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  2. What happened to Ms. Jeley of La Bamba? Did she join Poppy as well, or can I find her somewhere else?
  3. La Bamba for sure was a landmark in Pattaya. For me THE face of La Bamba was Jeley (or Jele, Jaley and Jelee)! I simply wasn't capable of walking through the Soi, without her luring me into the bar for some drinks and more. It felt awkward walking by the place, without seeing her last month. I tried to contact her through Line, but unfortunately didn't get any reply. Would have loved to make some more sweet memories with her. I saw quite some pics here in the thread, but for you guys, a little trip to memory lane of this beauty Certainly I hope she surfaces again !
  4. They would have to pick their clothes up from the floor first.
  5. Not everyone. The crackheads of Soi 6 /Hi Boss maybe, but many are quite disciplined. They sweep their room every day.
  6. Haha ok :) I didn't know they were that much "go as it goes", I don't have much experience to compare.
  7. No rules, no discipline, no sense of responsibility, no idea of the basic principles of timekeeping - should I go on??
  8. What would you say is a caracteristic of being "La Bamba institutionalised" ? :) Just curious
  9. It had a great innings all the same. From its opening in late 2007/early 2008 in the old location opposite, it was always a good place to meet up and start off the night back in its hay day.
  10. Sad news, but as you say no surprise ciobha. Another legendary bar bites the dust, but at least many of us will always have the great memories of La Bamba. Chok Dee to the girls
  11. So it looks like Nok has finally thrown in the towel and called it a day at La Bamba. Not a surprise really, the only surprise was that she held out this long. The pandemic was the final nail, but as has been mentioned, the writing was on the wall a long time ago. The finances required to get the bar up and running again, possibly only to see it closed within a few weeks with new restrictions, were not there, and the desire to keep the place going faded a long time ago. All the girls living in the bar have now moved out, and will be seeking employment elsewhere. Some of them will find it easier than others - a number of them have been La Bamba institutionalised, so to speak, and may find it hard to adapt to another bar. Miss Sindy was interested in taking over the reigns and keeping the bar running in her name, but couldn't find a mug who was willing to finance it for her.
  12. Good for them whether across the street or back in their old location either way it's going to be great to see them when we can travel again. Good Luck to the Lady's and here's wishing them a fantastic Party opening night tomorrow.
  13. Nope, same Bar, same management and same seating. I have to say Poppy bar was a lot more appealing, especially for those nights sitting outside sipping a few cold beers, Poppy had good comfortable seats and a custom built outside area. I believe Nok was made an offer she couldn't refuse to move back across the street, so grabbed it with both hands.
  14. The Bumbar girls are heading back home. Yes, they are now moving back across the street to the La Bamba location, and vacating Poppy Bar. Party on Tuesday night to celebrate their return.
  15. Aris has been in touch and wants to let you guys know she is doing webcam now also to supplement her income. Her Line is Sexyme99977 if anyone wants to contact her.
  16. Is she still wandering around? I enjoyed her a few times.
  17. Here's wishing Sindy a very Happy Birthday best wishes to a delightful person .

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