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  1. ozzie


    Where is your actual evidence?
  2. ozzie


    @duke007 and I are old mates so I am pretty sure he was just taking the piss. But yeah when I lived in the US it was amazing how many people though we all drank Fosters.
  3. ozzie


    Thanks mate. I wouldn't drink Fosters if I was well
  4. ozzie


    I think I have it now. Have not been tested but have many of the symptoms. Sore throat, cough, some body aches and pains, only mild fever right now and diarrhoea. No respiratory issues so far. Will just be quarantining at home for now as the symptoms so far are manageable. If things get worse will go to the hospital of course. Luckily a mate of mine went out and did some shopping for me which will keep me going for the time being.
  5. Had an electricity outage at my place in Bangkok and when it came back it blew my damn air conditioning compressor. Could not get LG out to fix it until Tuesday so decided at the last minute to do a whirlwind trip down to Pattaya. Spent Saturday night in Sweethearts and it was reasonable busy and a great line yup of girls. Meet up with @Pdoggg, @jimbo33 and the KRU guys. Bought a bottle of Jim Beam which they had to rush out and buy because they had none in stock, but now they know they need to keep a bottle on hand Rang the bell a few times which was actually quite reasonably priced at 140 bath per lady drink. Headed over to Delirious at about 12:30 and then found myself in Assienda across the soi. Ended back in the room about 2:30 quite sozzled. Sunday night was much more sedate and even though I polished off the remainder of my bottle (was not much left) I called it a night at just after 12 and grabbed some subway and headed back to the hotel. I will be back down in a few weeks.
  6. Was a great night. Some very sexy girls. They should move that damn bell!
  7. ozzie

    The Ass

    Yes was a good place to have a late night night cap
  8. It has been a while since I have been here. I love the Philippines and in fact in the the last few years have spent more time there. That is because I like the GG as well as ladyboys. Having said that I prefer Thailand to live and will be living there as of next month.
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