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  2. EVERYBODY LOVES QUICKIES "Quickies" with a total stranger are like found gold. I had intimated to her that I could pay her money, but she didn't want that. She was DTF..... Down to Fuck. Not for money....but because she, just like me, wanted to get her rocks off and blow her load. I had a full day of meetings.... let me think 'cancel quickie with hot babe, or cancel a succession of Zoom calls and other meetings'? This was an easy decision. A flury of emails and texts started flying from my phone to people around the world who I was suppose to meet with that day. Fuck you....good bye....see you next time. I have a hot Black Trans woman coming over and thats more important to me than a 45 min meeting with you over Zoom! She followed up on that original request earlier that week and asked again to see a picture of my cock. Since I didn't have one I figured I could take my time in the shower to stroke my self to a respectable chub and snap a quick dick pic to send. And I did need to squeeze in at least two important calls..... take shower..... douche my ass..... and get the house in shape for a guest.... and send her a half-respectable dick pic ...... all within 40 minutes before she arrived. That's when real execution comes to play; Jedi Level Execution. The Sith went into action.... taking Zoom meetings with the camera off so they didn't see I'm nude and multi tasking important business talks while trimming my balls and shaving my face. I live for this type of thing. I was thinking to myself while operating the Bum Gun...'come on Sith.... her cock is massive.... pump that water in your shitter' I also was trying to stroke my cock to get this girl a nice snap, but the pressure to multi task was getting in the way of getting a full boner.... so I figured a semi chub would have to do... I snapped a pic just as I was putting on my pants after showering and sent it to her.... .........she liked it! And was on the way. I barely had enough time to change..... and started to tidy up the house....and had a bag of oil, sex toys and condoms I was taking from my bed room to the living room...... and all of a sudden I heard a knock on the door. 'How could she have gotten here so fast?' I wondered. I hid the bag behind the door. It was pouring rain outside and my place is not that easy to find. I opened the door...... and there standing in the rain was a stunning.... towering.... beautiful woman with a hot shapely body, wearing a white cotton see thru dress and under neath it I could see an aqua blue bikini. She had dread locks running all the way down past her ass and hips and legs for days! Oh my God I thought!! What a babe. I was stunned. Then she spoke. The most beautiful feminine voice with a smile that totally knocked me over with her feminine effervescent energy. I felt like a school boy seeing a girl I instantly fell for. I was actually speechless for a second. "Hi Sith?" "Yes.... I can't believe you got here so fast. Do you need money for the taxi? It was actually her rental car parked in front. Ok come on in and get out of the rain!"
  3. MONDAY MORNING SURPRISE! It was Monday and I had previously scheduled a threesome with two ultra foxy Colombian GG prostitutes. Maybe they were semi pro.... but they charged like prostitutes and I had to make the moment count. The Sith is currently in the middle of a multi Trans, Multi GG fuckathon. Last week I had just completed a tremendous day of beach, dancing, and fucking with a Cuban Femboy with a solid sized tool. I had so much fun and came so hard that I felt satiated for days. A couple of days later I had a soiree with a 25 year old GG that turned into a total dud because I could not be arsed (as my fellow UK mongers say) about banging her, eventhough she came to my house and was ready to fuck. (Both of these were reported on another thread entitled Big Cock at the Beach under Chronicles of The Sith posted last week). So I subsequently cancelled my scheduled threesome with the Colombian babes. I knew that entering the Dojo with two sultry vixens of steamy Latina blood with my satiated low sex drive and hunger would be like an MMA fighter taking a fight in the Octagon with a broken leg.... it would be a massacre. Trying to go thru the motions with condoms and lack luster enthusiasm while the clock was ticking on the meter just wasn't the confidence boost The Sith wanted to subject himself to at this stage. I have to confess... I do fuck some GGs that are on the Amatuer side bareback. But these girls felt too "Pro" to risk that. These hot blooded Colombian babes should be greeted by The Sith like a stud horse denied sexual relief for weeks...and the top of his game. Not in my current state where I would be 'dialing it in' for a threesome scenario most mortal men could