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  2. I had found the adress of the Thai ladyboy forum in a forum, probably in PY. I have no time now to search old posts buried in PY sh..s. All I remember is that I learned nothing except maybe that many Thai ladyboys aren't those we meet in the p4p scene that we know. I was invited in such a discussion group in Vietnam. The discussion group advertised in a forum. The discussion group was in Telegram. I had also found 3 or 4 Vietnamese ladyboys groups in facebook. It seems to me that our forums2.0 were not used by Asian people when they were developped in Western countries. Since many Asian people use smartphones and no PC, I guessed that they prefer Apps of the late 2010s and 2020s and that they skipped forums. Perhaps, Thai ladyboys don't even use discussion groups but create their own friends networks in Line.
  3. perhaps they do, perhaps they dont,... but it's irrelevant either way if salad tossing the sissy was or will be on the menu.
  4. @Pulci Gorgon how do we infiltrate those groups? I'd love to hear what the LBs are saying. I want to get the inside scoop. For example.... is it true when they go to the bathroom they use the clients toothbrush to clean out their ass?
  5. I felt like telling I disagree at first reading. The ting tong doesn't deserve the money, and I feel pissed off each time I paid upfront or if I'd have to pay to get rid of her. But as Pdoggg said, it's sometimes better to swallow our pride and keep on the pleasurable experience with the other ladyboys. I have no time to post about it today, but it reminded me of my experience with a C&D ladyboy in Phuket. I visited only one Thai ladyboy forum. Ladyboys are very from posting experiences. They are very shy at posting. All I remember was ladyboys advertising for their beauty products. No one commented and no one would argue about any subject. Asian ladyboys seldom use forums. (In Vietnam, they use forums to place adds), but Asian people prefer discussion groups and social networks. I don't think that Thai ladyboys comment their ting tong experience.
  6. exactly. The "extortion fee" to dismiss the Ting Tong Crazies just needs to be amortized over the payment with the other girls. Otherwise shit can get worse really fast. And it's usually not a reasonable person so escalation and fight may be the choice over flight. Ting Tong doesn't accurately describe The Human Centipede experience those three LBs had to endure. I think BaBa Bo Bo better describes it. The Golden Penis experience is closer to Ting Tong. I wonder if those girls posted on LB Only forums about these stories.
  7. Absolutely and sometimes we need to swallow our pride and pay up in order to avoid a really bad outcome. One thing I don't like about Thai Friendly and Escort Services is that there is a risk of a crazy girl showing up. Now a girl that you meet in the bar or on the street could also get crazy in the room but if she is acting crazy at the bar or on the street I can just abort the mission and find someone else. Most of the time that I say ting tong it is also in a playful way as I am just joking around. But I suppose the same could apply to the English word crazy. It could be used to describe Charles Manson craziness but also used to describe college kids who streak around campus.
  8. I don't think so. I'd rather say she liked my 1,000 THB bills. I paid her only 700 THB per day, but I also paid for her drinks and she was ruining me. We would never walk too but take tuk tuks. She mainly wanted a sponsor to pay for her SRS and why not renovation works in the house she inherited from her grandfather. Let me tell you the end of the story. We both caught a call after riding with her scooter motorbike under the rain in the jungle. I was sick first and feared her to be nursing me. I recovered once in Chiang mai but she became sick before I recovered. As we arrived in Ciang Mai with a night bus, she asked the tuk tuk about a cheap price hotel. As she didn't want to get out since she was too tired, I had to go out to get her some medication or go to a travel agency. She wouldn't let me out or she wouldn't sleep in the day unless I had a shower first. She would scratch my back with soap and suck my cock till she made sure my balls were empty (thrice a day). I discovered 2 years later that ladyboys were freelancing in the streets around. She knew it but I didn't see them. As she was going better, she sometimes stood up in the restaurant and scream "krĂș-naa !" when the waitress wouldn't answer my calls and that was my awkward moment when the restaurant was full. I decided to fly back to Bangkok although I feared her behaviour in the airplane. But that was her first time and she still fell sick,so she behaved correctly. As she had stopped drinking alcohol in Chiang Mai, I decided to tip her 4,000 THB when we part at Suvarnabhumi. I had prepared 2,000 in a pocket and another 2,000 in another one. As I told her "now is time to say goodbye", she started crying and complaining we wouldn't see again. Her actress performance was so bad that it was almost pitiful. I had to restrain myself from bursting into laughter. She also complained she needed 2,000 THB to pay a motorbike ride to Mochi bus station then go back to Issan. So I just pulled 2,000 and gave her. (I used the other 2,000 to fuck a GG in BKK on the coming night. The GG I found would have been the perfect model for a 3some with a ladyboy.) Then I went to the skytrain, my ladyboy vaished to pick up the next Bell bus and went back to Pattaya. PS : I discovered 4 years later that Mochi would have been reached faster with the skytrain. I already knew that mixes of hormones sometimes made transsexuals dangerous. I had experienced it in the Bois de Boulogne. I also experienced a few had a really strange behaviour. I'm sad that too many Thai ladyboys are high on yaba. (One more reason to prefer Vietnamese ladyboys.)
