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Journey Down the Dark Side....... if you dare.
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  2. @Pdoggg You won this contest and I owe you a few round of beers next time I'm in Pattaya....assuming that's where you are now.
  3. Trap/Trans or LB or GG 1. TRAP Black American (nice hard cock) 2. Asian Femboy 3. Asian Femboy - Turned into LB later 4. Asian LB - biggest cock amongst all girls in the pictures! I wrote a Trip Report about a foursome I had with these three girls from KRUs 5. Asian GG (notice the peach?) 6. Asian LB from Casanova in Nana 7. Femboy Amatuer who called herself Lady Sith! I wrote a Trip Report about this GG LB LB Sith foursome 8. Sexy Florida Feminine GG (I can say that with all the sex I have had in my life.... LB and GG.... no girl has made me orgasm harder than this girl.... each and everytime I think I might actually die she makes me cum so hard....what a minx! And look at that body!!!) 9. GG Tom - see that nice peach? she is a hot short hair Tom girl amatuer who I still see every once in a while. I offer her money...... but she always refuses. CHRONICLES OF THE SITH are about intimate fun with Feminine babes......... in all of its gradiations and physical, geographic and racial forms.
  4. I've had way more luck taking pictures of Asian LBs and GGs and the occasional Western GG. But my whole shtick requires a ton of rapport with the GFE tranny.....so snaps ruin it. that clock camera or the Teddy Bear with the suspicious eye just ain't my thing. Partially because the quality of the pictures and the angles are not up to par. BTW, when did you start calling the girls ”he”? and why? and where is the classic black wrist band in that clandestine picture?
  5. thanks The-Sith. The last thing I want is for you to hamper your traps experience because of a dare some dude you never even met (me!) made online. Intimate pictures of sex partners is just something that I do NOT force only steer by building sexual tension ALONG WITH trust with them. Sometimes it's just a matter of luck or timing. I took all kinds of eagerly posed sex pics with Nancy (horse cock) when he first popped into the scene (2004-5?) and then after he got back from Australia she raised her fist to punch me bc I took one lousy pic of her in bed (out the door she went!). My farang GGs are like that (church lady included) adamantly out of the question at first and then with time some relent to the extent they are comfortable with... be it just undies, legs akimbo, or Rom-impaled in one of their orifices. What else can I say? Get one of those bedside cams that look like alarm clocks or USB chargers, and PARTY ON!
  6. @Rom I'm trying to snap pictures of some of these Western Trans babes and it's been difficult. They don't want it. And in the times I've done it, even when they are clothed, it totally ruins the trust and rapport developed and hurts the entire experience...... I have had more luck on that side with GGs in the West for some reason. Some of the GGs are cool with me taking pictures and videos of them naked, dancing in my living room or naked around the pool or in a hotel room. But everytime I have tried ....either openly, or secretly, with the Trans and Traps, it's failed. And worse yet, it's almost spiraled out of control into a negative scene. I've got some pictures of Shemale Wonder Woman on our second round.... she took them as selfies or I took them of her in her bikini. But not naked. Nothing sexual. I might post a part II reoort to the Anal Adventures of Wonder Woman (if I can find the time). Then I banged this other Femboy Trans who was a lot of fun. We got togethet on Transgender Day of Visibility....I didn't know it was a special day but she informed me midway thru our date.... we hung out the whole day and night (about 15 hours) and had lots of sex and fun. I'll repeat with her too. I'm not going to post a report ..... but it was an amazing time full of sunshine, and cold beer, and cock. I did video her dancing naked by the pool....her body is all thin and sexy and her cock us good sized. But she didn't like it and I had to show her me deleting the video. I'll post pictures below of her. She was super cool and we had a great time. And then the other day I nailed The Goth Trap....which I posted a report about. This Shemale Wonder Woman has really invigorated my love of sexy Trans and Traps. Ive been ripping thru a handful over the past 2 weeks. But in the West..... I'm finding it difficult to snap pics of them.
