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  1. Why is it such a concern to you rom ?. Not your problem is it ?. Seems you have some personal agenda with certain bar owners as well, along with your usual bitchy snipe's, digs, at the mods n guys at LBP forum. Who know far to much about you, and as you realise for your discomfort it is far from complimentary. So you come on to this nice forum to vent your anger and hate towards all who did not dance to your tune. Think i am not wrong. This is turning into a platform just to feed your hurt feelings an failure of what you tried to get away with at LBP. You are the type of person that would enjoy n revell in possible failure of certain bars so you can just gloat Seems more like spiteful vindictiveness on your part. All because they are strong enough characters to stand up to you. An point out your sort of custom is not what they want or need. Rgds soidog.
  2. Okay the situation could of been handled with more tact n diplomacy by thai airways ground staff. But bottom line is due to the seat belt restriction in premier cabin , the only way the 3 tubbys could travel safely is in economy where the seat belt could fit them. End of. Sure we have all experienced a fatty sitting next to us. Nothing worse than on a long haul flight an invasion of your personal space as the body mass creeps over to your seat space. Just by being next to them seems all your movements are restricted by their bulk. Not a great travelling experience. Am all for airlines imposing a fat tax on people that are obese. As the heavier the aircraft the more fuel it will use. So why should those of us who are just a few kilo overweight and of more normal proportions subsidise the Mr n Mrs Blobby of the world and endure cramped seating. Am also in favour of making them all sit next to each other. British Airways start s new summer schedules in April.2020. Have been reliably informed that some time in June they are going to be operating the Dreamliner 787 -9 on the Bangkok route instead of the 777. Will be a 4 tier service. First class, buissines class , premier economy and cattle class. Not sure how the seating will be configured.for each cabin. Think this will be an improvement. Rgds soidog. .
  3. Yes she is. Has been confirmed by jimmy 69 little boss of 69 bar. Rgds soidog.
  4. Bumble.........Find that very odd your bruv did not get the TM 6 ( arrival / departure card ) as they are all one. Immigration officer keeps the arrival section that must be filled in and handed over with passport on arrival. Officer then tears the small perforated section off ( departure ) and returns to you..My guess is he lost. Absolutely no problem if checking in to other accommodation during his stay. They only need passport which they take a photocopy of personal details page that has your photo on. Why would they want to see his departure card ?. The relevant stamp is in passport allowing you admission to stay in the kingdom. When you depart Thailand is of no concern to hotel / guest house proprietor. I have a spare TM 6 at the house. Am back in jomtien early part of next week. Will drop down to katty bar and leave behind bar if you want to collect.. Rgds soidog.
  5. Congratulations Toolnosher. Many dream and aspire to make the move but never do. You are ballsy enough to make it. I quite understand your trepidation it is a heady mix of excitement and slight nervousness. At least you have Mrs nosher here when you arrive. Think it will be a totally different experience living up the jungle. You being the only farang in the village. Good idea you return to the sewer every few months for a bit of respite from farm life. Keep you sane. Now have over 13 years living in the kingdom. An amazing country n people still learning new things all the time. Will never profess to know it all. The adventure you are embarking on at times will be a roller coaster ride of ups n downs. As long as the ups are more than the downs you will enjoy. I have had no regrets. You / we will make mistakes i still am. Probably the first year will be the hardest in so many ways. Also the most expensive. Look forward to seeing you again at some point. Rgds soidog. PS...... noticed your post ( katty bar ) BM Seven.......... before it got amended by moderation. Sorry to dissapoint you i will be returning soon . So bad luck.
  6. An well deserved it is to. This little thai owned bar, with no farang money backer consistently punches above it's weight. Emmy is a gracious host an unlike some bar owners is not a greedy person. Always enthusiastic to meet new BMs. Loves to host the popular meet n greets. Look out for one to be announced very soon. Her staff are extremely loyal to the boss and an a friendly bunch. If you do not have a good time here, you only have yourself to blame. I / we know Emmy and this little oasis of pleasure has it's detractors. Think this is done out of spite as a dig at some of the regular patrons who frequent this establishment. You know who you are. An your custom is not missed. Will not say no more. I look forward to returning here in a couple of weeks. Am back to Blighty on Wednesday for a short visit. Rgds soidog.
  7. How odd bizzguy111 a member on here since 2012 has only 15 posts and most of the have come in a flurry over the past week. (please check his profile if you do not believe me) An the majority of this is to slag off off bars, the owners, and the PY forum. His laughable statement of he will hit them financially by refusing to patronise an not bring his little friends to such establishments must have them running scared an positively shaking with fear that this big spender will carry out this threat. Doubt your custom n attitude will be missed. Wonder what sparked you up to be so vociferous ?.Care to tell ?. You say in an above post he influences moderators on the Pyongyang board. Please give examples, so we can judge or shut up. As you are starting to make yourself sound a tad silly. I like bars be they girly/ LB / or mixed. I have no allegiance to any, I know most of the owners of many bars that are mentioned on both forums. They all do a sterling job in a very niche LB market trying to promote an provide for us a great source of fun and entertainment. Your negativity towards them is astounding. Rgds soihound on here........but soidog on the PY forum.
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