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  1. Howdy BB... still in the shadows where i belong
  2. Nick Jackson is a great nomination. Have many fond memories chatting with Nick over the years whether it was upstairs in his office at 'the place to stay' or being introduced to ladyboys in the old bar under tiger disco. A man who recommended Eden club in Bangkok as a must do. And amusingly said to me once "Careful of the night monsters"
  3. Well bugger me... who would have thought?
  4. Personally did nearly 4 months in lockdown, I think overall we have managed things fairly well here in OZ. No complaints. Life is pretty much back to normal for now due to the small sacrifice most people have made.
  5. I'm not gay... but there's a high probably that i'm a faggot in denial
  6. Was watching netflix at the time... addicted to The Blacklist Felt the quake... wasn't too worried at first... then my chandelier starts swinging back and forth into the roof... glass began flying everywhere.... wall tiles are peeling off... then the whole building got the wobbles.... Wish it was a dream... On a positive - great cardio going up and down 9 stories via the stairs .... one lift was non operational and the other was grinding metal as it went up and down.. didn't inspire much confidence
  7. Was inside my room on the 9th floor @ Central Park towers in April 2019 when the quake hit Not a pleasant experience i can tell you folks
  8. I'll raise my hand and say i'm one of the few who likes the week of mayhem in Pattaya. My biggest issue is the girlz return home during this period, so it can be a little quiet talent wise.
  9. Itaewon used to be the place to visit. Couple of bars called transgender and trans rose. And yobo yobo i think. Located in area known as hooker hill in itaewon. Been many years though since ive been. Good luck.
  10. As a non-smoker, i love the idea of banning smoking inside all buildings. I love visiting Angeles city but the second hand smoke inside those enclosed bars sucks. Feel sorry for the poor girls who spend 12 hrs a day inhaling it too. Bring it on.
  11. Shit... i always stayed well clear of HS as im not a night club person but they are so very nice ladies there.....
  12. Nice reporting Stealth!!! Friendship where the LB bar is located is an 8 peso jeepney ride away from fields area. Area is also known as Korea town - overrun with Korean establishments, but a great place to eat dinner if you enjoy Korean food. Lost in Asia for reference is about 3.5 inches to the right of friendship on the map in post 33. Or about an 3/4 of an inch to the right of Oasis hotel.
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