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Survey For Men In Thailand?


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Who do you like most in some categories?


Beauty? Thai or Fil ? Why?


Body ? Thai or FIl ? Why?


Communication Skills? Thai or Fil? Why?


Loyalty / Honesty ? Thai or Fil? Why?


Personal Hygiene? Thai or Fil  Why?



share some of your experience and we will appreciate it...  


I made this post not to compare or have competition but just to know or share experience of farang men here ... 


Thank you...

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Great survey Ruffa!    :biggrin:



Beauty?     Thai      A slight edge to Thai ladyboys due to their taking hormone pills often starting in their teens.  But there are also downsides to overdoing the hormones.


Body ?        FIl       I like the silicone free, flat chested look.


Communication Skills?     Fil    Big edge to Filipinas.  No contest here.


Loyalty / Honesty ?           Don't know.  


Personal Hygiene?           Don't know too much about Filipinas but really like that Thai ladyboys, unlike American women,  always shower before sex.

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Hi Ruffa, good to see you posting some more!


Beauty - an edge to Thai lbs - but I think Filipina lbs are catching up


Body - an edge to the Thai lbs - I prefer postops, so there are more Thai postop lbs than Filipina postop lbs


Communication skills - Filipina lbs understand English better, so a clear advantage here.


Loyalty/honest - difficult to say, as I've never had a relationship with a Filipina lb.


Personal hygiene - same answer as pdogg.


I must say though, since Kevin Balot won Miss International Queen in 2012, the visibility of Filipina lbs has increased a lot in Asia. It was interesting as I was there during the contest and quite a few Thais were cheering her on.

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My experience with a Filipina ladyboys is limited to just one lady...A beauty from Cebu...In fact I met her and spent maybe a total of one month with her...Strangely I met her in Bangkok...I have never been to the Islands...So take what I say with a grain of salt...


Beauty - The is so subjective...Not something one can easily measure...If we only look with our eyes we will never find beauty...In my opinion Filipina and Thai ladyboys are equally as beautiful as one another...Each in their own special ways...The nose of one may be a little too big or a little too wide...The lips of another too narrow..."But I have always tried to see them for what they truly are...Glorious, radiant, spectacular, and perfect, because I am not limited by my eyesight".........So both Thai and Filipinas are beauty winners in my mind.....


Body - My vote goes to the Thais but only slightly...I give the Thais the nod here cause I really like paperboy asses and Filipinas tend to be a little thicker...But I will give Filipinas kudos for having flatter chests...Another of my loves...So Thais by an inch...


Communication Skills -  Like the others Filipinas easily win with superior language skills...But please always keep in mind that there are many ways to communicate without using language...


Loyalty/Honesty -   That is not a fair question...Both Thais and Filipinas are politicians...They both spring from poverty and are trying to lift themselves and their families up...And in truth, neither are any more dishonest then western men...Dishonesty then becomes kind of a game...With one simple rule...Play fair.........


Personal Hygiene - From my limited experience with Filipinas I have to give Thais the nod...Thais, can be obsessively hygienic...


Hope this helps your understanding if only a little bit.....................

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Good idea for a post Ruffa.


Beauty? Thai or Fil/ Body ? Thai or FIl ? I find the Fil look interesting as it combines Asia with a hint of Latin.


Communication Skills? Thai or Fil? You guys wins and I like being caller sir 555.


Loyalty / Honesty ? Thai or Fil? Not sure as not much Fil experience


Personal Hygiene? Thai or Fil  Why?  I'd imagine it's 50/50 but aain from experience i know the Thais love soap and water as the others have mentioned.

