community at this difficult juncture for her.  If more BMs pick Emmy, I will not stand in the way of a ladyboy winning it.

Regarding Bumblebee's 2020 portolio, I made the chronological mistake of clocking in 2019 his January 2020 beach follies shots (which I highlighted above) that make him a deserving contender for the 2020 Photographer of the Year Romscar.  Apologies everyone.  I guess I wanted to give it to Loverboy, but if we have 2 "ayes" for Bumblebee my vote is surpassed and he becomes the frontrunner.  Do we have 2 or more "ayes" ?

American Eagle WTF was that?  What part of "I will not hoover" don't you understand ?   What's even more mindboggling is that it was your first post since 2012. That's an 8 years! vow of silence and you break it on my account ?  I am flattered.  You can take another potshot.

Regarding Mr. and Mrs. Pdoggg I don't have a clue.  I would love for BMs to post the juicy bits.

Thanks gentlemen and keep'em coming.  You are living up to the 4 Romscar tenets:

     Be nice for the sake of being nice !

                  Be excellent !

                                Party on !

                                             Post like a boss !


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Finally P&G's viet ladyboy Kate, she is the most attractive bar owner out there since rock hard young Paeng 10 years ago, but other than P&G no one knows her (Kate). If you notice, I keep the Romscars focus on Thailand, even though my own main ladyboy hunting grounds are the Philippines and I could be dishing out Romscars left and right to players over there (looks like Stealth will get one this year). What I think I can do is award P&G himself one of my organizer's ad hoc Romscars, specifically The Ad Hoc Romscar for LBR's most Boutique Club on that unknown ladyboy realm that is Viet Nam.

Cheers P&G




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