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  2. Yes cheap cell phones and the internet changed the world across all professions by enabling instant information sharing and gathering. But bear in mind that initially they BOOSTED the Thai bar scene by showcasing the sissies in bars to porn surfers worldwide generating an unprecedented wave of mongers newly converted to sissies who flocked to TH to meet them in the bars. Cell phones existed but using them for mongering was only for repeat customers wanting to bypass the barfine. It was only when social media came into the picture that cell phones made viable the no-bar business model. The sissies could sell themselves directly on FB, TF, Tinder, PinaLove etc and no longer needed to subject themselves to the grueling bar rules. The trend inscreasingly is for the prostis to work when they want, wear what they want and bar owners feel they are lucky to have them as FREELANCERS. As to "the Thai bar scene" I believe it was and still is truly unique. I have traveled all over the world and every country has its red light districts and bars but nothing compares to TH BKK and Pattaya in sheer numbers. Not Ermita (in the 1980s) + Makati + AC together even come close. As mentioned, in Sub-Saharan Africa and Cuba and DR and Colombia and Brazil there are GG prostis and easy women galore but you never have them bar-packed by the 100s or 1000s in front of you like you do in TH. And as regards sissies the Thai advantage is even more pronounced. As regards inflation, the Thai CPI has gone up roughly 50 percent since 1997 (the Asian crisis) but so has the exchange rate so prices for me in USD have on average not changed in those 25 years (although they have eroded the initial exchange rate gains). In Pattaya you can still find 300 baht barfines but in some places they skyrocketed to 1000+. I remember at Thermae I could get LTs for 500 with attractive GGs and now it would seem impossible. I can still get 1000 LTs in Pattaya but only with sissies or MILFs. A young attractive GG will not spend the night for less than 3 or 4 K. That's my 2 cents worth for today. Gotta go. Going to watch Biden make a sorrow spectacle of himself at the NATO summit...
  3. The above post explains perfectly what I think except on point 5- I'm afraid that Africa has no longer been a GG monger paradise for less than a decade. You can't include Vietnam among the less developed countries like Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar when compared with Thailand. While statistics are available, a visit to Vietnam shows that their cities are just as developed as those in Thailand, and their countryside is equally developed. Transportation, hotels, restaurants, and tourist infrastructure in Vietnam are on par with those in Thailand. They are simply developed in a different manner, and p4p is highly restricted by stringent laws. It's not a question of development. Otherwise, I fully agree that smartphones have changed the deal, not at the advantage of mongers and low prices that you describe no longer exist (I have never found so low prices in SE Asia).
  4. That is an interesting point. The free flow of information does have an impact and can affect expectations....but, all-in-all, I am still surprised that TH has an monopoly on sex tourism and still inexpensive cost compared to other countries with similar market resources.
  5. There is an important aspect that has been missed in this discussion - that is the rise of smart phone. Even less developed countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and even Myanmar have a significant number of smart phone users. Of course access to information depends on the policies of the countries - but you can be sure that p4pl lbs and ggs working from those countries will not be as naive, and open to low prices as before this technology was introduced. I think that the early days of p4p in Thailand will not be seen again in any country, except those that have low smart phone usage. Also don't think that inflation isn't around world wide - because it is. Some countries have it worse than others and keep that in mind while your negotiating and hoping for the 500 Baht (or equivalent) long time fee - these rates have almost gone the way of the dinosaur.
  6. love the photos of Beauty sitting on the stool on the bed, great photo opp :)
  7. very much love the photos of Beauty sitting on the stool on the bed
  8. i have chatted with Beauty several times over the last few years, I am a not traveling admirer of hers and she is a sweetheart and sexy as hell
  9. I met Soda soon after her return following the COVID period, I was unable to even penetrate her. If I'd been her I would have got a carrot (how do they grow them so big and straight, maybe climate change?) and used it to loosen up knowing what I could expect, but I suppose that is too logical for a Thai. The latest one was Lucky from Cindy's she really struggled so I had to give up, she claimed not to have received for a week and only been top, I hope she could last longer than the 3 minutes before she came during my bj. It's their chosen profession but many don't take it seriously, some years ago I arranged to meet a lb in Viva Luv, I arrived and called her, it was obvious she was on a motorbike and laughing with a friend and hadn't thought to cancel. The silver lining was I then called Atom and had the first of many excellent sessions. I said to another lb who struggled with my size, "I told you it was big" and she replied yes but it's too big, wtf.