  9. My understanding of the Thai expression "Ting Tong" is different than what the anedoctes above underscore. For me "ting tong" is more like "crazy" as in "wild and crazy" than it is "crazy" as in "mental health crazy" or "dangerously Crazy" like The-Sith's Leeya. I should know. I get called "ting tong" a lot and I take it as an amused expression of affection from the sissies. For example: when I write on them with markers they often call me "ting tong", or when they come to my room and can't believe their eyes that I have an extensive cosplay wardrobe at their disposal, or when I played Pokemon Go in the bars, or when we play pool volleyball nude, or reenact the human centipede... they call me "ting tong" or its tagalog equivalent "baliw"... Something ting tong a ladyboy did with me? Once at a Koh Larng beach one was giving me an underwater blowjob (in sight of russkies galore) and would come up gasping for air and I'd push her head right back in the water. I was holding on to one of those black inflated tire tube buoys and with the focus on working up an orgasm my pulled down swim trunks slipped off and just floated away unnoticed. I came out of the water naked holding the black tube around my lower torso... There was also once this ladyboy who had a friend who was collecting farangs from as many different nationalities as she could find in Pattaya and upon learning mine wanted to add me to the collection. I said sure! I'll fuck her for free. And then my ladyboy said: No! You have to pay same same money you pay me. That's when I said: ting tong !
  10. The following Ting Tong LB Experience is kind of dark..... so don't read if you want to stay away from that type of thing. I had organized a LB Foursome at the Landmark in Nana on Sukhimvit about 6 years ago. Foursomes are not that easy to organize so I went for the higher end LB escorts online. One of the girls.... the hottest based on pictures, was Leeya. She is a petite LB in the picture below. She turned out to be totally Ting Tong! The other two are also pictured below. They were cool. Let me say the girls did not look as advertised.... but Leeya did look pretty good..... except for a terrible case of acne or some other skin problems on her face that she tried to cover up. The two other girls showed up at my room first. Their attitude was great and they were punctual etc..... Leeya was 2 hours late and showed up with a really angry attitude. i cant remember all the reasons why but she insisted on being paid more and so i told her she had to leave. She refused and started to threaten getting violent. The other two girls were very cool and told me they thought "Leeya believes she is a SuperStar" and acts really bad to customers and other girls. The Sith was in a precarious position. I was juggling a foursome and didn't want to kill the vibe with the other two LBs..... while I also refused to be extorted by this girl....so I was taking a tough approach with Leeya who was totally EXPLOSIVE and ready to fight. I could physically remove her myself...which would have caused a violent fight and destroy the vibe. And whatever other repercussions related to that. I needed to artfully get her the fuck out of my hotel room while preserving the mood. So with a combination of reaching for the phone to call hotel security (at the Landmark..... a foursome with sexy LBs isn't going to be a problem) and giving her some cash to get out of the room ultimately solved the situation without violence. But I can say that was a 15 to 20min super tense ordeal that could have exploded into something really bad because Leeya was totally off her rocker. the above photos are from the LB THREESOME I had after I kicked out Leeya. Leeya was a well known LB in BKK. And she was the topic of considerable monger discussion. On one of the Forums....more guys started reporting about her erratic behavior and how her apartment was totally disheveled. And how her skin looked terrible. She was apparently hitting the Yaba pretty hard. She was already on extensive HRT. And who knows whatever physical and emotional issues she was dealing with. Within about 6 to 8 months after our terrible meeting....unfortunately Leeya passed away. She was beautiful. She was smart. But the combination of certain chemicals, which are common for LBs... along with whatever other personal things she was dealing with caught up with her. Poor girl. In retrospect I was happy I didn't let things descend into violence..... my main intention to give her cash to leave was to preserve the mood. I felt really angry that I was being extorted for cash based on her threat of violence/explosion in my hotel room.... yet had to bite my tongue and just remained firm giving her my own threats.... and paid her $$ to diffuse the tense situation. But I didn't know the full background story that night...... and still don't. Clearly she had a lot of dark things going on in her life..... which is not uncommon for some of the ladies we meet up with. No matter what their circumstance.... many end up with a difficult life. So after that I developed more empathy than before for the girls...... I just let things go and if they are not the right vibe.... they dont even get into the door.......or if there is a problem I just pay and get them to leave and make sure I don't ever get to a situation where violence maybe possible. RIP.
