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  2. hopefully someone like Petesie will pop along, he's pretty handy with a camera. as I have kinda a liking for black underwear i suspect that you look very nice in it too Duke....
  3. I hope she goes for a French Maid outfit, as I have kinda a liking for black underwear Hope there will be some good pics to come
  4. i suspect that post will win Rom's 'worst idea of the year' award!
  5. My camera is winging its way to you as I type BBG. With a bit of practice between now and the event you may well just be a dark horse contender for photographer of the year........and you actually post here .
  6. Our Teya was happily contemplating her outfit for her upcoming birthday party last night.. at the moment she is deciding between a Japanese thing, or perhaps French Maid. no doubt any sensible suggestions would be gratefully received... [probably non-sensible ones too...] er... not a Man Utd shirt Duke....
  7. At first I thought you meant a foot, then I realized that it was something a bit further up the body!!!. Mind you, that could be near a foot long as well!!!.
  8. She used said instrument to stir a friend’s drink in front of me one balmy night last winter....your honour:)
  9. And you know???. I do like the hat. Reminds me of those religious nutters in the States riding on their carts!.
  10. well as long as covidguy Quietguy doesn't decide to post a close to the lens photo of his appendage! i tried it but really need a wide angle lens for me.... honest.
  11. That’s about it, features closer to the lens tend to appear elongated, it’s quite noticeable with noses in particular when people are chatting on camera phones. But I think QG’s implication that the size of her feet in this shot are related to the size of her appendage holds some merit :)
  12. i thought that too, but in reality she hasn't... i checked last night! i'm sure Bumberblee could explain the sizing..i.e foreground and background visualisations.
  13. Really?, I would never have guessed
  14. talking of Teya... it's her birthday soon Duke! which reminds me, it will also be Annat's birthday too. unfortunately it could be somewhat doubtful that Big Trev will make it over this time. I mean with lockdown and all that, i'm not suggesting of course that he's still going out trying to jump stone walls every day and cracking ribs. but if you can't make it Annat, in your honour we will have a pink tie hanging in the bar... you will be there in spirit!
  15. Teya chilling at a sauna earlier according to her FB.
  16. and welcome to the Emmy bar club BM 'Guy' thanks for joining

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