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  2. Teya on Jomtien Beach (pic from her fb page).
  3. a brilliant idea from Emmy... 20 of them being delivered in case QG decides to have a meet & Greet. don't worry Duke, yours and mine are both in red.
  4. Is this really 'Emmy's Bar' with Hazmat suits available ? 55555
  5. And here was me thinking that you were actually joking QG
  6. Oh yes. I didn't recognise her in that pic. It must have been taken by bbg with his new camera!
  7. well Duke, there's a bit of a delay because if you remember it's also Annat's birthday too.... we had to bin all the printed posters and start again after recent events. Unfortunately we realised too late that spare ribs were possibly the wrong menu on the night....
  8. Get yer ass into gear laddie and sort it
  9. it's her birthday party 29 December!.... [sorry to be a bit late this year with the notification..........]
  10. Not sure, as she hasn't been promoted very much around here I'll give it a stab, Teya?
  11. well, something is certainly pretty simple. and yes, the zaza party story ... i have no recollection but it certainly sounds right. But you are being somewhat economical aren't you? for example you fail to mention the two BMs that you did post photo's of without asking...Mr Soidog and Mr Jaguar if i remember correctly. let's get things straight... you have yourself posted pictures of you, or given Emmy permission to post photo's of you... natural posed photo's without disguise You have nearly as many photo's on the forums as Teya. [yes, i'm exaggerating] and although you seemed at th
  12. NO... I was referring to photos posted of BM's before they are asked if its ok to do so. Pretty simple really. Its just like when you attended a party at Zaza Massage, I took your photo and asked you if I could post it on the Zaza thread with out hiding your face with a chicken head, you said "no thanks " so I didn't post it .
  13. do you mean like the recent promotion that Quinn did for you on the 'other' forum, i.e the pictures of Nam and Nut that received over 20 likes? and now i'll go through the Katty archives too.
  14. all will be removed, although that horse foto was in the public google images pages. i will go through the whole thread and hide all foto's including Quinn's stuff that you yourself didn't post.
  15. It is very bad form posting photo's of someone without that persons permission . I hope this thread does not turn into something like what gets posted on the other forum.
  16. Good to see your camera is being put to good use. Get Teya to teach you how to operate it.
  17. And , not a bad night in Emmy's last night. Here's a photo of tiger and her friend Jenny, a team effort here. My camera, Teya the photographer, Quinn the techno wizz. Jenny was very pleasant indeed.
  18. You're welcome, Blind Boy. Any relation to the Blind Boys of Alabammy? Saw them live a few years ago at the annual blues n roots festival up Lismore (NSW) way.
  19. Welcome to the club Bubba. Many thanks for joining.
  20. Nah, more likely one for the cleaner!
  21. I think we might be waiting to hear if Jimbo is going to have a party for the Sweethearts' Bar cashier on the same night!

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