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The Official Lily MyDream™ Fan Club Adulation Thread


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Outside TJ’s Bar
By the corner light
I always stand and wait
And wait for you at night
We will create a world for two
I'll wait for you, the whole night through
For you, Lily my dream
For you, Lily MyDream


Greetings Club members,

After getting clearance from Bumblebee, who wants this thread to remain PG-13, I went ahead and started the Club's inevitable tribute thread to Lily-- the TJ's Music Lounge reigning prima ballerina who has since 2018 captured the hearts and bahts of ladyboy aficionados worldwide.  I believe I deserve the honor of kicking off the accolades, as in 2019 I gave her 2 Romscars (#1 ladyboy, #1 couple) and experienced one intense P4P week together, which was a record for both of us.

As a brief biography, I would note that Lily is Thai-Cambodian and according to someone who has seen her Cambodian passport it says she was born in July 1991, which would make her, as of this posting, 28 years old.  However, last year I could swear she told me she was 23 and I remember when I first saw her 4 or 5 years ago in Jomtien thinking that she looked like a scrawny young thing in her late teens.   

Prior to taking the ladyboy world by storm when she joined the TJ's Music Bar crew, she had worked in a small coed bar in Jomtien (soi 5? ) and then in the freelance "massage" business, during when I suspect she was temporarily taken out of the barfine circuit by a Thai money boy (she loves those!).  Then in 2018 she began to appear online in XXX porn movies that leave nothing to the imagination.  Google "ladyboy Phatida" and you will see what I mean.  She got the bolt-ons sometime in 2018 and they turned out great.

Our time together would only come in early-2019 when she saw me arriving at TJ's and immediately came over to stake me as her claim.  I had read about her at the Pyongyang Forum and knew if I did not jump at the opportunity, she might walk away and blackball me forever.  So I agreed on-the-spot to a ST at the bargain introductory price she quoted that included a free ride to my hotel on her bike...  She was an amazing lover (every BM says that) and afterwards she expressed interest in seeing me again ... on her terms!  which meant me waiting for her to be done with the 3 or 4 STs she gets every night, plus having her jump out of bed for afternoon calls.  The upside is that I could also pursue other fucks, knowing that I would get to fuck her in the morning after sleeping a few hours entangled in her wonderful body...  As part of my game, I started calling her Lily "My Dream" despite the Lili Marleen pun being lost on her.  She seemed to like how I'd sing it to the tune of the song.  She called me "My Daddy" which I was not crazy about, but am used to it from the Philippines where the "Daddy" prefix is widespread. 

When I went back to the US, she never asked me for Western Union and I never offered, so things inevitably cooled off.  I also posted some XXX pics of her in the Pyongyang Forum and was massively heroed by BMs trying to get attention breadcrumbs from her.  (One of those heroes even went as far as posting on my own thread how he had heroed me and when I noted the irony it was me! not him! who copped mod stick for getting luckier with Lily than membership could bear).  Lily never said a word to me about it, but was probably not thrilled...  On my following trip to Pattaya, she switched me to STs at market rates and the chemistry was lost.  We went out of town for a couple of days, but we both regretted it a few hours into the escapade.  On my last visit to TJ's earlier this year she did not as much as say Hi to me (because of Jina who had just rejoined TJs and used to be my main squeeze there).

I have many pics I took of Lily but they don't have the technical quality of Bumblebee's who I am sure is going to flood this thread with awesome pics of Lily in her Pattaya habitats.  I will only post below a few from my own Lily stash from that night I met her at TJ's and we rode to the hotel on her bike.  I will never forget that ride (from TJ's to almost Walking Street) holding tight to Lily's waist and smelling her girlie neck and fragrant hair in anticipation of the sensual times to come.   Never have I felt so much like I was the King of the World!

I miss you, Lily MyDream







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12 hours ago, Rom said:

Bumblebee's who I am sure is going to flood this thread with awesome pics of Lily in her Pattaya habitats. 

Ok I’ll bite :).  As I was finishing up with the TJs girls photo shot back in January Lily asked me could I do some extra photos for her, naked.  I was happy to oblige.  Seldom have I seen someone so naked and yet showing nothing. These were photos from a few minutes earlier.







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You're awesome Bumblebee.  To shoot Lily buck naked in a public place!  You both risked a trip to the local precinct with a quick stop at the ATM for you and bail-out blowjobs for the boys in brown by Lily, but it was worth it!

[PS:  As noted by Bumblebee below, the naked pics he had posted of Lily were replaced by bikini ones following my comment above]

Let's get this Lily Club thing going, shall we?   Here some non-public place pics of her memorable ass that I took on our magic bike ride first night.   Please note Bumblebee that I refrained from showing pics of said ass with my cock in it.   Just delete if I went too far...

[PS2: All ass close-ups pics showing scrotum were deleted]

I take this opportunity to note that her divine asshole is incredibly pristine considering the traffic it gets.   Lily is an unabashed bottom who insists on being fucked long, hard, and multiple times.  Yet that rosebud of a sphincter remains exquisite puckered perfection.