  10. Seems all does not make sense in SEA......Communism and muslim may be the major reasons.
  11. Yes: the CAMBODIA and LAOS imports who are taking over the Thailand sissy bar scene... also some PINOY sissies in BKK and Patts ... I have yet to see a MYANMAR sissy in TH but it's only a matter of time since Myanmar is the poorest of the lot AND has a population almost as large as TH... I hear that Myanmar GG prostis in TH are the bottom of the barrel catering to working class Thais. I also hear it's easy to meet GG prostis in Rangoon but not sissies. Same for Laos Vientiane when I was there 20! years ago. Dozens of GG prostis at my hotel disco, plenty scattered in regular bars, saw only 3 or 4 sissies. Cambodia Phnom Pen was a little better for the GGs with 3 or 4 barfine bars. Saw a few sissies there; none in Siem Reap. But if I aggregated all the prostis and sissies I saw in both Cambodia and Laos they would be less than half those I could tally at Nana Plaza ground floor on a Monday night. What all TH's neighboring countries have in common with each other is that mongering prices there are higher than TH. How is that possible if they are poorer and attract fewer sex tourists? My take is that in Laos and Cambodia and Myanmar you are paying a risk and scarcity premia. Risk because the prostis can get arrested for plying their trade so they pass the implicit cost of that risk to the customer (who is also at risk of arrest btw) in the form of higher rates. Scarcity because those countries dont have the 1000s of bars and massage joints like in TH so it's not so easy to meet prostis by the dozen like in TH. The same goes for hotels in TH that are so much more plentiful and price-quality cheaper than in Laos or Cambodia. Although they are getting more expensive and the 5 bucks a night dives have all but disappeared as have the 5 buck prostis latch ons that made me get addicted to TH.
  12. Excellent point Barforth! It seems that Thais are more prosperous than 10 years ago. But consumer debt is rising https://www.bot.or.th/content/dam/bot/documents/en/our-roles/monetary-policy/mpc-publication/monetary-policy-report/mpr-box/MPR_2023_Q4_BOX4.pdf and I don't think bankruptcy debt can be discharged as easily in Thailand than in the West. Nonetheless, anecdotal evidence (such as my better half's relatives) suggests that Issan's new generation is upwardly mobile. These demographic changes are real. But Thai business owners can pay Laotians, Cambodians, and Burmese much less than what they would have to pay Thais. Adam Smith's invisible hand is drawing impoverished Southeast Asians to Thailand. Most mongers like Thailand's roads, bars, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. Moreover, I don't think think tourists can get cheaper sex from Cambodians in Cambodia than they can from Cambodians in Thailand. Perhaps someone living in Cambodia can or perhaps someone who has a deep boots on the ground understanding of the Cambodian scene can, but I don't think even a tourist who's done exhaustive online research will pay lower prices for comparable sex or lodging. The only thing I've found really cheap in Cambodian tourist areas is draft beer and the vast majority of mongers (there may be some adventurous exceptions) don't want the discomfort of rural Cambodia. I wouldn't even know where to begin mongering in a place such as Buttfuck, Battambang.
  13. I saw a headline recently which was mocked on Twitter , "Climate change is effecting Transgender workers in Brazil " as it was raining or such foolishness , i go with John colman the inventer of the weather channel the best meteoroligest of our time who from 17 untill his 80s studied weather patterns and said climate change formally global warming formally global freezing was fake , flawed research which was think tanks being paid unseen amounts to churn out garbage and changed every few years , its laundering like the ukraine war anyway i cannot say about ladyboy decline so i will accept what the old masters say is true but Boy Sukhumvit on a friday night is insane hundreds of them outnumbering the girls surely that cannot have always been so
  14. because weather has been changing since the day the earth was born.......secondly to ingest CC.......(which use to be called global warming) regarding mongering, is so far fetched.
