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Who Is In Town? - Let's Meet Up!


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yes, :biggrin:

Imagine lining up a batting order and making a budget on this haha. If I have TOO good a time and don't do my accounting well, might only be 3 or 4.  Bein as how that would put me home IN winter, I have incentive to draw things out, but not TOO many things and not very expensive things :)

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So as mentioned in the Katty bar thread, I’ll finally be back in town for a couple of months starting on 22 November.  It’s been almost 2 years since my last short trip, and really looking forward to catching up with you guys again, particularly the ones I haven’t seen for a long time. 

Roll on the good times.:drinks:

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I know a lot of guys are not interested in the LBWVB and its pre tournament parties but there will plenty of others going on in November, a few examples being Kirill''s and Som's 6th Wedding Anniversary Party at Hunny Bunny on the 2nd, two on the 16th being The Battle of the Bars at Katoey’s 'R' Us and Josh has a party at Baby Boom, I think jimbo has something planned for Loy Krathong at TJ's and not forgetting its the wee man Petesies 60th Birthday Bash at New Bar on the 23rd which wil have a great turn out B)

I am sure a few other parties will be happening too nearer the time :drinks:

2018-10-17 09.44.41.png

2018-10-17 09.43.10.png

2018-10-17 09.47.31.png

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