only fantasize about and never ever experience in the real world. It would have been an insult to good sex everywhere and a complete waste of Benjamin's (not to mention Jimmy Hats). So I cancelled the "Threesome Date" on Friday....opting for several days of just resting my dick and balls before ringing these two girls up for a rescheduled rendezvous. Yet to my surprise.... the most pleasant I believe of my entire 2022 season.... I get a text first thing Monday morning from a lovely Black American trans girl I had been courting on Tinder the week earlier. She was in Florida for holidays and we kind of vibed when texting. Early last week, she sent me a picture of her meat. And asked if i could handle it. It was definitely nice..... and im not going to say it was a monster...... but The Sith cut his teeth in South East Asia where Bell-Ends lag behind the global Bell Curve in terms of size...... and even an average cock with African descent would beat out most of the ASEAN girls. [side note...@Rom I think your next story should be titled "For Whom the Bell-End Tolls"] Dara, the Cuban Latina Trans i had shagged this week had a good sized tool (see Big Cock at the Beach report). But this Black Beauty was another shoe size higher, including sheer girth. I gulped when I saw it..... told her I would have trouble finding a place to fit it. Maybe I can just suck it off..... and avoid the back stage damage. She asked me to send a picture of my tool. I didn't send. I don't keep photos of my rod laying around because most GGs don't like dick photos and Trans are already horny enuff and typically on the payroll. So no need to keep a collection at the ready. She went silent for the next several days....eventhough I shot her a couple of messages during that time to see if she was game to fuck. After 5 days of silence, after me lobbing in probatory texts to guage her interest...... I had sadly concluded she had blown me off. Such are the perils of sex for sport. Babe Ruth, the greatest Home Run hitter in major league baseball history was also the league leader for most strike outs. Yet this Monday morning 8:25am..... I suddenly get a text from her. And for some reason I checked my phone exactly at the right time to respond to have a real time convo and strike while the Black iron was hot.
  4. EVERYBODY LOVES BIG BLACK COCK Blonde women from Beverly Hills love Big Black Cock. High-school girls in France get curious about Big Black Cock Those with a Cuckhold Fetish like to include a Big Black Cock...or three! Japanese Men and Women everywhere worship Big Black Cock Even straight white men send memes to each other about Big Black Cock! Big Black Cocks are iconic globally. And lots of fun. But how about when a Big Black Cock is attached to a beautiful woman? Now you are talking The Sith's language!
  5. BIG COCK AT THE BEACH ADDENDUM II Today I was suppose to have a threesome with two sexy GG Colombians but I called it off because I thought my desire wasn't sufficient to put in a good "rogering" for two sexy vixens. But something else happened. A hot Black/Pacific Islander trans woman was in town on holidays and we had been communicating. She stopped responding a few days ago, so I assumed she wasn't interested. Then this morning she wrote me and said she wished she had seen the texts because her flight was leaving at 6pm today. I said...."my house is on the way to the airport so why don't you come over for a quickie!" Guess what? she did. She is hot. And she is Hung. Who doesn't like a BIG BLACK COCK? Even straight white and Asian guys honor them. And so did The Sith today! I tried to give her money but she totally refused. It was amazing and more evidence on the differences of LBs vs GGs. What hot GG is going to drop by a guy's house 26 years older for a free quickie on the way to the airport? I'll post a quick report about her later under a new thread......I still have cum in my hair from her massive load.
  6. Yes totally correct. GGs get lazy and spoiled. LBs strive for their dreams....to be sexy to men. In Thailand definitely GGs need to watch out for LBs and even more so when its P4P. LBs are a major money suck away from the GG P4P scene. In other places.... Trans women don't even register as competitors. And if they ever did.... the Trans and the men who love them would be "shamed" to eliminate the competition. Just like when GGs hand out the pussy freely and thus reduce the market pussy value.... these women get "shamed" as being "sluts". i love sluts. No shame in being one.
  7. This reminds me of a discussion I had with my first ladyboy in Thailand. Pussy girls don't care. They know they have a pussy, so it's upposed to be well enough to attract males. When watching the pics you've posted, I think the Colombian shemale looks better. GGs should be carefull of TS competitors.