  7. I always enjoyed the nights I went to them, along with some of the guys of course. The music is not to everyone’s taste, but it reminds me of the soundtrack to travelling around the various markets in the small towns and villages in Issan, I have visited over the years.
  8. attending a Morlam has been on my bucket list and going with some experienced BMs or Ladyboys who can show me the ropes and learn quickly is the way I will do it. And Sangsom and beers are the key to a Femboys heart. Lily is the DJ, so being brought in to the mix by a DJ for a warehouse rave is the best ticket to have.
  9. Sounds great! At Morlams, if you buy a bunch of beer and a bottle of Sangsom, you will have loads of delicious ladyboys in your orbit. Having the imprimatur of the DJ, and buying drinks should insure that you are a high status old guy at the raves. Party on Sith!
  10. She is a DJ for a Goth form of house music called Witch House. She played it for me and it was not my thing, but at least I discovered something new. And she plays at warehouse rave parties, for the underground scene full of Traps and many other social outcasts who flock to the Goth scene. She hangs with a whole cast of trans women who see themselves as ”Witches”. That's pretty cool and she said she would take me to a future rave. That's something I would definitely take her up on......kind of like a Morlum in Isaan....where one might discover a whole new world of Femboys having fun in their own natural habitat. I can only imagine how sexy some of those young Traps would be.... dressing up in their own style getting ready to rave. And a horny guy in his late 50s being brought in by one of the DJs having his pick of the litter. Count me in! I put on my music and she seemed to like it and I got her to do a strip show for me. She looked hot in her fishnets, pale skin and sexy ass cheeks. Then she got on her knees and worked two hands and a hot mouth to give me a crazy blow job. We fantasized that we were at one of her Rave parties and she was a DJ blowing me back stage.... like I was her groupie. I think she had slobbered a pint of saliva all over my cock and lap sucking up my rod..... she really got into it, which I credit the good vibes, music, weed/tequila and the role playing fantasy we were having. It was a primo blow job she gave me....her face, nose ring and make up were totally disheveled because she devoured my cock with her face. And my body had dark stains of her sexy Goth makeup on it. 10/10 for the suck! We took a bit of a break because I needed to calm down a bit after the awesome blow. And drank more tequila. If you can't go to the GoGo Bar to have Lady Drinks in the company of a hot Lady with a dick..... just set up a Go Go Bar at your home or hotel or wherever you are. By now she was totally into it and her real side started coming out.... she was drunk and stoned and feeling really at home. She started talking like Ghetto Bitch.... a black girl from the streets. Just like when many of us get drunk and our original accent from our home town gets sharper.... now, in addition to the Goth Trap she was presenting, her roots of being a Ghetto Bitch sprung forth and now I had a black girl on my hands from the ”Dirty South” (a Hip Hop expression for Rap music from Florida and a few other southern States). As she got more ”herself” she also told me she was a Lesbian. She was attracted to girls.... Tom Girls. All of her relationships are with genetic girls who are masculine dykes. Hot! I have to admit....i am attracted to those girls too..... the ones with short hair and independent.... ”Toms” drive The Sith crazy. I've been fucking this Genetic Girl Tom over the past several months regularly and she is a fun spark plug. See picture below. Lily told me about how she loves fucking her Lesbian bitches and being dominant with them. And most of her girlfriends have been big booty Latinas..... another thing The Sith has in common with her. I am enamored by Latina GG Poontang since 2020..... I go crazy for all forms of Latina poontang. I find it a good feminine substitute to all the Asian pussy i was nailing prior to Covid. Although she is dominant with her girls and thats her natural side....she likes being super submissive with the right guys. And that's where my natural dominant side came in and took over. This is what I was referring to when I talked earlier about wines.... because this new generation of Traps grew up organically on the internet and because you can speak w them with a native language both of us grew up with... now I was savoring a blend of Trap Ghetto Bitch Goth Lesbian. It is a delicious blend of Trans woman that I absolutely had never experienced before, and I definitely could relate to so many of her dimensions. I love that. Next I got her to take off all her clothing..... and her dick popped out. It looked small when flaccid but I touched it lightly and it sprung up to attention quickly. A good sized cock surrounded by a huge tuft of black brown pubes and super pale Goth skin. We did a 69 and she loved having her ass played with and her booty spanked. I kept calling her ”My Bitch” .... (which she said was ok) ....like we were in the Ghetto. I fucked her Ghetto ass and pulled her Ghetto hair and also did my favorite....snoodling/frottage. My chest rubbed against her hormone titties. I had specifically asked her to top me when we made our bargain prior to her coming over to my place.... but we never ended up doing that. I've been really into having Trans fuck me recently, but with this one, who was a natural top, yet so interesting in terms of her psychological and energy make up, I liked being dominant and making her turn into my submissive bitch. I let the dolla bills rain on her ass.......Florida Dirty South stripper style as she shook her ass for me.....and for those Benjamin's. ”My bitches don't wear panties” I instructed her as she was putting on her clothing. So as she was getting dressed to go back home...she took her panties off and put them in her purse. These sexy Traps are emptying my pocket book..... and my nutsac...... and I'm lovin every second of it.
