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  1. What has happened to Stealth ?? I enjoyed his posts, so I hope he is still with us!!
  2. The best restaurant in Angeles is Padre Piccollo - at Asia Hotel . Its the best Italian restaurant in the Philippines , it has great food !!
  3. Hi Just I know its been sometime since you posted, but where in Pursat did you meet your LBs. I 'm going there sometime this week, so I'd like to look around while I'm in that provincial city Where should I focus my attention!
  4. Sorry PPd, I think I'v got your name muddled up. I apologize for the mistake !!
  5. Where is she from, how long is she staying and what sights does she want to take in ??. Pig DD, I thought you resided in PP. Is that correct or are you out-of-town at the moment ! RR
  6. Was that $100 for each showgirl or was that the combined payment for the entire entourage !!
  7. Does Eva have a mobile number or an email address in PP, that can be used to get into contact with her ??
  8. Hi Top Cat I am thinking of taking the plunge soon by giving up dreaded work and taking up a more relaxed life style of living somewhere in the Philippines, Thailand or Cambodia. While everyone is acutely aware of the need for setting a realistic budget, few of us consider how to go about starting new friendships or even meeting other expats, once` we move to our new and permanent overseas abode. I'm just wondering how you factored this requirement into your plans for moving to Cebu ? In any event, I hope your plans work out and you really enjoy your new life in the Philippines !!
  9. Hi Stealth Thanks for all this helpful information, although I do have one question for you, How many of these PI beauties have you "bedded"" and which ones were the best performers both in-between the bedsheets and out in the real world too??
  10. Is it possible to set up a "date" with one of the show girls after they finish their performance for a night. If so how is this done, and how much in USD would such an arrangement cost?
  11. roderick17


    Someone on this board mentioned that there are many Ladyboys to be found in Pursat. My question is where in Cambodia is Pursat, and where in Pursat are these Lbs to be found?? Thanks heaps Roderick
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