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  2. It's just your opinion. I respect this is one of the fundamental aspects of the experience for you, but every one has his own limits and his own fantasies. You had shown in another thread you have your limits too. Let's say I prefer to explore the trans experience in another direction.
  3. If I remember correctly there's only limited flight from Buriram Airport to Bangkok my bet is she would get 4 bus.
  4. I dont see the point of being with Trans women unless you explore the full offering of their trans experience. i definitely value the Trans energy and fun they bring to the experience as a women..... but totally slutty and up for a wild good time....ALL THE TIME..... that trumps what GGs can usually offer. Yet Trans have a cock too. And to explore that it means sucking it and getting fucked by it. With GGs I can do everything else that involves topping a hole......and I definitely prefer real vagina to the poop shoot when topping GGs or LBs. its just my humble opinion..... but if you are going to be with a trans.... sucking them and getting fucked by them is one of the fundamental aspects of the experience. Otherwise you are missing out on the full "Trans Experience"
  5. Honey, I've no idea what your goin on about. My post had nothing to do with felines, and you have me confused with someone else. Well thats a personal question. Maybe i do and maybe I don't. ; ) Neither.
  6. Speaking of crossdressers, the catty post above is by a recent BM who evidently chose to cast himself as a mature CD to our Board. Is that so @LadyMarsha ? Do you also crossdress in real life ? If so, would you please share your experience. If not, what made you want to be an avatar crossdresser here at LBR ? Btw LadyMarsha's avatar picture (to the left) is British reality TV star Belinda Scandal who bills himself as "The Manchester Drag Queen"... do you root for City or United @LadyMarsha ?
  7. Gentlemen, I am having second thoughts about this thread ... because this crossdresser PY mod business is only hearsay as far as I am concerned. Sure I have it from 4 sources all credible to me, but they also learned about it from hearsay. One of them said he saw photos. This is not the same as if I had seen him in drag with my own eyes. I am saying this because, after initially getting 2 PMs from BMs who had also heard (but NOT SEEN) of that mod's crossdressing, I am now getting several PM requests to name the PY mod off the record. Please understand that I rather not do it unless I can be sure. This is more benefit of the doubt than that same mod ever gave me at PY where I was slandered of much worse than crossdressing, but so be it. Let's carry on with a more general discussion of farang crossdressing if anyone has anything more to say. Thanks.
  8. I think that it is more that the crossdressing monger (and I am talking about the older ones 50-60+) might have thoughts about it for many years but society frowned on the practicse until the last few years. They may have dressed in private on the sly but not having access to hormones etc would never have been passable. The younger generation now have a more accepting society with access to much cheaper hormones so can live their lives as they see fit and a later age (50-60+) will not look out of place as a crossdresser of that age does now.
  9. I don't like the whiny tone of the above post but it makes an interesting point: crossdressing may be a subsequent sexuality stage for some of us who took the walk on the wild side and are prone to new thrills. Perhaps the ladyboy mongers who crossdress wish to be, for a time, the gender they admire, are aroused by – and perhaps love. From that perspective, dressing like a woman is merely a dramatic, yet essentially reasonable, way of getting closer to the sissy experience... Any more thoughts?
  10. What's the purpose of the topic ? Deal with ladyboys mongers who eventually crossdress or become transgender in their 50s or 60s or reveal that a mod and another 2 BMs of the ugly foorum are crossdressers ? I can't see any interest in throwing the ugly forum stones. The forum has become such a mess that I haven't logged in for months. Any topic is subject to aggressive arguments between members and gives the clique a right excuse to to intervene abjectly in debates. I saw they stopped posting bullshits about Vietnam. They've got nothing to say on the subject anyway. So let the ugly forum be ugly. If you want to deal with old mongers becoming sissies, I have nothing to say. I noticed that guys who ae in shemales sometimes start since they find transsexuals kinkier than females, then one day guys start sucking cocks, then start bottoming. I sometimes participate a forum where guys behave like sissies except that they don't crossdress. They reached the stage at which they look for the largest cock as possible to fuck their ass. IMHO, you're just describing a stage further. When I first participated the forum I above mentionned, a mod who was in his 50s posted about how he used to get a cheap blowjob once in a while afetr work in a shemale place. Then he said one day he ended on his 4 and was fucked for the first time. I thought it strange and it would probably not happen to me. I'm still in my 50s and I haven't bottomed yet. I like Viet ladyboys since they fit with my character. Many of them just want to tansition 100 % . They would think it insane to be sucked or having to top a male partner. The OP is far from my concern.