  8. Addendum to Big Cock at the Beach: My next adventure was with a 25 year old cute GG who seemed a lot of fun. Luckily I set two prices with her..... the whole day together (about 8 to 9 hours) and $450 if we shag and $200 if we don't. That's the advantage of dealing with Amatuers... way cheaper than Pros and you can also have a fee for just hanging out. Just in case you don't vibe..... there are no Go Go Bars like we have in Thailand where I live so it's usually "you order it, you bought it." This two tier structure in the payment The Sith sometimes does allows for you to see if you like it.... like the over-priced drinks you pay for yourself and girls a like at the bars in LOS. And it also gives the truly amatuer girls a chance to feel like they have options too. When we met I asked her if she wanted something at the grocery store (the one I met Dara the Trans at a couple of days earlier). "Get me some Visine.... my eyes are red from partying the night before". This girl was hung over from boozing hard the night before.... and her face showed it. She looked cute in her photos but up close her face looked ttired. Skin and teeth not the freshest. Her tits a little floppy.... She was cool enough and we had a good time, but all we did was kiss and fool around a bit. She reminded me of me when i was 25..... a total animal of boozing hard the night before and then trying to be functional the next day..... looking like shit. Even when i fingered her the smell of the poon could have been better. Thats the downside of being with an Amatuer i guess. Pros mostly make sure their pussy smells fresh and clean. I never developed a desire to fuck this GG that day and by default....I took the lower fee option. We just never clicked. I think the time with Dara was so intense that it totally satiated me. Even as a write this..... I feel so satisfied that I have no desire to seek out pussy. In my 20s and 30s.... i would have fucked anything at any moment. But now i had a willing 25 year old GG who was topless with me drinking beers and listening to music at my house ready to get fucked...... and i didnt feel like closing it. In fact I have a three some with two Colombian GGs planned for Monday. I'm canceling! Actually I'm postponing. You can't go into the Dojo with two sexy Colombian whores for a threesome and not have the hunger to fuck them into next week. It's a waste of money and time and would not be good for ego or confidence to be Luke warm desire in that moment. Score another victory for the LBs vs GGs. I think the GG was more attractive that Dara and she was younger too (25 GG vs 30 LB) ..... but the care of aesthetics was way higher with the LB. The professionalism and sheer hunger for having fun and having sex with me was higher with the LB. The sexual novelty and variety was also better with the LB. And after a full day of fun and sex with Dara, I feel like the end of rampage at Nana or Buakhao. Like it can tide me over for a while. Call it age. Or maybe it's guys like us who parachuted in to LOS for sex missions for decades....we learn to live like camels..... fill up with LB ass while on the ground to store up for the drought back at home. The GG rendezvous this week was just hanging out at my place on a rainy day and pretty much a dud. The Trans rendezvous this week was a Big Cock at the Beach that rocked my world big time and has me still buzzing!
  9. you mean learn about the new trend for American trans women to let their package buldge out? In some ways it's a good development. Especially if you can get them horny on a date and get it to stick out.
  10. perfect for me..... I would go with a gaggle of sexy LBs. We can have a LBReview event there. Every BM has to bring at least one LB to the dance.
  11. You guys can party at a rather new venue, Pattaya beach club , right off of Soi buakhao, next to Tree town. Looks like party heaven!
