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  2. Getting back to the TR after all the doppelgangering banter: Another day went by in the company of my own 24-hour sex slave sissy live-in. And with each day that passes she is starting to show more and more serious signs of affection namely kissing and wanting to be kissed like farang women do, something not all Thais are culturally geared to including her who at first barely touched lips. Other than stepping out of the room for meals, we spend most of the day in bed either making some sort of love or watching movies with her gently holding the romrod which she also does all night while we sleep. Yesterday we got out also for Thai and foot massages. Then at night I had made plans to go barhopping with a local expat pal who is also into the sissies and so I told mine to take leave and wait me at her bar. I suggested to my pal we meet at this Myth Night Plaza (formerly soi MIT) bar called Lita, which I had passed by and seen a couple of sissies and thought it was a reincarnation of the infamous Lita bar of times gone by. It is not. It had a single sissy and that was it. A MILF with wanton pendulous breasts took an interest on me but I wasnt shopping for pussy (her barfine was 800 baht!). I repeat for the record: this Lita bar 2 slots to the left of the New 69 bar has nothing to do with the former Lita Bar. I then dragged my pal to Bon Bar where I enjoyed all of their star sissy Anny's attention. She had previously seen me pass by but said nothing either because she was busy with customers or I was with Nana. My friend remarked that Anny was quite the contrast with the all natural skinny sissies I like, but somehow curvy plastic Anny really rocks my world. Like when she is naked all girlie curvie and softie with a big sack of hairy balls and cock hanging for me to devour. Were it not for being hitched to Nana, I probably would have preemptively barfined her on the spot and be back for her later. But I did not. So we continued to Cindy's Secrets. This time Lily recognized me. So much so that she avoided me and I had to ask Cindy herself if I could buy Lily a drink. She finally came over and it became clear she had expected me to have barfined her last time I went there or to have come back for her. My pal who was already lady drinking with the formerly TJ's Dada who works at Cindy's now was instantly smitten by Lily and it appears Dada and Lily have some beef so Dada just left after gulping down her drink and making demands for another one which my friend ignored. Lily made me look really good telling my friend all sorts of praise about me. Again, I would have barfined Lily if it wasnt for being hitched to Nana and I think my friend would have bagged her himself if he wasn't giving priority to our bar-hopping. But he is a sexpat here. He can go back tonight or in a month if he wants to. Next stop: Delirious. I thought we were heading to Duangjai to get Nana but my friend just sort of made a sharp left into Delirious and we stopped there for another beer. The whole PY sexpats gang was there including my idol Colywob who spent the whole time DJing with such focus and determination that it bordered on the nerdish. Yes his music was fine. But all music is fine when you are surrounded by half-naked sissies. In this regard, I think Delirious has less talent than on my last visit having lost Mona and the mestizo farang one. Their house star now seems to be the femboyish Pepsi who is acting perhaps a little too sassy for her breeches. There was another tall, blonde farang ladylike guitar-shaped one that caught my attention towards the end. Nana joined us at Delirious but I had to leave shortly after to participate via videocall in the condo owners meeting of the building where I live in Europe. Nana quietly lied in bed during the videocall and afterwards I thought I'd just turn off the lights and go to sleep but she had other plans and showered me with love like she meant it. Buggery ensued and again more buggery a few hours later. Considering I had drunk multiple beers and have not taken any Kamagra or Apcalis in the last 3 days I was very pleased to self-confirm that I can overcome the limitations of my age with a partner who is willing and patient. It is about 3 PM as I write this and as soon as I hit the "submit reply" another round of buggery is likely to happen. Some pics from last night:
  3. I think Pattaya is busy. Too busy for my taste. I've never seen Walking Street busier though many on Walking Street are just there to walk. As far as ethnic groups it's very location dependent. South Asians are by far the biggest ethnic group in South Pattaya but don't seem to go to the Treetown/LK/Pothole area which is the nexus of ladyboy activity. Russians are the main ethnic group in Jomtien and Pratumnak and many can be seen with their ubiquitous thin white hoodies. In general, Russians are come hear with wives and girlfriends so are not a huge presence in monger bars. Many Chinese are on group tours and stay in hotels off the beaten track and are transported around by tour busses. The Edge and Base condos are also popular with the Chinese. Last week was busy in my better half's massage shop due to Chinese New Year.