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Beauty....A slight edge in the Thais favour but now my interest has changed Ive seen a helluva lot of Pinay stunners


Body.....Pinays for me, the Thais play about with silicone too mutt and Im not a fan of it, my g/f has the perfect ladyboy body imho (see pic below), no silicone whatsover, very slim, small hands and feet and  that paperboy ass, though Im sure I will be accused of being biased here :biggrin:


Communication skills..... Pinays win hands down, I can have a perfect conversation with my g/f without resorting to Pidgeon English, though there are quite a few Thai ladyboys that I know who speak great English, this is not a criticism of Thais because after all we are in their country and most of us are too lazy to learn some of their lingo


Loyalty/Honesty....... Is this a trick question?  , as for Thais all I can do is Rolling___.gif


Personal Hygiene.... I would say that 95% of the Thais that I have been with have been very if not super clean (they should have a shower strapped to their backs), the Pinay I am with is very very hygienic too B)


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She is super hot indeed Duke, although those are some weird eyes!! Reminds me of that film "The Children"



Anyway, other than Miss Taneisha, I have never really met any Pinay LB's for a significant amount of time. I have indeed met Miss Ruffa in both Sensations and La Bamba, although never really got chatting to her (although I did spend ample time admiring her body). So I am not in a position to comment, but the way things are going currently, IMO, if this trend continues, the Thais will need to take a long hard look at themselves, because those Pinay girls are going to take a lot of business off them, due to the fact they seem to have a much better attitude than their Thai counterparts.

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OK, I'll bite :)

Beauty- Slight edge to Thai LBs, probably from taking hormones at an early age

Body- I prefer natural tits, so slight edge to Pinays

Communication- Pinays big advantage. Thai LBs in general speak better English than Thai GGs. IMHO.

Honesty- I'll get flamed, but in the vein of better 'communication' a few Pinays -both GGs and LBs- have really told me some whoppers. I knew they were BSing me, but I thought to my self, its a pretty amazing and plausible BS, 555.

Hygene- depends on the person, but Thais in general are squeaky clean. I think showering is one of their hobbies, along with sleeping and eating, 555!

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Ive spent more time in philippines than thailand but I like the thai girls better for many reasons. Thai ladyboy are more relaxed and not so up themselves as much as filipino lbs and the reasons they dont have so many body mods is because the opportunity is not there like it is in thailand.


Ive started going to thailand more now and I think  I will give the philippines a break as Ive had enough of it. One bad thing about thailand now is there seems to be so many filipinos there I wish they would  stay home.


Ive met some not so good thai ladyboys to but on the  whole I find them much sweeter and nicer and I like the way they talk. PI LBs are very much me me me and they continually  tell you  all about it in their horrid accent. Thais sound and look so much better and dont bug you to be  their husband all the time .

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Nice to see all the feedbacks and the different point of view , each to his own.....

Let me make my input.....


01- Beauty : Both each have there beauty and there charm......


02- Body : also both depend on what i am looking for or my mode at that moment , but in general i will go for the most natural looking one and that is then the phillippines ladyboy...


03- Communication skills : this may sound strange but for me it does not matter , if the chemistry is there and the two of you are aiming for the same goal then the commuication is already there sort of because then you will use other means to understand each other then you will use your mind , looks and comminicate with your hands.......


Two years ago i was in Turkey and i order a turkey ladyboy , my contact person arrange a meeting with this i dream of jeannie girl that was dead on gorgeous and sexy lishes`s , she did not understand on single english word but we communicate by our attitude and mind control and it was awesome , i just look at her and i knew what she want and she look at me and she knew what i want , and i stay with her for 3 day`s


04- Loyalty & Honest  : Been a player i dont pay much attention if she is loyal or honest because she will not be my GF , the only thing i look at and make sure is that i dont bring a drugaddict back with me to my safe zone.......


05- Personal Hygiene : Thai take beter care of them self and shave automaticly with PI girl i have to teach them nearly everything.....


Here go`s a few of my own intake and experience


06- GFE Experience : Here the phillippines ladyboy win for me on all count , because it`s very difficult for them to keep business and there personal feeling separate , aldo your for one minuut with them they will treat you as if you are there boyfriend......


07- Fashion Minded : 50% - 50% Both are good when i come to there out look........


08- Showgirls : Here the thai girls win on all counts , they will get more head counts then anybody else , awesome , but the phillippines girls travel more then all the thai together......


09- Party Animal : If your in for a party and after you have to team up with a Thai girl they can rock on better and longer then the PI girls.......




Greetz , Stealth


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  • Ladyboys

Thanks for all response here...  


Now I got some answers in my questions here...


Im a Filipina ladyboy and proud to be eventhough I heard some not nice comment about PI LB its ok, but I hope u not think that all PI LB are the same. As many people in this world,  we have different personality, attitudes, looks, lifestyles and how we can live the way we like.