  12. I really do know how to party. When I get to Pattaya next we can party. Get some sexy bitches and party!!!
  13. Me too. Excellent! Nice! Healthy looking weapon! The Sith knows how to party!
  14. I had to admit that the sight of her Viper at the beach shocked me. I'm more use to Asian LB cocks and girls on hormones. I have seen some bigger tools on American Black Trans and some Latinas and Whites. Dara's wasn't as big as an Amazon I was with 18 months earlier.....i reported on that sexy momma before. But Dara's member.....for someone that thin was surprising large. Below is a picture of the Amazon owner of the biggest tool I had in the past 2 years....which beats Dara. Dara is high metabolism and wants to get down. At home we went to my pool.... me totally nude and her still in her bikini. She sucked me by the side of the pool. And then I jumped in the pool and returned the favor while she sat on the side ledge with her legs spread and dangling in the water. This was a lot of fun..... blowing a sexy trans while in the pool. She was going to cum and wanted to save it for the fucking. I took her into my place and she pulled out a flesh light and jacked me off with it. She has a sweet video she sent me of her fucking a flesh light.... but I don't know how to post videos on LBR. If there is a trick to it.... please DM me. She straddled me while i was on the couch and rode my cock while I had my boner...... her rod was flapping up and down as she bounced on my dick. Dara was really grinding into me and making sure her ass ate up the entire length of my cock....from base to tip. But I wanted her tool to fuck me too..... she bent me over and fucked me for about 10 mins....it was all I could take. But it was really good. Anal fun has become a big part of my sexual universe now..... i find that when i include my own anal stimulation into the action, my pleasure and climaxes are multipled by more than 2x..... its like 5x or even more. And so with the combo of cuming from penis stimulation and also having some anal stimulation...whether a finger, a cock or a toy, my sexual pleasure game has elevated. I don't think I have the masochistic feeling PG was talking about in an earlier post.... but I do find that sexual release and orgasm is a great way for me to release negative energy and stress.....and put me in a relaxed and chill mood that lasts for days! Normally i get this thru an actual orgasm but i could feel some of this release while she was ramming her tool in my ass...... i could feel releasing stress energy, plus the pleasure. We then put on some porn and jacked each other off to it. We watched an orgy scene which was very hot. We both liked it and both of our orgasms were gigantic..... especially mine. I really enjoyed the moment and felt totally depleted after. Sometimes just masturbating to porn with your partner is more satisfying than even sex with them. It was certainly the case this time. I can't say that I really clicked with Dara sexually. I think she was too masculine for me.... not enough curves. But her cock was amazing and that's the paradox. I would have liked her better if she was more female, but also I liked her more because she was more male.... a bigger dick and also super fun at the beach doing stuff a GG would normally not do. Yet the vibe of everything was so good and my sexual satisfaction was top and so I have to give her credit. I even paid her a little extra. She wrote me today to thank me for that because she is going to use it to get a nose job. Great idea! I told her i wanted to see her after that. I would repeat with Dara. Today..... after getting some rest..... I'll be back at it with a cute 25 year old GG. She is coming over in about 30 minutes for some fun. Never met her before but she seems good positive vibes and cute too. I love having a good time with sexy babes. It's definitely one of my top joys in life.
  15. Jacking each other off in the sunshine in a semi public location was hot.... she stepped back and had some oil in her purse.... and started stroking me really slowly. I did the same with her. It was hot and lots of fun. We decided to head to another part of the beach and found a small beach party happening with EDM and young people dancing. I guess it really was summer now. This crowd didn't care I was with a semi passable trans women.... and Dara looked really cool at the party. Large silver shades and tall sleek body. If someone looked carefully, it was clear "she" was a "he" and her cock wasn't properly tucked any more showing a hefty bulge in her bikini bottom. Revealing the Buldge is a new trend I find with American trans women.... they no longer tuck and many flaunt the buldge, including when in bikinis. I guess it's a political statement or an expression..... and I think it's cool. She told me she goes to the beach parties and wears a skirt with no underwear whatsoever so her cock hangs out a bit. That would be nice to see but she had her bikini bottoms on so I didn't get to see that on this date. After an hour of dancing and having fun there we went back to my place. Sex Time!