  15. Thanks gentlemen for chipping in. Let me make 5 things clear as regards my timeline assessment of the TH sissy situation: 1 - The "Golden Age" according to me (and my pal the Captain Outrageous who contributed to it on the internet) was the EARLY 2000s when ladyboys sprang from all walks of life in TH in response to the interest generated in the internet in the late 1990s. In BKK and Patts there were fewer bars and fewer ladyboys than there are now but there were much much much fewer of us mongers and sexpats. That's what made it the "Golden Age": the fact that there were fewer farangs and the ladyboys were fresher and eager to be with us and we felt like pioneers and harem sultans. Plus the sissies were pristine(no exaggerated surgery or tattoos) and considerably younger unlike now they rarely exceeded 25 yo at which age the bars would retire the old bags. 2 - From like 2005 onwards, ladyboy-experimenting sex tourists surged and many stayed on as sexpats (the Kendos, and the Scotts,...). But the ladyboys kept coming in droves and my assessment is that the number of bars and sissies peaked sometime in 2012-13. Since then, the trend has been downward. As mentioned, there are demographic and rising income reasons for that. 3 - However in my last visit to Pattaya one month ago I assessed the bar and prostis situation to have improved relative to my prior post-covid visits. The consolidation of prostis in the Buakhao area continues and it is rocking more than I ever saw it (while in other parts of town the opposite happens). 4 - I am now an old man and if I'm lucky I may have another 10 good years of mongering and even if the number of Thai P4P sissies collapses to 1/5 th there will still be plenty for me... but every year that passes I will be paying more for older ones and facing competition from ever increasing legions of sex tourists especially from Asia that have only barely scratched the joy of sissy fucking. 5 - In our lifetimes, I don't see anywhere else in the world becoming a more attractive sissy mongering destination quantity and pricewise than TH. Not the PH. Not Brazil. I have been to both and there are no sissy bars like in TH and nowhere near as many as % of the population. Africa is a GG mongers paradise (going back later this year) but there are no prospects of feminine looking sissies anytime soon as homosexuality is socially repressed in some cases violently. Hope this helps.
  16. I don't know how long you've mongered in Thailand, but if you read Rom's topics, particularly those dealing with a 'golden age', you realize that fewer ladyboys (and GGs) work in p4p. This doesn't mean there will be any shortage, but sooner or later for many mongers the golden age is long gone, and it's no longer worth the effort to go to Thailand. I mentionned other places I had visited for p4p. Except in small cities, p4p remains active in my country but girls have stopped being attractive, and prices are no longer competitive. This is the tipping point where clients stop visiting Thailand and prefer to go and find prostis in other places or seek other leisure activities .
  17. As they are farmers then droughts or excessive rainful can devastate their crops and thus have a severe impact upon their income which is relevant to the opinion I was floating. So why do you think it is absurd?
  18. How can climate change, be drugged into this topic. It's absurd to involve climate change into this topic......
  19. I cannot foresee any shortage in the availability of lbs for p4p. Most ot the Thai's come from the comparatively poor region of Isaan where many are in debt to the banks and cannot afford to educate their children so getting a good job for a lb will not be possible. Plus climate change may also contribute to their financial woes Also there is no reason why the supply from Laos, now a Chinese satellite or from Cambodia should diminish.