  11. Take a guess why by reckoning what happens next! I also place yogurt, ice cream, butterscotch, chocolate fudge, molasses, mashed bananas, crushed sushi, pork sisig and on one occasion beluga caviar... 'on penises' AND balls AND anuses (including mine) YES! ... "on rectums" (or "recta") NO ! what I don't normally do is share the pics online because of the judgmental types ... On the more substantial matter of the PY mod crossdresser, I swear I did not know until yesterday and I have since made or received 4 private communications telling me they all knew who it is and that it has been widely known for a while but that said mod chooses to keep that part of his sexuality off line so let's all respect his privacy wish by not revealing his name. In the process I learned of an alleged 4th PY BM crossdresser but he is not a BM I have ever noticed posting. I don't really expect this thread to make much headway, so I will just share that in my case crossdressing has been limited to the bedroom by playfully trying on the too-tiny lingerie and clothes the sissies or the GGs came in the room dressed with. Only once (some 10 years ago) a bunch of Angeles' sissies decked me up in female attire and a wig and we all hit Walking Street. I don't think I looked feminine at all and got a lot of bro laughs and hi-5s from the mongers. I am starting to think crossdressing may be far more prevalent than I ever imagined amongst our community, in the same way that preferring to bottom is something BMs tend to hide. If so, I may have inadvertently hit a hornets nest with far more horny hornets than I ever imagined there might be. The Romscars Club is a safe place devoted, inter alia, to the knowledge of our community of sissies and sissy lovers. Whether you crossdress or not, look at this thread as long overdue seminal anthropological research...
  12. Please don't take this the wrong way, Rom, but this could have been an interesting thread topic if you had not included the text quoted above. While the image of the mods from the other forum in drag is slightly amusing, I think you might have gone too far. This was a massive artillery barrage and could potentially escalate the 'cold war' between this forum and the 'other' forum. I suggest you stick with sniper fire so as not to increase the risk of an all out nuclear exchange. Perhaps a thread about the various kinks and fetishes in the ladyboy mongering community would be interesting. You can start it off by telling us about your interest in erotic body art, and then segue into a discussion of why placing canned fruit on penises and rectums anuses turns you on.
  13. About 5 or 6 years ago I was at Sensations, the second Action Street location, the one next to Soi Buakhao. There was a farang cross dresser playing pool with some of the girls. He was in his 50s or 60s, I guess. Large and not attractive. He had long hair that looked to be his own, so maybe he was using being in LOS to transition? He seemed to be a regular as everyone there seemed to know him. Yes, I can see where being a bar owner in LOS would be a good niche for a CD/trans farang. I could see myself scampering around in my Daisy Dukes keeping an eye on things....oops, too much information....
  14. Well there is a BM who crossdresses, but usually only in the privacy of his dungeon. I won't name him to protect his privacy, and I have obscured his image in this pic.
  15. I've seen a couple of Euro CDs in Jomtien bars. The lbs have no problems with them, though they don't barfine the lbs I guess. One lb bar in Jomtien Soi 5 about five years ago had a Belgian CD owner. I think it was called 'My friend You' a couple of bars down from Roadhouse Bar.
  16. This thread will probably be very shortlived or without posts as it will be hard to discuss the topic without naming BMs and unacceptably shaming them if they had wanted to keep their crossdressing private. So if you know any BM (here or at PY) who crossdresses name him only along with evidence that the BM himself is open about his crossdressing. Otherwise your post will be hoovered, and possibly the whole thread. So here goes: Yesterday I had dinner here in Europe with one of our BMs. We had never met so we talked about all sorts of ladyboy-related things and at some point it emerged that one of the PY mods crossdresses. I could not believe it and asked my dinner companion if he was not confusing the PY mod with another of the flagship PY BMs who I knew had switched to living his/her life as a woman in his/her home country. To verify, I whatsapped on the spot another BM acquaintance who I knew is personally familiar with those 2 and he confirmed their crossdressing and indicated a 3rd PY BM who crossdresses part time, which was yet another big surprise for me as I thought of that dude as a military macho man type. So, the questions for discussion are: Does any BM here crossdress himself or knows of other sissymongers who do? A few times in Pattaya I saw farang men (oldish ones) openly crossdressing at bars. Who are those guys? Tourists?... or established sexpats willing to be locally recognized as crossdressers ? How do the ladyboys feel about farang crossdressers ? Again: Please NO BM NAMES unless you back it up with evidence they are open about being crossdressers...
  17. IMO they are not the same person. But who could say? People do change.... To Rom: As for the old Peaw, there were also a 2003 shot from AsianTS
  18. Maybe it should be like abortion and if you are in the last trimester or greater than the 67th Percentile in size for your nationality, it is protected. If a fetus is protected, protecting the sperm that creates the fetus is just one step beyond.
  19. I met this character many years ago at C&D in Phuket. I was not impressed. He is a legend in his own mind.
  20. Great short video. She looks cute and sensual. It's hard for me to believe that such a sensual bisexual person who seemed to have pleasure stroking her cock had decided for this mutilation. I'm afraid she behaves more like a sex object than as a someone who is free of her sexuality.
  21. Back with more visuals. Was Hard Drive cleaning and found this clip she had sent for Christmas last year when she was still pre-op. It reduces me to tears just to watch... what a waste... video-1618748316.mp4
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