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    Hi 7 ! Took this pic earlier today to answer your question: I am currently in the western coast of Negros where I can be found along a 100 km stretch of coast sailing, enjoying the beach, sponsoring pig luaus for ladyboys and their families, and attending religious festivals. Today Jan 25 is, according to the Catholic Liturgical Calendar, the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle. One of the nearby towns throws its Annual Fiesta in what is a touching display of Faith and Neighborly Coming-Together of the locals who are mostly very poor, uneducated, warm-hearted people. These are the FLASHES of what I would like to share today: These, gentlemen, are the personification of the Romscars spirit: NICE people, being EXCELLENT and PARTYing ON!
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    Well and truly tired of the abusive posting No wonder they were kicked off PLB
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    Two posts have been deleted. Moderation is growing extremely weary of this sort of repetitive, abusive posting. We've let it go on way longer than it should have.
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    around 5% yesterday but it may change ... Chinese Fake News makes it worse...like the Russian news , a lot of BS
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    Yes she is. Has been confirmed by jimmy 69 little boss of 69 bar. Rgds soidog.
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    Stockport 'legend' Ricky Hatton hits Town
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    Yeah, some of the newly registered users seem to be here unfortunately only to stir shit. I'm not saying they are, but they could be from PLB.
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    Now that was a late one.. Think we staggered out of the place about 5 ish or so. All good for sure.
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    I've just come home from 3 nights in Pattaya, and still didn't make it to New bar - always intercepted despite my best intentions. I really would like to ponder with Pon. Hopefully next trip. Best wishes petesie (and New).
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    Portugal is invariably the EU-Schengen entry point for Brazilian shemales ("bonekas") both due to special bilateral immigration waivers between Portugal and Brazil and to Air Portugal offering direct flights at affordable rates to several Brazilian cities. The Brazilians real objective is to move on to Spain or Italy where they can make much more money. But most of them stick around Portugal for a week or 2 on their way in and out, and not just Lisbon and Porto. I guess it's part of their pimping arrangements. As a result, at any given time you can find in Lisbon a few of the superstars you have seen on the internet. The prices are in the 50-150 range and they charge double if you want them to go to your hotel. The default is to meet them in their cramped brothel apartments. There are also Colombian trannys in the same attractiveness and price range as the Brazilians. I have never seen Thai ladyboys, but I have seen adds for Thai GG sex masseuses. The "Duque de Loule" Avenue (and its cross streets) is where Lisbon's overpriced gogo and hook-up GG bars are situated. They will pressure you to order a bottle of champagne and if you say yes you are out 300 or 400 euros without even as much as a handshake from the sluts. Mostly they are latinamericanas and eastern european hookers who ask at least 100 euros + room. I hear it's still theoretically possible to meet white portuguese hookers, but good luck with that. Plenty of black ones and from Portuguese-speaking Africa. The shemales ("travestis" in Portuguese) streetwalkers are NOT usually on Avenida Duque de Loule', but rather on the bend of the parallel Avenida Conde Redondo, near where there are shitty boarding houses renting fuck rooms for 20 euros a pop. They are all NOT attractive or they would not need to be offering 20 euros blowjobs to passers by (as opposed to connecting over the phone as the sexy ones do). Most of them are also heroine addicts and likely HIV+. check them out here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/luizcarvalho/sets/72157613998256491/ The websites listed by P&G are a good source, but you can get much lower prices for the same providers if you look them up on the Lisbon morning papers that have prostitution classifieds organized by area of the country. The prices are advertised upfront but the pics may or may not be what you get. There is no shemales club I know of, but there is a tranvestites show bar called "Finalmente Club" where you may meet in person some Brazilians in transit and also Portuguese non-pros in their 30s and older with no feminine characteristics other than the dresses. No thanks. The action also starts so late midnight onwards that it is a waste of time to go there just to watch. To sum up I would say Portugal is a good place to get great rates on the Brazilian superstars, but if you have been spoiled by Asian ladyboys it will feel just as commercial as the rest of Europe.
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    Didn’t you try this pic in another thread? whats your point, the girls are doing ok and so is the bar, antagonism by a drive pic? Grow up.
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    It may not be the end of the world, but China is taking the necessary precautions in the event it does spread like SARS did. Quarantine is one way to reduce the spread until they determine an effective treatment for the virus.
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    Well, here is Sophia in her "working" gear at Fantasy last night. The doc did do a great job. I think I might go back there very soon!. (don't know how she got those red things to stick there?.)
