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  2. You mean Dieter? I sure wonder what happened to him. Likable guy , hung out with him in Guess Bars last location many times.
  3. Now that’s going back a while indeed. I was in Nakhon Sawan about 11 years ago or so and the guy I was with lived there. He pointed out the family home of Lusi, he had her number but alas she wasn’t in town at the time, her loss ;)
  4. Congrats Duncan and welcome to the hitched to a ladyboy club :) Enjoy the honeymoon when it eventually comes around.
  5. Thanks for the well-wishing guys, but honeymoon is postponed until after this corona bullshit is over. Rom, thanks for your kind words. And the drawing. Also thanks for not to mention my badly knitted tie. :)
  6. "Lieber Alkohol im Blut als Stroh im Kopf". Ich habe doch Angst davor, dass Duncan in seinem Leben nicht genug getrunken hat. ( @Duncan : Just joking). @Rom: you should have depicted him with a rope around his nzck as for LWFM. Who will be the first baby's godfather ?
  7. Sounds great Rom and good to see you started early this year to . I don't know the guy but I do read his posts on the other forum to
  8. It is with much personal joy that I hereby award the first Romscar of 2021 for the category of BM-Ladyboy Couple of the Year to a very special couple who just tied the knot in Germany last week after over a decade of Pattaya trips and 3 sponsored stays. The chivalrous groom is none other than LBR’s own BM Duncan, who is also a well-known Advanced BM at PY despite associating with the likes of myself, cherjam, and other free-thinkers … The gracious ladyboy bride goes by the name of Mod and all I know about her is that she is tiny and sweet. Duncan & Mod are now legally married under
  9. Soiboys posting about the F1 driver being tasty brought me to a shuddering halt re this subject. When I read it and saw his angle I took a complete 180 deg turn,(excuse the pun), and said to myself ,"no way am I attracted to that driver". End of story!. No I am not gay, just like Ladyboys!!!!!. Would sooner fly to the moon than visit Boystown.
  10. An update from Andy (Hideaway Guesthouse) on the gogetfunding page. https://gogetfunding.com/help-josh-from-baby-boom/
  11. Wishing Josh a speedy recovery! Baby Boom was indeed unique (though with some minor similarities to Stringfellow's).
  12. I am not going to argue on Lusi Mustang. I don't know her. I probably saw her pics at the time I was discovering Areeya, Longmint or Natalie. But the Sith explained us this ladyboy told him at the end of a sex party he isn't a gay. Very well, he's glad she said that. I don't really care of ladyboys' opinions, especially Thai ladyboys. I remember my first ladyboy. When I stayed with her for our first day, I sometimes wore cargo pants and sometimes bermuda jeans. She complained that bermuda jeans were for gay,so she didn't want me to wear bermuda jeans. So far, I had thought that bermuda jeans
  13. Yes, I doubt there will ever be another establishment like Baby Boom. A real one off!.
  14. This may at first come across as an ominous induction into the Hall of Legends, but it is a fully deserved one that was forthcoming sooner than later to the bar owner who took it to the next level of in-bar mongering experience: I am talking about Josh Pitstra the quiet, unassuming Dutchman at the helm of Baby Boom A-Go-Go that, while it lasted (2012-20), was Thailand’s wildest ladyboy bar ever. Josh’s business model was simply allowing staff and customers to have FUN without caring that he might be giving away too much of a good time for the price of a few drinks. This made for a one-of-
  15. The Sith is correct, Lusi Mustang did revert to being a gay man as posted on The Ladyboy Forums back in 2014. Now going by the name of Louis Mustang - I do not have any photos of him.
  16. I can't say that I agree with what you say but I don't disagree either. I'd rather focus on Lusi Mustang. I didn't know this ladyboy till I read your post. I had probably seen her pics at the time she was doing porn when porn stars were Areeya or Longmint but I hadn't memorized her name. For those who don't know her, it seems that many of her vids had been removed from ladyboy69. However here is her page at shemaledb : Lusi free galleries at ShemaleStarDB.com a couple of her videos : Lusi - Shemale Pornstar Model at aShemaleTube.com and a couple photos found on the net :
  17. You party bottom! For me about 14 years ago. Had been creaming over her on lb-69 in that nurse outfit for years. She was on her way out of the scene, a bit jaded. She took me to some fancy place in Patpong then back to Dynasty Inn Grande for a helluva ride. Saw LongMint a few days earlier. They were friends. How I miss those days.
  18. If Rom had a Ladyboy Hall of Legends, I reckon she'd be in. Awesome night!
  19. One time, about 17 years ago, I met up with Lusi Mustang.... one of the greatest Ladyboys to ever walk this earth. I did a threesome at the Nana Hotel with her and an LB friend of hers. I played some music and our session was intense. OH....If those dark green drapes could talk, the stories they could tell!!! After the session, Lusi tells me she is throwing a party at her condo that night and asks if I want to join. Fuck right I do!!! The Sith is always up for partying with Femme Fatale with a cock. So we first go to a multi level parking lot and score some favors for the night
  20. OMG! Look at those boy nipples! And that boy tongue! And that delicious slab of boy cock (with a surprisingly good circumcision for a Filipino). And those muy deliciosos huevos! Whew! Good thing I'm only situationally gay. As in this situation....
  21. "RandiUno2: did I read you right that you are a self-admitted party bottom and proud of it ?" Yes, I admit to being the designated bottom for a group of ladyboys on more than one occassion, although in my mind there is a distinction between being a "party bottom" and being "a party bottom on special occassions" ie, birthday, closing big business deal, or on ladyboy travel vacation. But, for a self-diagnosis, i would say this behavior get me dangerously close to being gay....lol. There is a also a phenomenon in sexuality research known as "situational homosexuality". This occ
  22. Damn right. If its just the pussy you're after you're better off just paying a one-off short time. Holy moly, Rom. Thats the nicest set of lowhang Ive seen in a long time. re: party bottom sounds as camp as power bottom.
  23. I, like all other BMs, may be entangled in the "Am I gay ?" conundrum that dominates the multilogue in ladyboy boards. But "Am I a party bottom" ? No way Sanchai ! I will however hand out a Romscar to one of the BMs who admits to being one. The-Sith: do you want to add to your Romscars collection ? RandiUno2: did I read you right that you are a self-admitted party bottom and proud of it ? Regarding my own "Am I gay?" wonderings, I asked one of my ladyboy groupies in AC and this was the answer I got:
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