  11. @Pulci Gorgon sounds like she really liked you. The entire estrogen hormone thing is alien to males and really the one quagmire for "straight" males that have to deal with women because of their attraction. Add alcohol and it gets worse. Add "penis disphoria" and I guess you get the results you got. But clearly she liked you and her insecurities made her lose it.
  12. I hooked up with a TS who blew up like a balloon in 6 months. The anger on her face when I couldn't get hard was like with the reddit post. She kicked me out so fast I think that's why I pivoted to TS asians overseas lol l
  13. Yeah, it was not pretty, and to top it off my gf had her phone smashed!. An expensive fight in more ways than one. Still cant figure out what started it. Of course they were talking in Thai so it meant nothing to me.Have a feeling there may have been more to it. Maybe mine had taken one of the other lb's customers?. Who knows?.
  14. I remember only one. That was my first trip in Thailand and I had picked up a ladyboy during the low season. After a ST, we agreed for a LT (at 700 THB per day, but we wasted our time every evening at Zab bar. We decided to go to her hometown, Chaiyaphum a typical Issan city (main city of the eponymous province from where quite a few ladyboys go to Pattaya). I had hoped Nam to be more quiet but there used to be a bar downtown where Nam enjoyed going to get drunk and dance (and empty my wallet too). The bar was also full of fresh and pretty local GGs. I had tried to talk with Nam of a 3some. Her answers were quite evasive and I believed she'd agree with it. Nam had another uncontrolled character : she would attract naturally all these pretty girls. I don't know why. Shealso had a big complex not to have a pussy. This is a shame since she had a big cock (probably 25 cm, what many cock suckers or bottom mongers would have have paid a big price for but she didn't care since she wanted to have it cut to feed the cat. I didn't care too since I thought she would be great for a 3some with a GG). So on the 3rd or 4th evening there, I just told her I'd feel like fucking some pussy as GGs were coming around us. Nam became mad and went away to the next station where we used to stop that was a small fast food restaurant held by old ladyboys. She was off (both drunk and very angry). Back to the hotel, she picked up her lady's bag and went out of the room. I had paid her a few days of LT and she took the money and vanished. She told me later she'd gone to the hotel bat and drank gin or vodka cocktail till she'd ran out of money. In the middle of the night, she knocked the door and I found her leaning on the corridors wall crying and unable to control herself. She screemed that I didn't like her because she had no pussy. As I got fed up, I told her to let me sleep and back to the bed, but she wanted to stay and sleep but not in the bed. She thn chose to sleep on the carpet. On the next morning, I told her I would go to Chiang Mai with the next bus. If she wanted to come, she would hve to stop drinking alcohol. She remained moody, but as I was going to have a shower after breakfast, she came into the shower and told me "fuck me". It took me another 24 hours to get my tshirts back. (She had taken them to her sister's to wash them and ironed these old craps as if they were white shirts to be worn with a smoking. It seems simple this way, but that was my first trip in Thailand. Nam had taken care of bus tickets and shehad half of my clothes at her sister's. I nver tried to ask her about a 3some. (*)She didn't like photos and it took me time to find a few pics on the net. Here are 2 pics. The second one is a courtesy of Teppis. He shot her when she went to his room and she was still drunk as she had been with me.
  15. @Woodie that's totally crazy! watching that insane catfight violence..... in some ways it is as scary as it is sexy. Well.... I can say sexy for the GGs but when it's LBs then it's men fighting but like cats.... and nothing is off limits.
  16. Only one so far. Sitting in Delirious Bar with my now ex, when this rather ting tong lb walked in. Walked up to my ex and some words were exchanged, then it was all on. Ting Tong girl dragged my girl off her chair and out into the street. Punching hairpulling etc. After a while my girl got the better of the Ting Tong one and punched her in the face a few times. I think a couple of teeth were dislodged as blood was pissing out. That was enough and Ting Tong girl took off. She was off her head and by the look of her eyes had taken something. My girl said she did not even know the other one. Maybe, maybe not. The bonus for the spectators was that my girl had her dress pulled down and they all got to see her rather generous boobs. As soon as the rucus started, Herbert told me not to get involved as if the BIB turned up I would be target number 1.