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    Excellent photo-journalism! Interesting shot of the girl wearing a Fuck You shirt to a religious festival.
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    Jada says...’welcome’.
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    China Reports Over 1,280 Coronavirus Cases, Death Toll At 41 What I don't know so far by reading any of the articles is what is the mortality rate?
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    Pattaya three finest, in my humble opinion.
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    Actually I kinda like the MSM telling you the stuff like you have to be careful of it. Better than just ignoring it or sugar coating it. I paid attention to SARS in 2003 but I didn't to MERS since media ignored that and was all into election fever. One of the flights I took to Thailand at the time was Emirates and there were 2 people coughing like hell on the plane. I ignored it.. but when I reached Patts, I was sick for a week.. really sick.. not some type of cold that Tylenol/ Sara could cure and I made my ladyboys sick too. It might have been MERS but I just don't know.
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    I lost the the departure card during my last but one trip in Thailand. I departed on the next day to Siem Reap and realized I had made a mistake. No panic, I warned the Air Asia officer (you know well dressed ladies with a white shirt always ready to help you) Dong Mueang and she just provided another Departure card. This is probably what your friend should do.
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    With so much bullshit and propaganda in the MSM, it’s very difficult, if not outright impossible, to know wtf is actually going on. Is this just more of the usual fear porn (I suspect it is) or are we looking at potentially massively lethal global pandemic? I sure as hell have no definitive idea.
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    Your are correct sir. The Pinoy ladyboys are at the bottom of the Philippines social barrel (which is a poverty filled barrel) and they are openly mocked and excluded as freaks. To give you an example: they are barred from AC's Walking Street and from several of the hotels. The fact that they persevere with their femininity despite such adversity and economic handicaps is what I admire about them. Like a fellow outcast. Agree. And I wish there was also an HONOR AMONG MONGERS code. Instead bitching and snitching is the code that emanates from the trendsetting PY realm. I dont think I can even recognize that one. Britishaccentwise, I can only do posh, Liverpool-Beatles, Irish and exaggerated Scottish. But my English-accent specialty is the Indian accent that seems ingrained in my vocal cords and when I do it even the Indians crack up. YES! I did barfine Mint on the cheap shortly after she showed up (2003-04???) at the Tequila bar in pre-Jimbo Patong. Most mesmerizing sissy I ever did pork. Skinny as a rail with that sinewy cock that is big all right but not as big as it seems in the pics (the oversizing reference being her adjacent legs that are abnormally skinny and not as long as their thinness makes it seem). At the time, Mint wanted to stay with me beyond LT, but like a fool I butterflied. Have some print pics of her stashed away in Europe. Must remember to scan them and share here at The Romscars Club. Jaguars have spots? spot on seven. (How's that for a triple pun?) I too can not stand the condescension of PY's Clique sexpats who just because they live in Thailand year round deem their own ladyboy experiences more genuine than those of come-and-go visitors like me. The indisputable fact is that it's them who jump off the balconies, not the 2 week millionaires... As to the pic that so offended the Jaguass, FGS! it's a tight butt wedged with concert tickets that I wanted to show because they are DATED for an upcoming concert so everyone can confirm that my reporting is timely and truthful. ...And speaking of my reporting, so much has happened in the 24 hours I have been away from Manila that I don't even know where to start. I don't have the discipline or interest of a snoop-dawg or ozzieC to give a blow-by-blow factual account of events. As intended, this is a non-TR with selected flashes from my current trip. Here are some flashes from the last 24 hours: I swear the little fuckers were doing it cowgirl style. But as I got closer to take a pic the she-pig got off. Sadly, one of them would be a goner just half an hour later... And please PY emissaries don't you boys get your panties in a wad. Nobody in these pics got shafted but the pig...