  11. So I went into my rolodex in the South Florida area and found a Trap who I was interested in that i had met on Tinder 5 weeks earlier. She lived about 1.5 hours away north of West Palm Beach.....on an island attached to the mainland of Florida by bridge.........Lily. She is a Trap. 22 years old. And she is also Goth. Kind of like those kids you knew in high-school who dress in black and listen to dark music. We set a price....for 8 hours.... $800 plus taxi (which was expensive bc she lived so far away). But finding girls on Tinder and other dating apps really helps because the escorts were asking for that much, just for 1 to 2 hours. And I'm not into ST.... I always LT. I dig it that Lily has her own style going. She showed up with massive eye lashes and purple and black painted dots on her face and an aggressive nose ring. She was in all black outfit with sexy fishnet body suit underneath. Total Goth. Total Trap. We hung out..... and smoked weed and drank tequila. Listened to music. She told me she had started transitioning at 12 years of age but didn't start hormones till the age of 20.
  12. Traps are the hottest thing taking over the third-gender world. Traps have become pervasive on Twitter and OnlyFans and CosPlay Comicons everywhere in the Western Hemisphere, as well as some of the more Hentai regions of Japan. Covid has pushed The Sith from taking regular sex trips to South East Asia, to now hunting in America and neighboring markets for hot Trans poontang. And what an amazing road of discovery it has been!! The incredible gradiations of Trans in America I am now discovering (i believe) are deeper and more nuanced than Thailand and Philippines (eventhough Trans are way more pervasive in Thailand and an intergral part of Thai society). What I mean by that bold statement is that in SE Asia.... Trans tend to fit into Femboys and Ladyboys and many of them look the same and act and think the same.... but in the US, I'm discovering many more gradiations of Trans women......where the girl just becomes what she wants....as opposed to fitting into one or two buckets that she sees her friends pursuing. Psychologically, especially when the trans woman is a native English speaker and you can talk about super deep subject matters and understand what makes them tick and what they get off on, and I can explain about myself, it's like a wine lover who has only had access to Cabernet and Malbecs, all of a sudden discovering vast vineyards of Merlots and Pinot Noirs, Grenade, Syrahs, Sangioveses from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Napa Valley....etc.... And I would bet, because of the internet, a deep dive into the youth Traps in places like Berlin, London and Sydney would yield the same types of super interesting varieties that grow organically. I was scheduled to meet with this other foxy Trap i had met on Tinder (a great source of Trans pussy if you are willing to swipe thru a sea of sexy GGs too).... she is a 21 year old, tall and thin Cosplay specialist from Fort Lauderdale Florida. We had worked out a week earlier to get together and have a full day and night of fun. She has many outfits to model and we were going to take turns banging each other. She is a bottom but I asked her to be versatile and she said she would try. It was 1 hour before she was to come over to my place and I still hadn't heard from her so my Trans experience was high enough to realize she might be flaking on me. The Sith had cleared the calendar and reserved a full day dedicated to fucking. And didnt want to waste it....so a new girl had to be found. Immediately. I did something I rarely do. Scout the escort sites for a girl. I never do this in the United States bc it's usually the dirtiest clock watchers with bad attitudes; they are antithetical to what The Sith is looking for: Positive vibes and GFE fun. I found a few hot ones....but in my interactions with them... they were not what I was seeking. Responses like ”$700 for 1 hour outcall... maximum 2 hours” were a boner buster for me. .....and surely enough..... I get the message from Cosplay Trap that she felt bad the night before and took Nyquill and slept in late. Missing our 2pm rendezvous. Ok....bye bye to her.
