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  1. According to the links (at the bottom) in this six parter Bernie's votes were stolen May 13, 2016 Chicago Election Official Admits “Numbers Didn’t Match”: Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders Election Fraud Allegations by Doug Johnson Hatlem http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/05/13/chicago-election-official-admits-numbers-didnt-match-hillary-clinton-vs-bernie-sanders-election-fraud-allegations/
  2. A comprehensive run through Hiliaries lies, stuff ups and killeries Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Resumé: What the Record Shows http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/05/03/hillary-clintons-foreign-policy-resume-what-the-record-shows/ by Gary Leupp May 3, 2016 a katz | Shutterstock.com “Very competent, very professional, very intelligently moving towards the center, very shrewdly and effectively serving on the Armed Services Committee.” — Rep. Newt Gingrich, referring to fellow committee member Hillary Clinton, April 2005 “She ran the State Department in the most effective way that I have ever seen.” — Henry Kissinger, referring to Hillary Clinton, Sept. 9, 2014 “Her so-called foreign policy ‘experience’ has been to support every war demanded by the US deep security state run by the military and the CIA.” — Jeffrey Sachs, referring to Hillary Clinton, Feb. 5, 2016 Yes of course, one has to acknowledge it. Barring an indictment, or the surfacing of some extremely embarrassing Goldman Sachs speech transcripts before July, Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee and Bernie Sanders a historical footnote of yet indeterminate significance.
  3. President Carter said that the U.S. is no longer a democracy. It has become an oligarchy. Hillary intends to continue without check. President Killary — Paul Craig Roberts http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/04/13/president-killary-paul-craig-roberts/ April 13, 2016 | Would The World Survive President Hillary? ... In the United States government has been privatized. Office holders use their positions in order to make themselves wealthy, not in order to serve the public interest. Bill and Hillary Clinton epitomize the use of public office in behalf of the office holder’s interest. For the Clintons government means using public office to be rewarded for doing favors for private interests. The Wall Street Journal reported that “at least 60 companies that lobbied the State Department during her [Hillary Clinton’s] tenure as Secretary of State donated a total of more than $26 million to the Clinton Foundation.” http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/02/hillary-clinton-exposed-part-1-aggressively-lobbied-mega-corporations-secretary-state.html According to washingtonsblog.com, “All told, the Clinton Foundation and its affiliates have collected donations and pledges from all souces of more than $1.6 billion, accoring to their tax returns.” According to rootsactionteam.com, multi-million dollar donars to the Clinton Foundation include Saudi Arabia, Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk, Kuwait, ExxonMobil, Friends of Saudi Arabia, James Murdoch, Qatar, Boeing, Dow, Goldman Sachs, Walmart, and the United Arab Emirates. According to the International Business Times, “Under Hillary Clinton, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments had given millions to the Clinton Foundation.” http://www.ibtimes.com/clinton-foundation-donors-got-weapons-deals-hillary-clintons-state-department-1934187 .... etc etc
  4. Great answer Mr Kahuna. Viewed from outside by a non U.S. person it's a crazy type of "democracy" you guys run there. Hopefully never exported to any where else. As you say, in a country of 300 + million people are the current crop aspiring for "leadership" the best you can get or are "the best" simply not crazy enough to stand.
  5. How Bernie pays for his proposals Bernie Sanders has a plan to pay for every spending program he has introduced to date. https://berniesanders.com/issues/how-bernie-pays-for-his-proposals/
  6. "What say you?" Brother! Has no effect on me who they WERE with
  7. Albright NEVER disputed the figures. You can find PLENTY of credible links on the topic, and watch and listen to her thoughts on it being "worth it"... I'll leave that as an exercise for you should you wish as you don't like links. She is yet another in a long list of US war criminals. Enough to gag a maggot!!! It would have been a great question to ask her at the rally!
  8. Did anyone ask Albright whether she still thought the US mandated deaths/murders of 500,000 Iraqi children that she oversaw was still "worth it"?
  9. I got the cabin crew who finally got the captain who gave the arsehole an ultimatum to move to the correct seat or be removed from the plane.
  10. Not while "Wall street" rules The Federal Reserve and the Global Fracture http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/02/17/the-federal-reserve-and-the-global-fracture/ by Michael Hudson February 17, 2016 This interview with Michael Hudson was conducted by Finnish journalist Antti J. Ronkainen. Antti J. Ronkainen: The Federal Reserve is the most significant central bank in the world. How does it contribute to the domestic policy of the United States? and from Paul Craig Robeerts :In the March issue of Chronicles, Wayne Allensworth describes America’s declining rural towns and once great industrial cities as consequences of “globalizing capitalism.” A thin layer of very rich people rule over those “who have been left behind”—a shrinking middle class and a growing underclass. According to a poll last autumn, 53 percent of Americans say that they feel like a stranger in their own country. Most certainly these Americans have no political representation. As Republicans and Democrats work to raise the retirement age in order to reduce Social Security outlays, Princeton University experts report that the mortality rates for the white working class are rising. The United States government has abandoned everyone except the rich." The US Economy Has Not Recovered And Will Not Recover http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/02/17/the-us-economy-has-not-recovered-and-will-not-recover-paul-craig-roberts/ Paul Craig Roberts February 17, 2016 |
  11. A quick explanation of what you’re watching (voter fraud): The important problem is that the Bernie counters recounted everyone, while the Hillary counter was literally recorded telling someone else that she only added newcomers to the count she had before, and then when asked if she recounted everyone, she lied to the organizer and said “Yes”. This means that if anyone left the caucus site who was supporting Bernie, then they were removed by Bernie’s recounters, but any Hillary supporter who left the caucus site was treated as though they were still there for the purposes of the recount. Thus, artificial inflation of her numbers occurred unless everyone who left was a Bernie delegate, on top of the Hillary campaign surrogate lying to an election official to cover up her (negligent at best, malicious at worst) mistake. ⇒ Keep Reading http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2016/02/stealing-election-easier-thought.html#more-53662
  12. Drinks are way more profitable for a bar than barfines
  13. Ha, just wait until they turn on "Blue Thunder's" whisper mode There is no escape.
  14. Godwin on Trump and "Godwin's Law" Sure, call Trump a Nazi. Just make sure you know what you're talking about https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/12/14/sure-call-trump-a-nazi-just-make-sure-you-know-what-youre-talking-about/ "First, let me get this Donald Trump issue out of the way: If you're thoughtful about it and show some real awareness of history, go ahead and refer to Hitler or Nazis when you talk about Trump. Or any other politician. My Facebook timeline and Twitter feed have been blowing up lately. And whenever that happens, it's almost always because someone's making comparisons to Hitler or Nazis or the Holocaust somewhere. Sure enough, as Trump pontificates about immigrants or ethnic or religious minorities, with scarcely less subtlety than certain early 20th-century political aspirants in Europe did, people on the Internet feel compelled to ask me what I think about it." -- Mike Godwin - - - #nazitrump --Lauren-- Lauren Weinstein (lauren@vortex.com): http://www.vortex.com/lauren Founder: - Network Neutrality Squad: http://www.nnsquad.org - PRIVACY Forum: http://www.vortex.com/privacy-info
  15. Some great advice in this thread. Always carried the passport copy + the hotel card with it, but didn't think about the insurance details Any helmet is better than no helmet especially at low speed. You may still get concussion if you hit the deck, but far less likely to get your skull stove in when you hit the immovable object.
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