  16. I met Dara at a local grocery store in a mall complex. She was by the grocery carts. Damn..... she didn't look as passable as she appeared in photos. She was sleek, without many curves. In a super sexy outfit.... pink top covering a stuffed bra. And a large schnoz on her face which revealed she may not be a woman. Her white skirt was right up to where a nut sac would naturally hang.....if it hadn't been tucked away with the rest of the veg and meat. She had chopped off the dreadlocks unfortunately because it was getting hotter outside. I love the dreadlock look on babes. "Oh damn..... could someone spot me? ..this is the grocery I come to regularly" I thought as I approached her. "woah! is that my maid?" I asked myself? No it was just some other fat and short Puerto Rican woman by the store entrance. 10 years ago it would have been unthinkable for me to walk local streets with a trans. Let alone one dressed in the middle of the day like a whore. At the local grocery. But now The Sith just doesn't give a fuck. I walked up to her and gave her a big kiss and said "let's get some food and drinks for the beach" We were getting the occasional stare.... first at her and then at me....especially by guys. I kind of thought it was fun. She put on her covid mask.... which is rare around these parts. The black designer mask covered her schnoz and made her look more appealing. Like a Muslim prostitute. When we got to the beach Dara changed in the changing rooms into her sexy bikini/one piece. Her totally flat tits looked fantastic in the black bikini top. And her dick was tucked into a black one piece bottom and she had a tiny mini skirt covering that. Sexy! We hung out on the beach....had a few drinks and smoked weed. She said it was her first time smoking weed..... at 30 thats pretty rare too. So we only did a little and she liked it. We were pretty horny... she started playing w my cock at the beach and I suggested we try to find a place more private. Behind the dressing rooms was a good choice.... we started kissing behind them...rubbing cock to cock. I exposed her flat tits and started sucking them. Both of us getting harder. I inserted fingers in her ass and kissed her neck. She was getting harder now.... she pulled her dick from under her bikini bottom..... WOW.... it was a weapon that looked way bigger in real life than her pictures. Maybe because I was seeing it from a different angle than her pictures but it was super solid and rock hard. I spit in my hand and started stroking it. She pulled put my cock and did the same.... we were rubbing cock to cock and stroking each other in a semi public space. Some thing you avoid in Thailand but is doable in some places in the US..... except for maybe with a trans hooker.
  17. The Sith is on a multi-week, multi-Tranny and multi-GG rampage. It's June and there are bikinis and beaches and bitches everywhere! I had made an arrangement with Dara, a Trans of Cuban background to meet up in the day time and hit the beach and then go back to my place for some sex. But The Sith got lucky....some of the action started even before we left the beach. She had sent me pictures to solidify our deal and I posted them on this site under another thread. Dara is thin, smooth skin, big dick, and with dread locks. I like all of the above.... but I like some baby fat on the girls too. Yet I never imagined her dick was even bigger in real life than how it looks in pictures. It was amazing. Yet poor girl had a "male" wider nose ....which diminished the feminine beauty she had elsewhere. And she is 30 years old.....which by Sith standards is 'granny range'. But I was willing to let standards slip because of her rod.
  18. @Pdoggg You won this contest and I owe you a few round of beers next time I'm in Pattaya....assuming that's where you are now.
  19. Trap/Trans or LB or GG 1. TRAP Black American (nice hard cock) 2. Asian Femboy 3. Asian Femboy - Turned into LB later 4. Asian LB - biggest cock amongst all girls in the pictures! I wrote a Trip Report about a foursome I had with these three girls from KRUs 5. Asian GG (notice the peach?) 6. Asian LB from Casanova in Nana 7. Femboy Amatuer who called herself Lady Sith! I wrote a Trip Report about this GG LB LB Sith foursome 8. Sexy Florida Feminine GG (I can say that with all the sex I have had in my life.... LB and GG.... no girl has made me orgasm harder than this girl.... each and everytime I think I might actually die she makes me cum so hard....what a minx! And look at that body!!!) 9. GG Tom - see that nice peach? she is a hot short hair Tom girl amatuer who I still see every once in a while. I offer her money...... but she always refuses. CHRONICLES OF THE SITH are about intimate fun with Feminine babes......... in all of its gradiations and physical, geographic and racial forms.
  20. I've had way more luck taking pictures of Asian LBs and GGs and the occasional Western GG. But my whole shtick requires a ton of rapport with the GFE tranny.....so snaps ruin it. that clock camera or the Teddy Bear with the suspicious eye just ain't my thing. Partially because the quality of the pictures and the angles are not up to par. BTW, when did you start calling the girls ”he”? and why? and where is the classic black wrist band in that clandestine picture?

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