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  2. I have seen no Pepsi, only brandies that aren't meant for drinking but for use in pastries.
  3. You truly are living the life @Rom! Had to laugh when reading "not so much militarylike" ... I usually book a ticket and a hotel, and anything else is a surprise yet to come Looking forward to read about your experiences, especially interested in Pepsi, which recently caught my attention here on the forum as well. She looks magnificent! Hope you'll have a blast
  4. This post is the OP of a thread that will later be merged with my 2023 "Snapshots" thread that already covers 3 trips and that is locked as of the time of this post. I could have unlocked and posted there, but starting a new thread gives it more initial exposure that will hopefully catch and keep more BMs' attention for the duration of the trip. So next week I fly to TH and hangout in Pattaya and BKK, strictly mongering no business or pretense thereof. At some point I wil hop onto the PH where I have a business prospect, but mostly romancing and mongering also ... Return to Europe mid-November from Manila. I usually plan my trips militarylike with routes and targets, but not so much this time. I only have a few prospective fucks lined up as follows: -MILF masseuse in the PH who gives me all night passionate GFE sex never letting go of my romrod all night. I repeat: All night she holds it whether she or I are asleep or awake. Anal sex in the morning. And when we are not making love she gives professional style body massages the kind in Europe would be 50 euros+/hour. I will be flying her to Manila, and then we will love boat cabin fuck all the way back to to her home island of Cebu. She has no idea I suck sissy cock and just so happens to have a cute 20 yo ladyboy daughter herself who I will be introduced to in Cebu but will have to try to hide my attraction for her kind. -the sissies I call Mowgli and John Lennon are waiting for me in the PH. Quite the contrasting sissies. John Lennon looks like, well, John Lennon and has since I first met him become a bona fide street whore in AC hanging out at the Phillies-Envy corners. Mowgli looks like, well, Mowgli and is a college student living with his parents who I never admitted here but I had a crush on Mowgli for the first few months after we met and that made me feel it was not right for a man my age and perversion to be messing with such a wonderful young person for who I only wish good things ahead from the bottom of my heart. -a former BKK CIB sissy and internet porn model gone mainstream. We were together in 2022 in BKK and I reported here how she lost interest in sex and we did not go to Trang as planned and she went back to work and I hooked up with tall lanky Zammy instead. She asked to be with me... I am going to let her join me in Pattaya and see how it goes. It's only a 2 hour ride back to Ekamai. -a 40s Tinder GG who somehow picked me on Tinder months later after I had departed TH and keeps sending me messages. She lives in Pattaya and says she is not a whore and is looking for a partner. Sounds like a scammer? Sure does. Which is why I cant resist...I will try to meet her for a drink... she is not even that attractive but I have had good experiences with the TH Tinderellas ... if she does anal I will take her to BKK and stay at the hotel and skip the sissies. -from the Pattya bars I have Delirious' Pepsi the femboy lined up, the identical twins from the last trip if they are not still mad at me, and one of the KRUs flatchested sissies youngone posted pics here in the board, plus the ladyboy I consider currently the most beautiful in Pattaya that was working at the Bon bar last time and has yet to LT me ... Other than that, I am going to look in the clubs for GG freelancers with big tits and asses, BBWs the better. Hopefully agreeable to 3 sums with a sissy or another BBW. I seem to be sliding in the direction of fat GGs my age... the horror! I know I sound demented. Maybe I am. Life has been complicated for me. I want to get a break and feel better while in TH-PH. Stay tuned! R
  5. Thanks Dan M, thanks Pdoggg for your fresh assessments. You both endorsed CIB which follows mine and youngone's earlier reckonings that CIB has remained unmatched in 2023 in terms of staff quality and quantity other than perhaps Obsession NEP where the ladyboys are plenty, are beautiful, but more businesslike on and off the bar that charges higher prices for drinks, barfines and boom-booms. The only other criteria to overcome such CIB staff and value-for-the-money supremacy would be the bar being the sissy-chasing farangs' prime gathering spot (Delirious!) or the newcomer factor (Cindy's!) but it looks like CIB still comes out ahead overall. I will be checking the bars myself in October, but it looks like CIB is the frontrunner well ahead of the pack including CIndy's. One bar that has caught my attention and could be the dark horse to win is KRUs, which from the pics I see here at LBR is staffed well into the double-digits with some beautiful ladyboys and is said to be a fun place to party late at night. Problem is I have been going there before midnight and always find the bar too empty of both customers and ladyboys. There are still 3 months to go, but it would take a spectacular act of ladyboymanship (like Miss Congeniality setting up shop there) for Cindy to win over CIB or even over Delirious or KRUs. Let's see which of those bars best holds their ground through December. Thanks again for the assessments R