Gentlemen: here is the stuff wet dreams are made of:







Edited by Rom
to reflect edits in previous post and removal of too-explicit pics
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It's funny. When I first went to TJ's I fell for her. Did not approach her. Next visit I did when she appeared to be on her own.. Was told she was waiting for a date to appear. May have been true, maybe not. Someone mentioned she normally only goes with younger guys, the under 45's, unless it is a very quiet night. 

As luck would have it I then became entangled in another girl from TJ's and despite a rocky road at times, I am still with!.

Whether it is time or the perceived knockback I received, I have never been in the Lily adulation club. Different strokes for different folks I reckon. Or it may be the over the top following she has. More or less saying that there is no other LB to compare to her. I would dissagree with that, but I guess Em would think differently due to the barfines she rakes in!. By the way she does at least say hi to me if I visit the bar, so that is something.

I introduced a young German guy I had met at another bar to her and she was on to him in about 2 seconds flat. I went off with my gf and those two went to his room. Met him the next day and he said it was ok, but he could not finish the job!. 

I do think she is going up the wrong path with her bum and thigh add ons. Totally wrong. I must say she was very lucky with her boob job. One of the best.

Anyway, while she has "it", so be it. It wont last forever and she will be one of the mob again. Who knows how long that might be. 4- 5 years maybe.

Bumblebee knows which girl at TJ's gets my vote at the moment, (must check out the new boob job), bearing in mind it is another who no longer works at that bar who I spend my time with.

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2 hours ago, Rom said:

To shoot Lily buck naked in a public place!  You both risked a trip to the local precinct with a quick stop at the ATM for you and bail-out blowjobs for the boys in brown by Lily, but it was worth it!

You make a good point Rom, so just to be on the safe side when I return I have changed them to more boys in brown friendly bikini shots.  Actually looking at the new photos she is showing more than when she was naked.

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Lily is of one the most enjoyable companions I have had whilst visiting Pattaya. I had the pleasure of her company just after she started at TJs, pre bolt-ons. She spent a few wonderful days with me in Bangkok. We did have a domestic after I had the audacity to BF one of her colleagues, however, so there were no repeats unfortunately.

Have to say I don’t think the silicone she has added to her hips and buttocks have been an improvement.

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I feel tremendous admiration and affection for Lily.  Based on LP.com Forum hype, I visited TJ's four times in the spring of 2019 before I ever laid eyes on Lily. 


Jimbo cautioned me not to get my hopes up.  "You don't pick Lily, Lily picks you.  He who has no expectations is never disappointed."


I retired and moved to Pattaya in June 2019, during a brutal low season.  One night, I was sitting at Table One with Jimbo and some mates, when this song came on:



Jimbo said, "Lily must have arrived, that's her entrance song."  I was sitting facing Naklua 18.  My friend to my left said "This never gets old.  You really should turn around and watch this."


Lily was sauntering toward Table One from the back of the bar, swinging her hips to the beat of the music. 


I had never seen a human walk like that.  There was almost as much lateral movement as forward movement.  Jimbo said to me "Close your mouth."


Apparently, I was the only man at Table One who didn't know Lily.  She walked up behind me, slid her hand down my tee shirt, and into my jeans. 


I was paralyzed.  Table One howled with laughter.


Jimbo said "Lily, this is Pierce.  He's rarely at a loss for words, but you seem to have emptied his brain."


Lily placed her lips on my right ear, and said "You want to go to party with me?"  I would have eaten a light bulb if Lily had asked. 







Lily went to change into her "party dress,"  while I purchased a more presentable shirt from the vendor at the back of the cul de sac.


Ten minutes later, I was leaving TJ's on the back of Lily's motorbike, headed to 69 Bar for Jimmy's birthday party, to raucous applause from Table One. 


There was a full moon over Pattaya when we rode through the Dolphin Roundabout, Lily driving in her fishnet dress, and waving at policemen.


At the 69 Bar party, Lily danced for me, and Sonya took our photos, which I had made into a 25th birthday tee shirt for Lily, complete with Lily's signature ladydrink refusal line.






We left the party and headed for Northshore Condominium.


At my condo, the doorman politely greeted us.  "Khun Pierce, Khun Lily."   Lily giggled all the way to the elevator.


Riding up I said "Khun Lily???  Do you live here?"


Lily laughed, and said "No, I have a friend who lives here, are you jealous?"


I said "No, I'm not jealous, or surprised."


Lily told me that the building is fairly empty during low season.  It was about 2 am.


Lily asked me if I like to swim.  I said yes, and Lily said, "Let's go."


Lily had no bathing suit, so she took off her fishnet dress and swam in her panties, which were bulging.  We swam to the west end of the pool, and looked at the moonlit bay.  Lily told me she hadn't cum for two days.  It felt like bombs were going off in my head.


Back upstairs, Lily told me to take a blue pill and relax while she cleaned herself.  I'd had a few Camparis, so I dozed off a little.


