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  2. Thanks BBG! Would be nice to see some recent update here. As also other forums, not much recent activity
  3. Welcome to the Emmy Bar club BM Dan Miller. thanks for joining
  4. Here you go. All you need. The nineties, worse than the eighties. The decade that gave us grunge. Thanks a lot
  5. Rather than plain vanilla Gangnam Style, which the Thais pronounce Condom Star here is an excellent mashup, upbeat and Thai girl friendly.
  6. Dear me Seven! You should never have written that in that way... You should have written like this... Our very good friend PD has in all honesty TERRIBLE MUSIC taste. Come on Seven.. .get with it....
  7. Will do after I have enjoyed another euro summer. It's too good to miss out. The cherry blossoms are breathtakingly beautiful now, some absolutely great live acts coming up after 2 years drought, Bob is rumoured to return this autumn. I would miss it as much as I miss Thailand in the wintertime. My biggest concern is if all the ladymen will still be there. Our very good friend PD has in all honesty terrible music taste. I don't know why as his taste in all other important things in life usually is impeccable. I remember when Gangnam came out, he loved it.
  8. Maybe the perfect compromise is the New Riders of the Purple Sage as it is cowpoke enough for my Booster Bro but rocky enough for you Rockers. What you may like even less than Country Feckin' Roads is an electronic dance version of Country Reckin' Roads.
  9. now you see why the booster bros can't be judges! Seven.. get over here, you too Jimmy Cargopants ! me and Quinn need you quick...
  10. That was one of the songs in the repertoire of the ladyboy singer who used to sing at several bars around Jomtien and Pattaya, including Party Girls, Red Carpet Bar and the Venue. She really belted it out. Yes the lbs like lively boppy dance music. That's why they they request BoneyM songs in Emmy's Bar much to bbg's chagrin.
  11. Here is one of my entries which I'm aware most of you won't like. One criteriion, in my humble opinion (IMHO), should be if it is upbeat music that the girls like. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Remix Here is the best video version I found and is more like the Bryan Hyland original than the above remix.
  12. Yes Emmy, quite a prestigious award that one. A bit of a surprise from Rom. Different. I have been inspired! No one will probably ever match the Romscar's of course. And i would be the first to admit that people like Rom know far more about LBs than i do. So, and certainly not competing with Rom in any way, shape or form... I announce the new "Annabelle' ** awards! yes! This award will be for bar music, not LBs. i.e good music played in a bar. The judges will be Quinn and myself. No way are we letting PD or Quietguy [The Booster Brothers] anywhere near. Seven can be a guest judge when he gets over if he wants. At the moment Emmy you and Delirious seem to be making the running. It's early days still, but here's a tip Emmy, any bar that plays Rhinestone feckin' Cowboy or Country feckin' Roads faces automatic points deduction. Well, if myself or Quinn are in the bar anyway. So good luck with the Annabelle award Emmy. Of course we have no idea yet who will win... hopefully Anna b herself will get over here to present the award to whoever wins later this year. Bumblebee, get off your arse and get over to Peterboro' to arrange matters with her... Take your camera too. If you pay her flight, i'll arrange free lodgings for her... ** ...ah! Annabelle...who that was there will ever forget? I can't... first time i ever saw 7 pockets on a pool table.
  13. Hi Emmy. I am glad you like. But please let me explain for you: I am Rom the sanook farang who since 2016 every year gives TOP-BEST awards to Thailand bars, ladyboys and other farangs. Sometimes I choose, sometimes other farangs vote. In 2020 you (Emmy) won 2020 LBR Member of the Year after you joined here and for managing the Emmy's Bar Club. Teya won 2020 Ladyboy of the Year because she is very sexy good heart ladyboy (I made cartoons you and Teya remember? ). Sweethearts Bar (now closed) won the 2020 Thailand #1 Ladyboy Bar of the Year because it helped so many ladyboys stay in business during covid by starting the webcast shows ... Emmy's Bar is a small bar with few ladyboys so it is difficult to beat the bigger bars for Thailand #1 Ladyboy Bar. In 2021 Check-In Bar Bangkok won #1 because they stay open more than other bars with many beautiful ladies. But because in 2021 you Teya and Sara worked so hard and we all love you so much here at LBR, I gave Emmy's Bar special Romscar award the 2021 Fuck Covid and Party On Ladyboy Bar of the Year. It's not #1 in Thailand, but it's #1 in our hearts. I made the drawing that BBG and Quinn framed based on the children story of Thomas the Tank Engine, because you worked so hard and never gave up and overcame all the problems with changing bar location and covid. It shows you, Sara, Teya, BBG, Quinn. I know other Jomtien farangs helped but I don't know what they look like. Are you familiar with Thomas the Tank Engine? Looksee: Good luck to you. Hope to meet you (again) in 2022. Rom Emmy's Bar received the 2021
  14. Thank you QG. I will try keeping on.
  15. Nice one Emmy! Keep on keeping on!
  16. Congratulations, Emmy. Not many bars have this fine type of acknowledgement.
  17. Many thanks to @Rom, @blind boy grunt and @Quinn for the "Lady boy bar of the year 2021" award. I'm very surprised and very happy that i received this award. I asked bbg the reason why I received this award. He told me that because I was trying to help my staffs Teya Sara survive a difficult COVID crisis for over two years, yes, I tried to help them. i do everything Even though the bar is closed I do Live stream to earn money and give them money and buy food for them. and give them money to rent their rooms Even if I earn a little money. Only a few people knew about it. That why I'm so surprised However, thank you very much for the award. I will continue to do good things for my staff and the bar. Emmy
  18. Thank you very much all who came to my bar last night. Hope you come back again. And Mike hope to see you back later this year. Emmy and the kittens
  19. Yes it was a great night. A night for me to remember Brett and old times. I met up with Dao before the evening started and we had a real crying session. It cleared the air a bit so was able to enjoy the night. Caught up with bbg and met Pdogg for the first time. Grumpy old bugger. But good to talk to. Only kidding. Hope I can get back soon.
  20. you cheap charlie commie cowpoke! don't put the responsibility on me... i know 16500 seems a lot for ring-a-bells, but what i didn't tell you is the mask bar-fined Teya four times too.
  21. I think that is your poltergeist's doing actually.
  22. yes, hope you make it down soon Cobber. it's great at the moment because Quietguy's mask hanging on the wall keeps quite remarkably ringing the bell! which reminds me, QG ... i have paid your bill up to last night. please reimburse to me.. 16500 baht. at your earliest opportunity, thanks. who ever said that masks were useless? Talking to Emmy last night, what i didn't know was that on the Woody night, quite early in the evening an early gang appeared, Ying from '69 bar, she came with friends for a chat with Emmy. So all in all a good night methinks.
  23. I couldn't make it down, sadly, but l'm pleased it was a good night. I thought of you all, green with envy. Maybe after Songkran.

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