  4. http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/10607-moving-to-another-page-in-a-thread/
  5. It depends what time that was. I was sitting with Quinn and bbg in the latter part of the night. Earlier I was sitting at the bar with Emmy. I think you said in an earlier post that Emmy didn't acknowledge you (I can't turn back pages on here for some technical glitch). But Emmy was really busy doing the cashier job as Teya wasn't well. I think I now know who you were. If I see you again I will say hello.
  6. Quinn thinks he looks like Colonel Custer, whose picture he keeps on his phone. But bbg says he isn't that slim.
  7. If I had to liken Quinn to a God, I'd go with the God of Country Music: Willie Nelson ! Hi Quietguy I did not/do not know what you look like but betcha you were the 3rd guy at Quinn's and bbg's table ... am i right or am i right?
  8. @QuinnLOL. OMG. I am laying in bed with Nana who got a glimpse of the laptop screen and saw the Harry Worth pic and instantly said "THAT's YOU !" to me. I chuckle and deny it but she does not want to believe. So much for hiding what I look like ... It is also a disconcerting testimonial to how I am getting old as until 10 years ago the Thais and Pinoys and even my own kids likened me to the even more famous British actor "Mr. Bean". All my life I had been a "skinny guy" but since then I aged in a way that my face rounded and no one calls me Mr. Bean anymore. But you also picked the best possible pic of this Harry Worth fellow looking like me as when I googled him most other pics the resemblance was not so obvious and in some cases not at all as corroborated by Nana. Now let's turn the tables: Do you know Quinn which British actor in GoT you remind me of ? Additional clues: he was also in Harry Potter and After Life. He must be a bit older than you. Surely someone else in England has noted the resemblance to you. Party on.
  9. Honestly Rom, although it's less than a year ago, I can't promise! It will probably depend greatly on the amount of alcohol consumed and the amount of punters present But in the end, we will find eachother hahaha. Fun guaranteed
  10. Hi Rom. Indeedy - I did acknowledge your nod towards me and it's true it was out of politeness as I was unsure who you were. No slight intended. Eyes get worse and Grunt says I'm going deaf - but I never hear him ! Lost on me 'famous actors' etc etc Game of thrones etc. I'm sure I will remember you on your next appearance. Showing my age but you did remind me of the famous British actor/comedian Harry Worth. Are you by any chance related. ?
  11. After bbg's post I am however compelled to clarify something regarding BM Quinn rhol who I saw that night for the first time and greeted him from the distance and he greeted me back but I thought he had done so out of courtesy without knowing who I was. The only reason I recognized him is that he was sitting next to bbg (who I was familiar with) and he does look a little bit like one of the members of a 1970s rock band quartet, which is who I was told he looked like when I set out to draw him for the Hall of Legends. So my drawing of him came out a little pudgier than he is. Turns out the guy is the spitting image of a famous British actor in his age cohort whose name I am not going to say or might as well post a pic of Quinn himself. Will say only that he was in Game of Thrones, which raises Quinn another notch on my consideration scale. Anyway, this is how I drew him (and bbg in the back) but besides being lean he does not have a walrus moustache like that. Next time we'll shake hands my lord ...
  12. Welcome back to posting at LBR BBG. I am just making sure to capture your post to document you did so right here at the Romscars Club. As to the rest, I will quote that Nightowl guy who used to write for the BKK Post: "TIT (this is Thailand) and I don't give a hoot."
