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Merry Christmas


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5 hours ago, Pdoggg said:

Should be a great Christmas now that everyone who wants to be vaxxed is vaxxed and normality has returned!

lordy lordy P.D! christmas and no need for anymore covid stuff, but you managed to slip one in there...  i'm impressed.

SO! ... here's your xmas pressy.... due to your obvious loyalty to the cause, i now give you back the title of Booster Bro.

QG, you are not alone anymore..

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mods! QG has been having a go at me all day, i don't know why...

i have even been shopping most of today for his xmas present from me. This was not easy either, with him changing so much from a Cowpoke to a commie pinko, and also a tranny. I just wasn't sure what to buy for him.

in the end, i had a great idea [i thought] and went to one of those shops where they do paintings.

i got him an autographed painting of Clint Eastwood, wearing a dress rather than a poncho. and waving a red flag. All bases covered i thought. Unfortunately this being Thailand they got the autograph wrong, putting the 'l' and the 'i' too close together in Clint. Never mind QG, an autographed picture of Cunt Eastwood will look great on your wall.

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