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  2. Was a pleasant time catching up with Emmy, Teya and the girls on my trip. Like old times. John and Roger turned up which was good. I took along Dao as she had not seen Emmy for some time. A good night and one I am glad I made happen. Teya was pleasant company too!
  3. Welcome to Emmy's Bar on Jomtien Beach Road Soi 3. We are waiting for you here. Have fun with us. Bar opens 5:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. every day.
  4. Happy songkran Day. Welcome to Emmy's Bar Jomtien beach road soi 3 1681917994922.mp4
  5. If you are ordering a taxi with the Bolt app (a much better price proposition than Grab) and input Emmy Bar then the taxi will take you to a different Emmy Bar on the Darkside. Instead you can input Seahorse Gentleman's Club which is on the opposite corner of Emmy's. Apparently someone must have changed the location of Katty Bar, Emmy's old bar on Soi 4, on Google Maps to the new location of Emmy Bar which Bolt interfaces with so that's OK too.
  6. Pdoggg, not sure I understand, can you break it down.
  7. If you are taking a Bolt to Emmy Bar, Emmy Bar does is not a choice from the drop down menu. Instead choose Seahorse Gentleman's Club or Katty Bar Room For Rent.
  8. New menu at Emmy's bar Her name is Joon Welcome
  9. Does it include Ray Conniff and his orchestra, or maybe Johny Horton?. On second thoughts, maybe Pat Boone!
  10. PDogg.......I think it's the other way around. Harry didn't get Markle. Markle got Harry......minus his balls.
  11. She resembles Meghan Markle and you don't need to be as rich as Harry to get her! Had a great night there! Emmy put on my playlist which is a big plus for me.
  12. 'Mind' in tonight looking great !
  13. I guess if bell is still around.. unforgettable..I will be there in 7 days but I cannot find information..mind is terrific.
  14. Bloody warped alright. I cant even find anyone 5 years older than me.
  15. I don't think woodie can find someone triple his age...but oh well....... Sorry Woodie, no offense....it s my warped mind.
  16. Saw an advertisement on the baht bus. It appears that top gogo salaries are quite high. As far as I can make out as my Thai literacy is quite poor, every 10 days at this LK Metro gogo you would receive 10K baht if you were a Coyote dancer and 13K if you were a model. Perhaps you need a certain drink quota to earn that salary. Don't worry Woodie as don't think you would be barfined often. Btw, one complaint on gay forums is straight ladies in gogo bars as they like to ogle the boys. I'm told half the dancers aren't gay. The problem is not the occasion fag hag with a gay friend but groups of Chinese ladies that can generate significant revenue. I'm told half the dancers aren't gay. What a horrible job for a straight guy if the job description involves getting fucked up the ass by someone triple your age.
  17. Sorry, I only give head to those of my choosing.
  18. Sorry woodie......but i forgot to mention, maybe ladyboy bar fine you.....
  19. Try offering you will work for tips only no salary......see who comes out a head........

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