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  2. i think not but am never quite sure of these things, she was very drunk the night of the party, eventually we threw a bucket of water over her and Jimbo to prise them apart. she's a long time on and off Kitten from the old Katty days. Nice girl.
  3. Good :) thanks for the info. Hope she don't have bolt ons.
  4. That is Boomie, or Boomy or bhumy JSG. she is always around.
  5. hmmm, I have to ask where Pocky's home is, I mean in case I go near it in my travels. The girl on the right does raise my erm...interest.
  6. The girl sitting in the middle has a bit of oomph to her!.
  7. Good times in Jomtien. Thanks for the pics Emmy
  8. I didn't recognise her - couldn't see her main asset!
  9. Thanks BBG. And yes, covid all clear. Just things here meant l couldn't get away. Let's hope for no rain and a great night.
  10. a shame Cobber. But, there will be hopefully more. I do believe that Emmy has got one of those barbeque pig things for tonight. And of course her magnificent secret recipe omellete let's hope that the rain stays away. has your covid attack gone?
  11. I'm really sorry I can't make it down for tonight's Meet and Greet, but I'll be there in spirit. Best wishes to Emmy, the kittens, and to BBG. And to all the BMs who are there - hope it's a great night.
  12. BBG, I know there is no karaoke but will there be a DJ spinning Deep House and Hip Hop? Will there be an ASAP (anal sex after party)?
  13. Pocky now works at her home. but don't worry The party will have a lot of my sexy kittens.
  14. Emmy, please send out search party for Pocky. I arrive Nov 10
  15. I am sure that if you ask, they will tell you!.

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