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  2. Sailors on the ceiling Now i have heard everything
  3. Is there now semen on the ceiling? Or deep inside someone's ?
  4. Oh my god. What about the laundry bill?
  5. You can use the room now. Last night the room was used 4 times.
  6. Tonight, Short Time Room is finished and ready to serve. Who will be the first? Come on. The girls are waiting for you. Bar fine price includes room above bar 400 baht
  7. You must have smoked the brand...."ahh..me so horny"........happens all the time to me..
  8. Chatting with Emmy, she said her priorities are: 1) getting the short time room operational. 2) getting her own room habitable. 3) getting the VIP area ready.
  9. Teya, Pla and May wait you at Emmy bar tonight. Let's have fun.
  10. I can't give 'likes' but it's good to hear work is progressing.
  11. Update the status of the Short time Room. The walls and doors are now complete. Next will be painting work, laying carpet on the floor, and buying furniture. and improve the bathroom It is expected to be completed within 1 week.
  12. Good idea, maybe I'll do as you suggest. Thanks for your advice Rom.
  13. Hi Emmy. If a customer takes the kitten to his hotel for Short Time, she will only be gone an extra half hour but you save the cost of cleaning your room for the next customer (?clean sheets?). I think a more important decision is the LONGTIME barfine for when the kitten does not come back to the bar that night. My suggestion is: 300 (or 350) Short Time barfine with free room if customer wants. Same price if he takes kitten to his hotel. For LONGTIME barfine I would suggest 500 (or 600) before midnight. 300 (or 350) after midnight. Hope this helps. Good luck at new location.
  14. Thank you very much for the information. I'm looking at a reasonable price for a bar fine including short room, maybe 300. baht if customers use my short room and 500 baht if the customer takes My kitten went somewhere else. But I haven't decided yet.
  15. Your bar looks good Emmy. I look forward to coming there! I think the st barfines at Pooks Bar and Fantasy Lounge in Soi Buakhow was 300 Baht - and that included use of room.
  16. I think the short time barfine at Delirious is 300 baht and the room is free. The reason for the free room is the ladyboy will be back working in the bar much quicker if he is using a short time room at the bar than if a farang brings her back to his room. If a small bar has their most popular girls gone for many hours then some customers won't come into the bar and buy drinks.
  17. I would like to ask everyone, how much should I charge for bar fine and short time room rates? Has anyone ever used the service elsewhere? How much is the price? Please advise me. Thank you
  18. My bar is almost complete. Thank you to everyone who came to visit and Spend money at my bar. Welcome everyone.

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