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Peachy Lily on Twitter


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21 hours ago, Woodie said:

I do wish she would take that "thing" out of her belly button. Looks gross

Sorry, my eyes were focused elsewhere and had to rewatch to see what you were talking about. I was willing to overlook it. Honestly, I prefer that to a body for of tats.

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Haven’t made it to the eyes yet Woodie ;)

Too true.

So after seeing several of Lily's videos my assessment is:

  • Perfect ass
  • Nice overall body
  • Nice cock with good size
  • Beautiful face
  • Her tits are a bit off. It looks like hormones gave her a tiny bit of growth, but with the implants, she has the little puffers at the end, which aren't very aligned. I know some natural women have puffers genetically, but I think this is a different situation.

    I've never met Lily, but dang, if I saw her at a bar, I probably wouldn't have hesitated to bar fine her... or at least try to. But my guess is- whether she is married or not, she is about to be off the market to most guys. If seen this with other girls where they get their social media act together, get OnlyFans rolling and then only entertain high-spending offers.
    There was a GG in my area that was like this. She was supposedly a sex fiend with a top-shelf BBBJ for a reasonable price. By the time I tried to book her, the price had gone up a bit and they hassle with dealing with her also had increased. Shortly after that, the reports on her dried up because she wasn't doing volume anymore, she was catering to a few high-rollers.
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