  17. We all have had some crazy experiences with fucked up LBs. Surprisingly I can only one or two stand out in memory for me. Which I will write about later. Here is a video someone posted on Reddit today: What experiences have you had with insane LBs?
  18. Hopefully, you will forgive me, but I looked for information posted by medical experts on the web. I prefer to believe their opinion about molly. BTW, I don't feel attracted by this ladyboy.
  19. yes for sure. I was there to make sure she stayed hydrated. I always do that. the adverse side effect was when I take molly it gets in the way of being able to shoot a load and so when we had sex again in the morning I couldn't cum. Damn that molly!
  20. Just another question then : did Cartoon stay hydrated. Are you sure it didn't have any adverse side effects ?
  21. WOW...where do I begin....am I speechless again!! That was some serious rebuttals and it was not directed or critical. She made a big hauling for that 24hrs, and most likely will never achieve again, without having 5 to 6 customers in a night. Plus, she got an unusual (planned) experience along the way. As I had asked in my previous message, it would have been interesting to have a follow up with her, to hear her side of the experience, her feeling before/during/after. I think that would be most interesting since in many ways it was a new experience for her. Maybe we can send in Cinderrose, to do an interview with her on this subject (now that's funny, and seriously very cool). As for the Molly and any conversations about "Moralistic" view, I'm not touching those subjects. Life is short, be happy and do no wrong to people.....
  22. thanks for the review PG. With respect to the amount paid.... definitely it was too much. Before we met I had offered these terms to Cartoon and so I was obliged to honor them. Something way worse than over paying a girl..... is cheating a girl after you promised her a deal and she met the conditions. So I had to honor my commitment. The reason my payment is higher than market is because none of my experiences are "market". The time I spend with the girls are highly curated (by me) to do things that I want and have the exact experience I'm seeking. My time and energy are way more valuable than baht. The market prices are specifically for commoditized experiences of a certain amount of time for sexual interaction. However The Sith is seeking an adventure..... GFE that is wild! It's way beyond getting together for one or two shots. Every guy has his own pursuit and it's his money so what he gets in exchange is also up to him. Cartoon delivered that.... and then some. She gets A+ for effort. So the amount was too high (bc I offered too much) but I got better than even I expected. I would say it's rare that an experience I curate doesn't beat my expectations. With respect to Molly.... me discussing that would be like you discussing to people from your home town why you like LB prostitution. Most of those home town people (actually many people around the world).......i would guess....already come out with a bias against it and morally judge sex between a man and a transgendered woman. Any words you would say based on your own deep experience to help enlighten someone are likely going to produce a negative result. Normally if you were trying to discuss that with someone who judges it (which most have not done too often because its futile) you would start with "Never try, never know". Of course someone who has never been with a ladyboy and someone who has never tried prostitution would be making conclusions based on a lack of knowledge. Your point to them would be that they don't really know about it and have formulated a strong dismissive opinion without understanding it...... where you are an expert in this area.... you would point out that ladyboys are very feminine and fun and they are real people and your financial support supports them plus probably their family in the village.....etc... If they were open minded they might listen but if not, they would judge you even more because what you said goes against all the preconceived "education" they have had: Trannys are perverts and those that like them are dregs of society. Those that pay should be arrested because it's illegal and you are ruining lives. Molly use to be a therapeutic drug to help people thru emotional issues and was extremely effective in that regard until the US government made it illegal. Cary Grant and many famous people benefited highly from its administration 70 years ago. After years of making it illegal..... therapeutic properties are now recognized again and there is substantial research and development in this area, as well as clinical therapy in many countries. For recreational use.... an event where people are getting drunk on alcohol is fraught with stupid behavior because alcohol doesn't enhance senses it dulls them and it's a depressant so people tend to get violent and aggressive. With molly people become to opposite of violent and aggressive. People want to cuddle and express love. Molly is very safe as long as you stay hydrated. Something important to note is that it is non addictive. It's very rare that someone would ruin their life thru Molly unless their peers pressured them to do it multiple times per week for many years. It's not like yaba or cocaine or heroin where the substance is physically addictive and people form a dependence on it. Including doing it by themselves because they "need it". And it's impossible to explain the effect to someone who has never tried it.....except that it enhances your empathy so that who ever you are with you form a deep emotional connection with (many last for years after) and your feelings for music and