  6. When it's not very crowded, the girls from Cindy's are "off" at 2am. Most of them are off to their room, or headed out for party. So better give it another go a little earlier in the eve, to see their whole collection But good to hear you had some fun at CIB, almost impossible to visit that place without seeing some cocks flashing
  7. I was up in Bangkok for a non-ladyboy related event and thought that I could check out a few bars. Here is my limited feedback. Got to Check In Bar at about 1:20 AM. Chose Check In first because it was on the side of Sukhumvit where my taxi was headed. Defo a fun bar. I entered, ordered a beer, went to hong nam and on my way back to my seat a service girl was stroking her cock. Bought a different service girl a drink, had a chat while playing with her cock. IMO opinion the service girls are more attractive than the regular hostesses. The service girls seem younger and are more likely to be silicone free, but that's my personal preference YMMV. Was fun but left after one drink as I wanted to see as many bars as possible and had a very late start. Got to Cindy's around 2:05 and there was one other customer and about six girls. Bought. drink and had a chat with a girl that I wasn't really attracted to. I found Cindy's disappointing but that could simply be due to the late start. Forgot about June's bar (forget the name) on Soi 11. That would have been the logical next stop. So headed towards Why Not but figured I should quickly check out Soi 7/1. Bought a drink for a ladyboy near the end of that soi and had a good time. Figured I would check out Why Not the next night but got tied up with friends drinking craft beer. Nice thing about the joint is you can have a sample before you order. A good thing cause to me most craft beer tastes like sour piss. So found one that tasted most like the beer I'm used to. Prices ranged from 270 baht to 340 baht a pint. That's the most I've ever paid for a beer in Thailand. Was not able to check out Why Not, NEP. or Cowboy on subsequent nights. IMO Check In is lots more fun than Cindy's. No comparrison for me, on that particular night, very late at night. Perhaps Why Not is even better. Will find out on my next trip to Bangkok.
  8. Thanks for the reminder @Rom. Indeed, after my last trip, it's a good time to re-evaluate my rating for the "Ladyboy bar of the year 2023", as quoted. Since my last trip was for two weeks only, I stayed in Bangkok and didn't travel to Pattaya. Because of the bad experience earlier this year, didn't feel the motivation to visit Obsessions either, ergo I won't change my opinion on Obsessions, Delirious and KRU. Although worth mentioning @The-Sithbringing some real cuties from Obsessions along when I met him at CIB, so these two girls make sure Obsessions increases from "No rating" to 5th The bronze position of KRU got firmed, especially with the regular updates here of the girls by @youngone. For sure I'll be able to provide a better opinion for the 2024 competition, as I'll hit Patts in January. Also a brief comment about Why Not. IMHO they're still not up to the level of Cindy's or CIB, but I do feel a positive trend there. @poesface employed some really nice newbies (as you can see in the WN thread) and all of the night I visited, I had a lot of fun. Since I've only barfined a girl on one occasion, I have to echo Schwarzenegger: "I'll be back" But more important, let's talk silver and gold. I still stand by my opinion as quoted, but have to add an additional aspect, being the season. As you all know, Aug-Sept is rainy season in BKK, so on average less BMs and customers around compared to the high season. Does this effect the bar? Yesss, in my opinion it does. At Cindy's, when only one or a few customers are around, the overall vibe in the bar sinks below par. Girls tend to stick in the front room (where customers usually don't sit down), or keep on playing their phones. When entering the bar around 8pm, some of them are still getting dressed, doing their hair with TL lights still on, which gives the feeling that the place isn't really open yet. The service team didn't really improve the service level, still making mistakes. Sure I had some nice evenings again at Cindy's, had fun playing pool, barfined girls on five occassions (of which one night two girls), but the advance they're making was stopped by the low season. And of course the departure of Lisa, one of the absolute gems, didn't help either. As far as I recall, no new additions in the LineUp over the last months. Unlike Cindy's, CIB doesn't seem to be bothered in any way by the season. Also at CIB, one has good and better evenings, but in general the vibe in the bar upholds. Also with just a few customers around, the service team excels, the vibe is just there! Compared to Cindy's, the girls are more engaged (exceptions aside), music is better and personally, having 'Fireball' in the assortment is also a big plus. Last but not least, I was extremely pleased to see some seasoned gems to have returned. Both Enjoy and Odette (I know them since the Soi 7 days) are still top notch, big fun both in and outside the bar. I barfined girls on nine occassions (of which three nights two girls) and had a blast. So concluding: I change my personal nr. 1 position into Check In bar ... with Cindy's Secrets as a solid nr. 2.
