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Why Not Bangkok

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I have been asked by Stoolpusher to start posting again on this Forum I stopped posting as I did not see much people coming from this forum to the bar , but this is now a new bar much bigger and bette

I think there are too many balls on the table.  

Catty up to her usual tricks No underwear.    

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Putting curtains in front of a mirrored wall is good practice say some Feng Shui experts:

"Mirrors apparently increase energy and direct it the opposite way. Experts say you shouldn't place the mirror opposite your bed because it will reflect energy back at you and keep you awake."

These pictures appeared on my FB feed last week:




Linked public pics from FB.

I guess they show how some workers cover the mirror panels with a curtain wall.

Mirror mirror on the wall...

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Thank F**K the gov have come to their sences and from tomorrow night we can open the bar AGAIN , So from 4pm till 11pm the bar will be open, for people who know how we operate expect a few lockin's with the girls , who cannot wait to get their dirty hands on some naughty guys.

 For the guys in town come down and join in the fun.



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