  13. utter rubbish. Emmy's customers are always bringing ladyboy friends to the bar without problems. Members from this forum and LBP too.. Emmy and the staff are always pleased to see them. i could give you a long list of names but unfortunately don't know the LBP ones nowadays too well. Quinns girlfriend [Tipp] is there a lot when in town, , along with MIke [Crater] i think and Tata. Jaguar and various companions through the ages. Also many more that you don't know, not forum members but locals with LB girlfriends.. Teya by the way did not cold-shoulder you, she didn't talk to anyone at all that night, she was feeling very ill. sorry to burst your bubble but the 'chore?' core? BMs you mentioned sat at the table nearest the road all knew who you were. Read into that what you want to. Anyway, we were possibly too busy planning ways to torture the DJ at the earliest opportunity.
  14. Thanks for the chronology check and Yes! "disappointing" but other than what I look like, Lily remembered everything else about our encounter including in superlative terms every last inch of the romrod. I will try to find a way to be with her again without breaking up with Nana. One more thing: other ladyboys and ladyboy punters have seen me and subsequently forgotten what I look like for whatever reasons. At PY one of their BMs once barked that I was "a master of desguise." ... LOL ... We have met once Dan Miller (at Cindy's BKK). Sooner or later we will run into each other again. Wonder if you will recognize me? Patts is as busy as I ever saw it and fully recovered from covid. Yes there are "many russkies" but I think there used to be more, at least more young tourist couples with hot russian girls than I am ogling on this trip. What for sure there are more than ever is Indians and Pakis and Banglas and all nationalities of tan-skinned punters from the Middle East. Also the Chinese Group Tours are back. At night Walking Street is a river of people. Ladies and barswise this is the first trip I don't feel there are fewer than on the previous trip. Perhaps it's just the successful consolidation of mongering outlets in Buakhao and Walking Street that are rocking at the expense of the many other soi bars and mini-plazas through town that remain closed and are being redeveloped for non-mongering tourism especially along Beach Road. We may be in for fast rising prices in Pattaya if tourists keep coming like this and they run out of cheap labor and whores to handle them... As to my trip, not much to report. After 4 nights, Nana and I are developing couple's routines especially in sex that happens in the morning after getting up and in the long afternoons we spend back in bed. She is a good influence on me and at night steers me back to the room rather than the bars and clubs. Saves me money too. Yesterday we went to see a movie at Central and I witnessed something I had never seen or expected. I'd love to describe it but it would be so against Board rules that I can't (it had nothing to do with Young Boys Berne). I will describe the movie instead - Madame Web - as yet another Marvel superhero franchise launch with the big predictable showdown at the end where the bad guy finally gets it. But unlike the Hulks and the Captain Americas, etc ... Madame Web is a more sensitive girlie super hero so the movie had a pleasant new spin, at least for me. It was the first of what will be a new franchise with 3 teenage girl superheroes that only met on this one and had to be protected by Madame Web who I guess will mentor them into superheroeness much like the wheelchair bound Professor X does to the X-Men. That's all for today, which I think I will spend in bed with Nana bingewatching "House of Dragon" the prequel to "Game of Thrones." Y'all have a nice day.
  15. Thanks for reporting, Rom. No reporting from Patts these days even though we have several members living there. What's Patts like now? Is it busy? Many russkies?