  13. A key with a big key chain, shitty Air Conditioning, extra springy beds and mirrors in lots of places. But none of these seedy hotels in the US compare to the cess pools I've had in Asia. I think the worst was a shed in Koh Samui this Ladyboy took me back to. It felt like the prison guard room of a Vietnamese War movie. I tried to find it years later but could never recreate that incredible seedy scene.
  14. Marvel comics are introducing a trans superhero woman character, and are looking for an actor to fill the role. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2022/04/02/marvel-trans-woman-ironheart/
  15. the ”Am I gay” shit is way too lame for this guy. This thread is more about ”having a good time, all the time” (quote from Spinal Tap). Trans and GGs are different types of experiences.....and I like both. But right now my divining rod is pointing to the trans side. here is my next babe.... met on a Dating App and what i would call the ”Quintasential American Trap”. A tall thin femboy who LOVES cosplay!!
  16. So far I would describe this thread as The-Sith's much more sophisticated recast of a typical PY "Am I gay?" thread... Think about it: he ejects the GG, he ejaculates the tranny and starts a Club devoted to the latter... the message I get is one of a born-again sissy fudgepacker on a journey of self-discovery. While we wait for The-Sith to figure himself out (and for The-Sith to post some EXCLUSIVE pics of his wonder crush) here are some pics of a "ladyboy wonder woman" I googled from the www. Who remembers Gor from Pook Bar like 10 years ago? I remember his cock being way thicker than in these pics...
  17. PDoggg, 100%! This ”Chick With A Dick” rocked my world so much that I think The Sith is on a new trajectory. I was going more towards Team GG for the past year.....but this Wonder Woman Shemale really does rock my world in new ways I didn't know possible. And so I kicked out the GG staying at my house to make room for a Three-Legged variety of girl. And my rampage continues.... I just was with another Trans last night which was awesome. Ride the T-Train Baby!
  18. Pdoggg, excellent process of deduction. Yes #6 has a ballsack, and yes you are right that a quadsome would be way cheaper in Asia and these are Asians (thais). Yet if you look closer at No. 5, you will see a pretty pink peach ready to be bitten. It's a GG. And 6 and 7 are LBs. 7 was a date of mine with an LB in BKK who calls herself ”Lady Sith”! and we were about to fuck at the Landmark and she told me she also wanted to try eating pussy. So I told her the only way this can happen as a 3some is if we get a whore. And I also said if she wanted to get a GG to join.....i also wanted an LB to join and make it a LB LB GG and me Foursome!!........so we put back on our clothing and walked over to Nana and went looking for a GG.....which we found at the Mandarin in Nana Plaza. then we went to Casanova and got Cockasaurus Ladyboy Leo. A foursome with three sexy KRU LBs is fun. But add a GG to the mix and the vibe was definitely different. I found that smooching with the GG, while one LB ate her poon and another LB sucked my schlong was a different energy experience than if it was all LB.... or all GG. so for that picture where everyones stacked up in doggie position.... 5. GG 6. LB 7. LB not easy to get LBs and GGs in the same bed..... but it's a LOT OF FUN.
  19. I live a very quiet life that most mongers would find exceedingly boring so I haven't shagged them. Actually, I have no idea who those girls are and have only been in KrUs and handful of times. I see a ballsack on #6. Quadsomes with Western Traps would be expensive so I figure they are all Asian. It's complicated to arrange quadsomes combining ladies and ladyboys. I have no doubt you could make it happen but I'll guess that 5.6,and 7 are all ladyboys.

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