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Look at his face and Name That Crime!






MASON - A dog seized from a Michigan State University health physicist who police believe penetrated the animal with both his hand and penis has been adopted into "a loving home," said Ingham County Animal Control Director John Dinon.

The seven-year-old male basset hound was seized from its owner, Joseph Hattey, 51, of Holt, on March 8, Dinon said, as part of an ongoing investigation by Ingham County Animal Control in conjunction with the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office.

Hattey was arrested and arraigned Monday on two counts of sodomy for committing a crime against nature (bestiality).  He would face up to 15 years in prison if convicted. A preliminary hearing, which will determine if there's enough evidence for Hattey to stand trial, has been set for June 21.


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What a knob

Restaurant Guest Slaps Ladyboy Waitress Who Told Him Not To Smoke 

CCTV footage shows the moment an angry restaurant guest slapped a waitress after she told him not to smoke inside the building. Businessman Surasi Haengsrisuwan wanted to light up while he was tucking into food at the Krungsri River Hotel in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand. But the waitress Panita Kochprapa, 25, told him that smoking inside the hotel’s restaurant was forbidden. The pair began arguing before Surasi delivered a deft blow to the face of Panita, who was born a man. The transsexual later filed a police report but after mediation she agreed to drop charges in return for 40,000 Thai baht (1,200usd) in compensation.



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MacKenzie Bezos might be the luckiest woman in the world.

She is getting an amicable divorce and will get perhaps her biggest payday ever, billions upon billions of dollars.

Gets the money without having to suck his cock anymore. Or maybe she gave up on that long ago.

Will we will be seeing Jeff on Soi Cowboy?



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