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    WHAT IS THE CHANCE ? So on my previous post, I put a photo of a ladyboy giving me a foot massage. While she was doing this another came up, put her phone in my face with a photo of me. I wondered where she got it. Now as you know I broke up with Palmmy January 2019, after 5 years. It turned out this was Pui, who was Palmmy's roomate in Pattaya, I spent time with her and David her Australian BF (they broke up in 2018) when in Patts 3 years ago. So nothing great, but what is the chance of going into a massage parlour, far end of Buakhao and finding your ex-partner's roomate. If I had been looking for her, would I ever have found her. She tells me Palmmy has left the village and returned to work in Phuket. I felt rather sad, as I had hoped I had set her up for good with the farm and market in her village. So, she would never have to work again, but then then the best laid palns of mice and men as they say. Pui says Palmm's problem was she drank a lot everyday, so that explained a few things. Just goes to show the old English saying "More people see Tom Fool, than Tom Fool sees". Wish i had taken a note of the name of the parlour, as at least 2 LB work there. The one in this first photo, did promise me some fun and a great bj if I wanted, but in line with this trip the spectre of hospital raised its ugly head and I declined. Photos (never have worked out how caption the actual photo anyone help me?) Ladyboy masseur (not down loading) Pui January 2020 (not down loading) Palmmy & Pui 2017 Ps the shop is past Nikkys on that side of Soi Baukhao, next to a bar before the road bends to the left and the Dania/Action Street all the staff wear the yellow Tshirts pss I have no problem on LBP so why a problem on here, bit of a waste of time if you trying to report and cannot downloads portaits, site programme must be lacking something
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    Switzerland One website for the French speaking Switzerland : https://sex4u.ch/fr/suisse/trans It's an escort website with a transsexual section. Click on "Trans" to get it. French speaking Swiss use another website to date ( https://www.anibis.ch/ ) but it's a general adds website and it's almost impossible to hook up unless you actually live in Switzerland. One website for the German speaking Switzerland : https://www.and6.com/escorts/trans Exactly as for sex4u, it's an escort website with a tranny section. Click on "Trans" to get it. When looking for further information, I found another similar website : https://www.kauf6.com/de/filter/country/schweiz/category/transen-shemale This website gathers adds for Switzerland 5German speaking Switzerland), Germany and Austria. I have just discovered it. Street prostitution is prohibited in Switzerland unless otherwise authorized by local laws (at County level). BTW, I saw only a Bosnian tranny one in Lausanne. Usual prices are CHF 200,- or CHF 300,- for 1 hour (CHF 100,- /CHF 200,- for half an hour). Switzerland offered competitive prices at the time the exchange rate was 1CHF = 0.60 €. Now 1 CHF reached 0.96 €, so prices are no longer competitive. In Geneva, boastful shemales asking for CHF 300,- lost their clientele. In the German Switzerland, prices sometimes reach CHF 300,- or 400,- especially with Thai shemales. The few Thai shemales I saw are old with athletic body. Nevertheless, the vast majority of shemales are latinas. A couple of reviews : 1) Thai Haus : I once found a Thai shemale in Bern (in 2006 or 2007). I managed to contact her and I went to her address. At that time, she had customers in 2 cities (Bern and Biel). I found myself in a small building with only Thai hookers. This is what they call "Thai Haus" in German. I discovered later such houses existed in Switzerland, South Germany and Austria. On each door, porn photos with Aisan girls were placarded. As my shemale was not here, I asked for a ladyboy. I was introduced to a very beautiful model, 20 yo, prettier than all I had seen in Asian-TS at that time. She bargained CHF 200,- for 30 minutes. Ouch ! It took her time to get prepared. I was then proposed another ladyboy, 2 meters high (including boots with high heels and a whig). I turned down. My ladyboy eventually found an apartment, took her money and rushed to the bathroom and stayed locked at least 10 minutes. Once in the bed, no kiss, no BJ, just a fuck in the same position, she was half sitting half lying on her back. That was my first image of ladyboys IRL : extremely beautiful but fearing sex. 2) Lausanne : I found a Thai mamasan in sex4u san a few years later in Lausanne. She had a GG and a ladyboy. The ladyboy looked OK. She seemed in a hurry to start playing, then saw my cock and tried to make a handjob instead of sex as if she thought my cock was too big. I had to insist again and again so I could fuck her. She was shaking like a leaf, trembling as if it had been her first shag. It didn't last long and she said "Bye bye" after 20 minutes. I reminded her I had paid for 1 hour and she had to take care of me till the needle would show 35 past the hour. She started a blow/hand job with her eyes staring more at the clock than my body. All that she feared was a second shag. It had been an unpleasant time for me. I decided to let her over me for a second shag but she wasn't that hot. When the needle showed 35, she stopped like a student at the end of a lesson. After I showered, she came to me smiling, hoping for a next visit. A couple of years later, I saw an add at the same place and called the mamasan. I asked her if she had a ladyboy for me. She answered "ladyboys are too much troubles. I have only girls".
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    Bom still at the helm...
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    Wee Pa will take care...
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