I awoke to the sound of Lily coming out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel.  She opened the towel, wiggled, and said "You like?" 


I almost had a seizure.


Lily hopped onto the bed and said "What you like?  I can do anything."


I said "Anything?"


Lily laughed, and said "Yes!"


I said "OK, show me deep throat."


Lily said "I can do, I show you."


Lily slowly slid her lips down to her gag reflex.  Very nice, I thought.


Then, there was a little "kerchunk," and Lily went past her gag reflex, all the way to the base of Little Pierce.


Another kerchunk, and Lily had her rhythm.  Kerchunk, kerchunk, kerchunk.


After about 30 seconds, I was about to lose it, so I begged Lily to stop.


Lily laughed, and looked up at me, with tears STREAMING down her face.  Sexiest thing I've ever seen.


The rest of our ST was a blur of polished, professional perfection.  Lily was a great kisser, fantastic bottom, and gave me a big cumshot.


I walked Lily downstairs and told her how much fun I'd had.


Lily said "I like to make people happy."


Lily makes everyone at TJ's happy.






For me, Lily is at the top of the LB pyramid, along with Everest of CIB.




Lily gave me a memory that will last for the rest of my life.


I wish Lily health and happiness.


Paleface Out



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I have never been to TJ's, but it is at the top of my to do list when I get back to Pattaya this spring. Lily is one of the obvious superstars at TJ's. She is not my usual type, but I will be on the lookout for her anyway and one other TJ's girl I have a long distance fancy for. Then I will see what happens. Life is a Carnival! Thanks for posting.


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7 hours ago, Paleface said:

I feel tremendous admiration and affection for Lily.  Based on LP.com Forum hype, I visited TJ's four times in the spring of 2019 before I ever laid eyes on Lily.......

Another, only in Pattaya fun tale of the shenanigans and adventures that awaits anyone who makes the trip to old Siam.  Teya in Katty is the same, she senses the limping gazelle among the herd and goes in for the kill with a whisper in the ear that leaves him in no doubt that he is the next victim.  Resistance is futile of course. :character0099:

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Yes she does hit on old men she came and asked me for a drink last year and was I interested in barfining her. I turned her down yes i turned her down, I was not in the mood or wanting to get invovled. There was a nice chinese looking girl that excited me a lot more.

So there you are Paleface takes all sorts to make up this world

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20 hours ago, seven said:

Oh how I wish I could suck that thick piece of meat. Was (Lily) really on the phone while you were having sex?

The pics with the "thick piece of meat" are gone, and the answer is YES!  Lily constantly got calls from farangs who had been with her, some of whom I gathered were long-distance sponsors.  I must say that from what I heard of the Lily side of the conversations, the guys seemed needy or depressed and it was Lily who was the mature party to the conversation very patiently giving them comfort and encouragement.  "I miss you too" she kept saying.  Never did I hear her ask for money, although I heard her say a lot "Thank You" and "I got" or "I get tomorrow".   She always asked me first if she could take those calls, and what else could I say but Yes ?  The upside for me is that while she was on the phone I could do anything I wanted to her cock and ass and take all kinds of closeups and selfies.

Alas, such cock & ass pics cannot be posted here because of the thread's PG-13 rating, which both bumblebee and I briefly broke yesterday with some full nudity pics that had to go...

It seems the pics of her on the phone and trying to hide behind the curtain are allowable, so here are a few more before I started really cracking that riding crop whip and got her to turn around for more pics I can't show...






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3 hours ago, Rom said:

Alas, such cock & ass pics cannot be posted here because of the thread's PG-13 rating, which both bumblebee and I briefly broke yesterday with some full nudity pics that had to go...


As both Pdoggg and I are regular visitors to the bar while in town it was felt best to play it safe.  Em knows about the Club, as likely do the girls, and we just didn’t want to leave any photos here which may get us into any potential awkward situations when dropping in for a night out.  So as most guys probably saw them already there wasn’t much point leaving them here for prying eyes.  
 Having said that, looking at some of the skimpy gear Lily wears she may as well be naked. :biggrin:









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On 2/25/2020 at 6:48 PM, Rom said:

The pics with the "thick piece of meat" are gone, and the answer is YES!  Lily constantly got calls from farangs who had been with her, some of whom I gathered were long-distance sponsors.

I know you love her to bits, but when they're on the damn phone even during the act?  I wouldn't accept it. You should've 

painted : Can't take your call right now. Leave a message after the beep (or just send the baht already, you mug). on her ass and posted a pic.:biggrin:

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Lily was a princess, fair skinned and precious like a child.

 She had that certain something, that certain flash, every time she smiled.

She had run away from Jomtien, going on the hunt

knowing that  she could never find, 

another love of her life..., 

Quite like.. Blind Boy Grunt.


Indeed, but don't ask her... i promise you.......she'll deny it! 

I thank Yahweh every day,  that I've lived though the same lifetime as Bob Dylan, Bob Paisley and er.... Lily.

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