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Who Is In Town? - Let's Meet Up!


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Guest JustSumGai

I'm hauling into Bkk Nov 29th ready to shack up for a week with my amazon ladyboy street seller. Then it's off to Khon Kaen and Loei for some total relaxation. After a couple weeks of so, i'll beeline back to Bkk, inhale my girlies cock, sleep and hit the bus to the border and it's onto the Cambodian part of the adventure, with a stop in Pursat first to see if my honey there is still in love. Then onto PP and Kampong Cham.

It do seem like there should be some one spot guys could post about future trips. I seem to recall the old LBF had such. Sadly I have no money this trip for a Pattaya run to meet the Pervs of Patters. Drat. But I see a few make their way to Cambodia on occasion so who knows?

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where is this famous BRG YOU ALL KNOW ABOUT,but not me,

As you walk south on 2nd Road, you come to Pattaya South Road, then Soi 16 and at Soi 17 you'll see the VC Hotel hence its called Soi VC.

So you turn left and walk about 5 minutes. You'll see Mic My Boy Bar, then Forest House, then Wonderland, then the Colonial, then Sai Massage, then Famous. These are all on the right hand side of the soi.


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