  16. Well Rom, interesting question you ask me here. I did some digging and found following: You wrote the previous TR on October 13th: So I assume you barfined Lily on October 10th. In the sister forum, I see following post from Singter1 also on October 10th: So indeed, very well possible you have gone somewhere where no one has ever gone before But it's a little surprising (might even call it disappointing) she did forget (at first) ... hahaha
  17. Thank you Z. Thank you PG. Nana reminds me of the Baby Boom-famous Nok Young when she started out ... Prestine tall skinny sissy 100% hormones-free wickedly flat-chested... You'll see more of her for sure since it looks we are staying together for the rest of the trip. Thanks also DM. "A success" ? Only in the platonic sense. It could have been if I followed up. This is how it went: As reported, my attempt the previous night to reconnect with Peachy Lily (who I had last seen in person almost 5 years ago) was NOT a success. Not that I expected her to throw herself into my arms again, but I certainly did not expect her to pretend not to recognize me. Likely she took it as a slight that I went there with a sissy in tow, but to my mitigation I had gone there alone the night before and she was not in the bar. So last night I made sure not to botch Cambodja Lily as well by bringing along Nana, who in addition to being a sissy is very much the same type of elegant beauty sissy as Cambodja Lily. So I treated Nana to a new set of nails and left her there at the street parlor and went to Cindy's Secrets by myself. Boss Cindy herself was there and recognized me and greeted me warmly, which made me feel so welcome and at home that I looked Lily's way and waived her over for a drink as if we had been together just the previous day. It was 4 months ago and if anyone is interested you can read and see pics here: http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/10418-torn-between-sissies-and-milfs-a-tr-of-another-trip-to-th-ph-oct-nov-2023/&do=findComment&comment=232630&_rid=10259 Cambodja Lily looked as skinnylicious as ever although her beautiful face continues to be hampered by hormones-induced acne. We instantly chatted away with the familiarity of old fucks, but like 10 minutes into our conversation I realized SHE HAD NOT RECOGNIZED ME. 2 Lilies 2 blanks. What a blow to my ego. So I refreshed Cambodja-Lily's memory with mention of the BKK river hotel where we stayed LT and immediately her memory came back. She remembered the hotel, that we got ice creams to eat there, how much I paid her (very generous of me!), and the kinkyest sex thing we did (very deviant of me!). And then she said something that almost blew me into the middle of the soi: She said she would never forget me because I WAS HER FIRST EVER BARFINE ! I certainly had not been aware of that or I would have TRed it for sure. I know I got to her before Dan Miller, but it was not her first night at Cindy's when we met. A hot sissy like that surely would have been barfined by other punters. Perhaps she meant I was her first barfine outside the bar??? What you think Dan? I did try to clarify with her and she kept saying I was her first farang in BKK... The "success" part of the reunion could have been that Cambodja Lily became very interested in coming with me and yesterday started communicating on messenger for the first time since we exchanged FBs last October. She is giving me the landing signals, but I doubt she could outperform Nana GFEwise (and pricewise) and although more strikingly beautiful I actually dig Nana's more boyish looks. Probably those messages will end today following my failure to go back last night or say that I will tonight. One of the things I wanted to do on this first visit of mine to Cindy's Pattaya was give Cindy the original of her caricature I drew for the 2023 Romscars Bar of the Year Award that Dan Miller delivered. So when I gave it to her she was very surprised to realize the Romscars' Rom was I (as most mongers are and then go on to forget me again that's how bland looking I am). Did she thank me? Not that I discerned it... Did she offer me a free beer? Nope. Did she ever offer you one Dan ? I bet her farang did, but Cindy? Cindy and I go back 20 years to when she started out as a teen at Cascade and became the toast of NEP's sissies on arrival. I recall that in 2005 Cascade won the Romscar Bar of the Year and if I were to give one for Best Bar Ever it would win it hands down. Other than that, the framed Romscar award was in a high shelf where no one will ever see it and I counted 10 sissies not including Cindy. According to Cambodja Lily, 6 were Cambodjan, 3 Thai and 1 Laos. Here's a pic of the award and another of Lily, the only one I took. She looks even more awesome in the flesh.
  18. Great post again. It seems to me that I saw Nana yesterday in a YouTube video about 5 hours before you posted the above pics. I rushed to Youtube tonight and hadn't been able to find it. Never mind,, it's just a 30 seconds sequence.
  19. Good report again Rom. A great read Nana sounds (and looks) indeed like a true gem for you. Just enjoy! And already looking forward to read about your visit to Cindy's. Curious whether re-connecting with Lily was a succes
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