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  1. Good work guys. I think it's getting there. I like the new look. Fresher and cleaner looking. I can see you're Tweaking things to make it a better user experience
  2. Yes pdoggg it logs into the main site but remains logged out of forums. It means I can't post to forum from iPad.
  3. I really like it so far. It looks far slicker. Thank you.
  4. I think it looks good. However I think the unread is not as good as the new content was. I sometimes read content and come back later to post to it. Not so easy this way.
  5. So bare back porn is no different. Suit up.
  6. It don't matter to me if its Ladyboy or girl. If I'm not in a relationship I will be wearing a condom. If I'm in a relationship with someone who has done any p4p or has been promiscuous we will be going for sti test before getting any skin to skin. Maybe I'm being over cautious but in this better safe than sorry.
  7. Post back here before you land and I'll send you to the right places. You're on you own then. Also if you're there and want any information or assistance send me a message. I'll help as much as I can.
  8. Nope. Like I said I'm on other side of the world. My girlfriend sent me them. I'm just Waiting on visa to come through. Should be next week. She is the one in black one piece on bottom left. With the shades on.
  9. Is she good company. From the porn stuff she seems a nice girl.
  10. What a pussay haha. I would have to try. It might split me open but I would not let that go to waste.
  11. I'm sure stealth will recognize one of them.
  12. I new pic I got. Taken this morning
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