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Pattaya Ghost Town Or Not


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6 hours ago, soiboy said:

lol  Yeah, he could be doing a video on the best and most convenient places to get an oil and filter change for your car in Pattaya and he would STILL somehow find a way to work in a dig at LBs.

So they are not into Ladyboys, not a poblem for me, I would guess most tourists who visit Thailand aren't either. 

That aside, they do give us some good info imho, even though I would much prefer Nick to do it on his own (without Martin) :good:

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On 10/26/2021 at 5:18 PM, blind boy grunt said:

and info for anyone  planning a Jomtien trip...the jomty baht buses which used to queue along 2nd road,. due to road works now queue around the corner on Pattaya Tai pretty much outside the school gate.

Cub reporter Grunt scoops The Pattaya News!     :party:


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12 hours ago, soiboy said:

(Finally, this guy must be a closet LB lover the way he never misses an opportunity to get a dig into LBs.  If anyone here knows this guy do him a favor and tell him to either grow up or keep his mouth shut on the matter of LBs.)


Brilliant !   I could not agree with you more on your observation of Nick.

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49 minutes ago, seven said:

Happy Halloween!



They did misspell "patriotic", though.  And I'm not really sure what jobs they expect 4 - 10 year-olds to get in order to buy candy.  Oh, well.

(I only give out candy on "Satan's Day" in the hope that the little bastards won't vandalize my house or car!  I'm tempted this year to write on each little KitKat bar, "Google lemonparty, kid.")

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I think Halloween in UK is largely a US import. It wasn't a big thing when I was a kid.

Halloween (31 October) was originally a Celtic pagan festival, Samhain. The Catholic Church made 1 November a Christian holy day, All Saint's Day, or All Hallows Day.

Halloween means Hallows Day Eve. The Church did make days near pagan festivals into holy days to take them from paganism. There is no evidence that Jesus Christ was born on 25 December, it was designated as such by the Church as an alternative to the pagan Winter Solstice. According to astronomers the shining star that led the three wise men to Bethlehem was an alignment of planets and stars which probably took place in September/October.

Easter was a replacement to the pagan festival of Eostre which celebrated the arrival of Spring.

Screenshot 2021-10-29 09.06.32.png

Screenshot 2021-10-29 09.14.00.png

The kids around here don't bother coming down my road. Some did about 12 years back. I didn't answer the door when they rang the doorbell and the front door was covered with sticky string, which brushed off easily enough the next day when it was dry. 


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Perhaps many of you have never been to the Soi Arunthai area (above).  Interesting because when exploring a new area you never know if you will stumble across a ladyboy unknown to most mongers.  Years ago BB, Lefty, and I explored this area together for the first time and it was a nice change from the same old same old.  Traditionally, this area was home to expats who didn't want to splurge on rent.  I suspect that many of these expats have since upgraded to the CCR, City Center Residence, (near wear the soi dogs are near the end of the video) given the rock bottom Covid prices that include a nice gym and pool.


Near the Full Love Inn, there is a strip of bars that he likens to the old Soi 6.  Buzz is clearly in his comfort zone in this video and seems to be spot on with all the info.

Not a bad place to stay, guess it depends how often you will want to cross 3rd Road.  I wouldn't recommend a guy here for 2 weeks to stay in this area since there is no good way to get here by baht bus.

Buzz also points out the proliferation of Expat Food Stores.  Another new trend is the Cannabis shops which weren't even around before Covid.   I don't believe that anything in these stores include THC.

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5 hours ago, Pdoggg said:

Not a bad place to stay, guess it depends how often you will want to cross 3rd Road. 

Went I went to live in Pattaya in 1996, I spent my first 3 years of my stay in 9 Karat Condo just about smack in the middle of Soi Arunothai, fantastic olympic size swimming pool and from memory only paid 3500 Baht per Month on rent. Great area back then and plenty to explore. :drinks:

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On 10/15/2021 at 4:15 AM, Pdoggg said:

Bali Hai Restaurant defying Covid 19 decree raided last night and some customers not playing by the rules escaped by jumping into Pattaya Bay and swimming away.

Raided again for fourth time on Thursday night. These guys don't learn.


Screenshot 2021-11-13 11.07.35.png

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