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8 hours ago, blind boy grunt said:


Give me an inch and I'll take the bloody mile ...

"Enterprise logbook, year 2371 - Our long quest for Sunny's ripped shorts in space ends with confirmed sighting of new celestrial (sp?) bodies in the cosmos. Twin pointy golden globes at one end, and a perfectly formed arse at the other. Setting course to dock between arse cheeks in 2372, Sunday afternoon (about tea time). Crew is excited. The vitamin pills are on me!"

You're welcome :obscene:..



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7 minutes ago, outsider said:

Hard to tell because the photos are from different angles, but the base of the nose looks wider on the old photo.

Trust me. From other photos not seen here, it is the eyes.

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On 6/12/2021 at 6:46 AM, outsider said:

Looks like some nose work.
Hard to tell with the tits because the bra will change the shape and hide the "points"

Lips for sure. I think she's getting some bad advice from her business manager. 

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