other vibrations are much more enhanced. The downside of molly (just like prostitution and LBs have downsides too) is that it's toxic.... like tobacco or alcohol. You have to take in moderation or you feel like shit for the next several days. You have to drink water and moderate amounts and frequency....and then you feel ok the next day (just like limiting your drinks to less than 10 and drinking lots of water before going to sleep). I find taking it 4 or 5 times per year is quiet enjoyable and usually produces a special experience...... and definitely therapeutic pretty much every time. I know a lot of people where they zapped out of trauma or depression because of one fun night with Molly. It's nickname is The "Love Drug" because it's a highly positive experience for people full of positive feelings. If not for the backlash of judgement...... I would recommend trying a LB to at least 30% of my male mates. I would recommend trying prostitution to 70% of my male mates. And I would recommend trying molly to 80% of my female and male mates. Because I know about these areas (their plus/minuses) and I can advocate it to people I care about. As for Cartoon's first time having sex..... I would not classify it as a "rape".... she told me she came without even touching her dick.....because she enjoyed it. If LBs open up to you about their first sexual experience.... usually there is some power imbalance related to the relationship.....like an older family member or a teacher or older boy in school or someone who was more experienced than they were. Some ultra feminist perspectives would classify all of the above as "coerced" sex.....and thus rape..... which would also snare every single episode every guy has had in this Forum where they paid money for sex. But we know that it's folly for an angry white woman in California to judge the interaction between a customer and a prostitute in Asia because they simply do not know. They never try.....and they will never really know. And that's what leaves them with such a "moralistic" view of dismissing all prostitution relationships as somehow "bad". Which we know is not fair and not always the case. Just like painting all drugs in that category too.
  23. I enjoyed this review of 2 nights spent with Cartoon. I was impressed by the way the Lord from Zabrak managed to understand and reveal the character of his 2 night's companion. I also felt excited by his descriptions of her sexy and provocative attitudes in night clubs. I like the pics very much too. I don't understand why her hairstyle is seen as punkish (unless she had a different hairstyle on that night. BUT (no offense Darth Maul) I felt unease about this experience for 2 reasons, one being the price paid and the other one Cartoon's character. If I had to pay 10,000 THB for one or two nights, then I would spend no longer than a weekend in BKK instead of a complete holiday. This is crazy. I know, I'm a cheap charlie. I had been first to Thailand as such and I never forget that I would pay my first ladyboy 700 THB for 24 hours in LT. The other reason that makes me feel bad was to read that Cartoon was initiated into sex being raped by a friend of her family. This explain why she's got such an agressive character and is open to drug use. I hope that not every ladyboy decided to live as a female after having been forced during their teen age to be used as a sex object. I don't think that initiating her into a new kind of drug will help her too. Till the day before yesterday, I knew only one meaning for "moly" : this is the first name of a hardly passable ladyboy living in a district north of Saigon downtown. I wish I wouldn't know the other meaning today. I am aware that we we tend to exploit ladyboys as sex objects to fullfill our fantasies, but do we really need to teach them about molly, yaba and other shits that will destroy them in the long run. I don't know how many years ago this story took place, but I wish Cartoon managed to stabilize her character, got out of shits and found a way to become lovable and loved and could build her life positively.
  24. thanks @Zeppie I got even greater than the result I expected: A fucking wild night in the craziest city in the world. Lived like it was my first time in BKK and I had no fear and a pocket full of cash and nut sac full of pressure! I treasure totally intense and looney times.....especially with first time meetings. The sex is just the cherry on top. Cartoon DEFINITELY is NOT my type of girl. It has nothing to do with her look.... I think that is kind of cool with the punkish hair and massive tits and tats and all. But her attitude sucks big ones. Does not make The Sith's grade. I need a good heart... or at least positive vibes. Not negative shit driven by past hurt and fear and distrust. Fuck that. Life's too short to live like that. So Cartoon didn't have a second showing. Every other girl I was with during that torrid two weeks of sex tourism I had in BKK then was better than Cartoon. I still kept in touch with some, and one of them...an amatuer......still today we keep in touch and try to meet up. I think I went out with Cartoon because a common trait amongst us Ladyboy lovers (certainly with me.....if I am honest) is that we are "fixers". We take on women with a struggle that need to be saved by us. We yearn to fix and seek girls who need it. Many LBs can use some help. It increases our attraction to them and our feeling of significance for ourselves. That's probably one of the reasons I put so much effort into that night. I wanted to pierce her emotional wall and connect at a deeper level. And my reward was a fucking night of debauchery that I still vividly remember today!

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