In my opinion , Thai LB are more far than PI LB its because they are exposed here to many beauty products , hormones , cheap surgeries but perfectly done compared to my country Philippines. Second is Thai culture accepts tolerated Ladyboys everywhere and embrace them with all their hands and treat as equal as other genders. Third and final I think is that Government or Society gives more opportunity to Thai LB to work in many kind of works, like in Cabaret Show which high promoted and made huge billboards and spreading flyers  and showing online websites about it, and that makes them more famous and tourist attracted to visit their kingdom. Many jobs everywhere for Thai LB where they can accept as who they are , and not discriminated bout their genders unlike in the Philippines. 


So this is big advantage of Thai LB to PI LB... 


Thats why some PI LB love to travel and explore because of lack of opportunities in our country. I hope you open your eyes and mind now guys... Thank you...

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Many jobs everywhere for Thai LB where they can accept as who they are , and not discriminated bout their genders unlike in the Philippines. 



Thailand is a tolerant society although discrimination does exist.  Here's an article in which the mayor of Udon gives his blessing to a gay couple.



UDON THANI - Two gay partners tie the knot in a Thai wedding ceremony in the presence of the mayor of Udon Thani province on Saturday night.


Maitri Chotipinit and Chirasak Klangboriboon have been dating for four years before they decided to get married, their friends and family at the ceremony said.


Their wedding, which took place at Mr. Maitri's house in Don Udom community, was blessed by Udon Thani Mayor Itthipon Triwattanasuwan and senior family members of the bridge and groom. 

As he gave traditional blessing to the couple, Mr. Itthipon joked that he was very nervous at first because he did not know which person should be addressed as "bride" or "groom". 


"I thought, I will call whoever dressed as man the groom and woman the bride, but they end up dressing in the same way!" the mayor said to the laughter of the guests, "I had to ask my deputy to know which one is the bride and which one is the groom."

He later struck a more serious tone and praised Mr. Maitri and Mr. Chirasak for coming out. 

"Your wedding is a brave action," Mr. Itthipon told the newlyweds, "You are brave for expressing yourself to the society. It is a good example for other gay couples."


Mr. Maitri, a curator at Udon Thani Municipal Museum, said his and Mr. Chirasak's families welcomed his idea of marrying Mr. Chirasak. They first met when Mr. Chirasak, who was a college student at the time, visited the museum where Mr. Maitri was working as the curator, according to Mr. Maitri. 


Thailand is known for a relatively high tolerance toward gays, lesbians, and transgenders, compared to other socially-conservative nations in the region, such as Myanmar or Malaysia. 


Although Thai laws do not recognise same-sex marriage or civil partnership, many Thai gays and lesbians publicly married their partners and live as couples, while a number of gay rights activists have been pushing for a legal recognition of same-sex matrimony in recent years.


However, Thai gays and lesbians still face some levels of discrimination. In 2013, UNESCO reported that “nearly one-third (30.9%) of self-identified LGBT students reported having experienced physical abuse, 29.3% reported verbal abuse, and 24.4% reported being victims of sexual harassment because of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.”


Last month, ultra-nationalist ASTV Manager newspaper published a "parody piece" that fantasizes about a transgender anti-coup activist being raped in prison by other male inmates because of her protests against the military junta. The piece caused an uproar on social media, and the newspaper later removed the online version of the story.


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Well in my opinion, Filipino ladyboys do have very sexy feminine bodies, but no tits, not that tits bother me much, as long as they feminine face, no tits is fine by me !! looks wise some can look quite pretty and feminine especially with makeup, but thats my opinion from photo's i seen , i dont have experience with Filipino Ladyboys only Thai Ladyboys

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It seems that the guys on the Forum are starting to tilt towards Filipina Ladyboys.


Now I havent been able to do a ton of research on the topic, although I have done some :0).  Its a plus that you can have a chat with the Filipinas.  That helps and its easier to develop a bit of chemistry.  Now, it is limited experience but the few Filipinas I have been with, have not promised a thing and over delivered in bed.  The Thais CONSTANTLY over promise and under deliver.  My experience....

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