  20. I observe a notable difference between Rom's comments and the information presented in the Bangkok Post article. The Bangkok Post cites the Minister of Social Development and Human Security, Varawut Silpa-archa, who asserts that the Thai population will continue to decline sharply over the next few decades at rates unprecedented in any other country. He is not merely addressing a demographic transition but is also emphasizing the need for Thailand to continue developing in order to confront both climatic challenges and demographic changes. In other words, he advocates for sustained economic development, mirroring the trajectories of the most developed countries in the world. The Bangkok post didn't mention nightlife, bars or prostitution in any way. Rom utilized this analysis to predict the decline of expertise as intended by the Thai government, a consequence of the ongoing demographic transition. If we carefully examine TRs, especially Rom's, it is obvious that p4p has been gradually declining for the past 30 years, if not longer. Prices have increased, fewer GGs and ladyboys are relocating to Bangkok, Pattaya, or other cities to work in bars or as freelancers, and fewer young people are interested in prostitution as they can find qualified and well-paid jobs in their home provinces or regional capitals. Needless to cite the Bangkok post to observe a decline in p4p. It happened in many countries as they reached a certain level of both economic and demographic development. The intersection of a poor population with foreigners willing to spend money on sex tourism has historically driven prostitution, a problem that can only be effectively curbed through national regulations and robust economic and social development. Conversely, when civilization declines, certain social ills resurface, such as delinquency, drug trafficking, and unregulated prostitution. I could observe it the USA (civilization relatively declining) or in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain and then integration into the European Union and even in Vietnam. I observed the same phenomenon to a lesser extent in Western Europe. Sooner or later, Thailand or other ladyboys countries will no longer be interesting either due to a lack of competitiveness or because the activity will no longer attract old customers like we will become. WTF ? I started paying prostis in my country and each time p4p wouldn't be interesting, I moved to another place where I found more interesting gurls. Each time, I would no longer be interested by a group of prostis (eg girls from Yugoslavia) I found either another category of girls or another country with more interesting prostis. This explains why I travelled so much when looking for ladyboys. (BTW, even without ladyboys, I found an advantage in discovering Asia). I haven't been to Thailand since 2017. I sometimes won advantage or sometimes found worse conditions, but I feel ready to stop for a while and some kind of new prostis in another part of the world where I can find pleasure and cheaper conditions.
  21. Personally, I don't put much stock in 20 year projections, unless directly driven by rules and regulations for desired output. Things cycle in life, they go up and down like the weather, over time. As for mongering, I suspect the hayday has possibly peaked, as GDP, goods and services improve in TH, lifting people up and more and more reasonable alternatives become available. Nature says all things come to an end. The TH model is successful and a bit surprising that TH has had an monopoly. Essentially, the money is to good for the political controlling class that share in the wealth. Therefore, without a replacement, greed will be a strong incentive not to cook the golden goose.
  22. I am the OP who started this thread one and half year ago and here I try to resurrect it with an updated reference to Thailand's shrinking demographics and a plan the government has announced to address it, which surprisingly does not include promoting more births but rather improving labor productivity and longevity so a shrinking population can preserve income and living standards. The plan is called “5x5 Let’s Turn the Tide” and you can read its main pillars in today's Bangkok Post link below. You can also google it and find more information on the particulars. I would just highlight that Thailand's population has according to the Bangkok Post article peaked (in 2019?) having "decreased by around 500,000 in the past four years" and going forward: each year it will fall by more than in the previous one with 10 million fewer Thais projected for 20 years from now. Perhaps such losses will be mitigated by immigration from neighboring countries but the outlook is for labor shortages which includes the prostis, and the maids, and the taxi drivers who make our life in TH so affordably comfortable. The only mongering upside I can think of is that the pace of population shrinking still leaves us a few good years left of fucking impoverished Thais... Let's enjoy while it lasts. I will probably be too old for fucking by the time the mongering scene as we knew it all but vanishes for lack of cheap prostis. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2823854/population-time-bomb-needs-defusing-says-minister
  23. May I please ask what does "heroed" mean, sorry for deviating from the TR but asking here if its in context to the posts. such a STUNNER! - and ahah hate when they just lie around in bed on the phone _after_ making a plan to stay the night....
  24. Woodie, it's one thing for barforth to call himself "pedantic", it's another for you to call him that. Nobody gets to namecall fellow BMs here in the Romscars Club. It is also inconsiderate to me as the club host and TR OP. That's all I have to say and no more will be said. Hi ribbitrabbit ... That is Alice another of this trip's revelations, whose time with me is narrated on the June 9 post of this TR with some explicit pics. Very pleasant face tall and soft and a curvy waist-hips like a farang woman. She can be found as a sporadic freelancer on a coed Buakhao road beer bar like 50 yards past the soi MIT junction as you head north or hustling on the sidelines of Walking Street. She is great fun to be with both in bed and in the bars, but she is not the GFE-LT type. She had agreed to stay til morning but said was not sleepy and was on the phone talking to her friends and watching videos until I had no choice but to tell her she could go or otherwise I would not get any sleep myself. I was with her only that one time and did not pursue her again because she was pals with The Pixie who I had met first and bonded with. But I would definitely want to party with her again in the clubs and in the sack. Here some more pics
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