  9. Here at the Romscars Club, I recall only ever hoovering posts from 3 BMs: one who joined LBR to continue slandering me, another who insulted a BM friend of mine in the context of a TR for a trip we did together, and the 3rd one who kept pestering me over semantics and I gave him a 3-strike warning that he defiantly ignored. My take is that when BMs posts something inadequate or offensive they will be the ones looking bad for it, so not hoovering is enough of a payback and one avoids the animosity that follows the hoovering... Having said that, 3 of the 4 previous posts are good candidates for hoovering. The first because nothing stirs the shit like a hollier-than-thou, the second because it took the bait and repeats what was said already in 2 previous posts, and the third because it comes right after a boardwide warning from moderation. Please be smart and move on and dont mention anyone by name. I know it was me who posted some pics but they were taken in 2019 and the buggery had nothing to do with the retribution. I would not do that to a ladyboy. I am now going to lock the thread to let this matter cool down. Will reopen when I hit the road again.
  10. It is run by mates primarily for the benefit of their mates so it was fitting that they should choose a mate to be another mod, they couldn't have a fair unbiast person as that would rock the boat
  11. If I find the opportunity to fuck his GF, I will do it and let him know publicly he's a cuckold. I didn't know about him till he'd posted he applied to be a mod with the objective to ban me from his shit. We at LBR sometimes disagree about each other's opinions but I have never seen such a bad hater. It's hard to understand that he could have become a mod. Having said that, I haven't been to Pattaya for years and I don't miss it. So I won't go back to Thailand just for this.
  12. I haven't been kicked out..........but man there is a bunch of high and might opinions. one of them was a real charmer and he wrote that he was pic-pockets the very first night, and had a considerable amount with him. Needless to say I showed my sincere sorrow for his misfortune.
  13. You get it all out of your system boys? I can see having a heated argument with someone but this Jaguar gent (mod over yonder) doesn't even post on this forum. I just see some pretty nasty comments all going in one direction. You're bigger than this....no?
  14. Bangkok or Pattaya, that's all the same place for me. You know Ihave seldom been to Thailand since 2016. Neither am I. It could be funny to find what ladyboys he sees as he GF and make a photoshoot just to give him some pleasure.
  15. I wanted to impregnate her also, it would have given me an inordinate amount of pleasure as it was his gf but I left it too late , when he hoovered the post her profile went blank and she didn't read my messages on the Line I'd she gave me. I'm not interested now if they're no longer together.
  16. Easy there Dark Avenger. Before sodomizing anyone in Pattaya consider this: 1. According to our Board's sherpa @Dan Miller Dada now works at Cindy's Secrets BANGKOK so no point in going to Pattaya. 2. Dada is a good kid and an attentive lover ( to the point of indulging @snoopdawg scat fetish right? ) and does not deserve to be revenge sodomized to get back at one of her customers, especially one she herself has dumped (affectionately and perhaps scatalogically). 3. Besides I already took care of the Dada sodomizing part (without scat involved). My previous 2 pics were dedicated to barforth. My next 2 below are dedicated to the moron who expelled barforth from PY... He can always post here and ask me nice to remove the pics... which is more recourse than he ever gave me or his other victims...
  17. As a matter of fact, I didn't remember Jack Russel from PY. So I thought that was a new flaming attack from an idiot of the PY clique like the ghost of the other asshole. No offense, I didn't pay much attention to JR's posts at PY, probably since he posted in a section I seldom read. I had a look today and saw his avatar. As far as I remember, there was another name attached to this image. BTW, if @barforth is able to post great comments, I will be happy to read his posts at LBR. Welcome to this board of freedom. I wish LLCoolDave would find his way to LBR too. Regretfully, he has been banned from PY for a a few years and hasn't reappeared here or in PY, unless he created another account in PY with a different avatar. Trời đất ơi ! Jaguar is even more outrageous than I thought. I can easily explain that some moderators try to manipulate information to steer the public towards their bars, but this one acted like the little dictator of Pattaya. He acted as a pimp. He's really a creep and a scumbag. You're giving me a reason to go back to Pattaya to find her and fuck her. That would be a great pleasure for me to sodomize this pimp's girlfriend.
  18. Thanks a lot socalled "pal" snoopdawgydog. Are you against rimming in general? or just GG crapper ? If it makes you feel better here is sissy de jour Dada with my tongue where the limp PY mod tried but could not insert ! These 2 pics are dedicated to my bestie barforth who was bullied out of the clubhouse but is home now at the Romscars Club! I am Rom and Party ON is what I do !
  19. I went with Dada when she was a TJ's. She shat the bed. I took her back to the bar and another well known BM told me she did the same to him the week before. I hence forth referred to her a "little miss shits the bed". If anyone has a fecal fetish she now works at Cindy's in BKK.
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