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  2. yes QG...fully endorse what PD wrote about the Logitech mouse, Top class. In fact i bought the box set, which is both a mouse and a keyboard. Both of them work from the one dongle thing that PD mentioned.No wiring. bought around 2 years ago, still using same batteries. I have always found that a laptop keyboard can be a bit fragile with heavy usage. if travelling around you can always leave the keyboard at home, just use the integral one. i dunno how much the box set is in the UK but here in Lilyland it was around 1000 baht. If you ever get sorted with the copy and paste problem let me know and i'll clean all this thread ...get back to the music. Yee-haw!
  3. I shouldn't share this really, but Sunny beat me fair and square at arm wrestling! Quelle embarrassment!
  4. QG, I highly recommend this Logitech mouse. I've had it for years, dropped it on the floor dozens of times and it keeps on kicking. It is so simple to use, there is no setup or configuration. No wires. It takes one AA battery which lasts a very long time. It comes with a little thingy that you stick into your laptop. It takes a couple of seconds to find the hole and other second to stick it in, It slips in even easier than a lubricated lovestick goes into an eagerly awaiting ladyboy lovehole! When you buy a new laptop it takes just a second to pull out and another second to put it in to your new laptop. This is an extremely cost effective mouse for tech challenged guys. If you had a mouse now you could easily click on the pic or the button below and your new mouse would arrive before the end of the month.
  5. QG...get a mouse. get one now, you can always use it on your new laptop. much easier than all that keyboard stuff. then just watch that 2 minutes tutorial i sent you recently. a mouse by the way ...i don't mean a little rodent... it's a plastic thing. Not from the pet shop... get yourself sorted man... finally!
  6. Thats the point I was trying to make, QG. Don't worry about these lads out in the big world, but then again Dubai is a shit place where anyone can end up in serious trouble, I understand their need to make money.
  7. Your english is better than PiggDogs thai.
  8. I can either go to Edit/Paste up top or right click on my mouse
  9. QG, Do you see the Share button in my screenshot below? The after I hit the Share button this pops up instantly like an erect 21 year old ladyboy dick. I then press Copy (not Embed) and then Paste it into my LBR post. Things might be different on your device and browser.
  10. It's ok Emmy. You wrote it right. Pdogg was just being funny!
  11. I don't know how to do that. I used to be able to copy and post videos by pressing Ctrl + shift + c. Then I'd do the Share thing (copy and embed). Then post by pressing Ctrl + v. But all I get if I do that now is a load of screed, and I have to delete the bits around the link, to only post the link.
  12. 555 I mean she will plug in the power to charge the phone. If I write it wrong, I'm sorry. I'm not good at English.
  13. QG, you can try the Share button on Youtube and then Copy the the link that appears and then Paste it into LBR.
  14. Of course, I'll charge it. I'm scared of Teya hitting me again.
  15. I tried to copy and post the Dubliners' Fields of Athenry, but can only post the link. https://www.youtube.com/embed/YS0dUvEXx3g
  16. yes, i once discussed that sort of thing with Emmy... who did say that many LBs who have silicone tits don't like to fight because it would be very easy to damage them which could cause all sorts of problems.
  17. I hope phones are charged up for next livestream Emmy.
  18. I'll have to be careful when I get back to Jomtien!

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