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  1. Condoms prevent lung disease?
  2. “I underestimated this one — how fast it would spread. My mistake was to think it was like SARS, which was pretty limited in scope. Or that it was like influenza. But it’s neither.” A legendary virus hunter who was part of the teams which identified both Ebola and HIV nearly died from covid. He "underestimated" it because it does not behave like any known pathogen. “It hit me like a bus. Extreme exhaustion, like every cell in your body is tired. And my scalp was very sensitive — it hurt if Heidi touched it. That’s a neurological symptom." Dr. Michael Ryan, an infectious disease
  3. LbDabbler


    Sure, infectious diseases experts state with certainty that covid-19 evolved through natural processes. But that guy on the ladyboy site says it's a Chinese bioweapon. WHO DO I BELIEVE?!?!?
  4. LbDabbler


    Evidence is SOOO 20th century. It's 2020, where feelings=facts.
  5. LbDabbler


    Peer-reviewed medical journal: "Our analyses clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus."
  6. God bless you for trying, but arguing with an anti-masker/anti-vaxxer/flat-earther/Trump supporter is a waste of time and energy. It's especially ludicrous hearing the anti-mask "logic" on a forum centered on Thailand, a country of 75 million people and 58 (!!) covid deaths. I was there when the pandemic hit, and I remember having to apply sanitizer and get my temperature taken before entering a building or getting on the BTS. I remember everyone, almost without exception, wearing masks. "Y'know, every health professional in the world says wearing a mask will help me protect myself and others
  7. Honey's 1 has long since been turned into a 0.
  8. Coco (Chinni) doesn't work in a bar. She's a freelancer ;)
  9. FWIW Lily turns 29 this month, and she is half-Khmer (mama), half-Thai (papa). I think her bum was better before the silicone and do not understand why you would surgically alter one of the best bums on earth. She insists the implants are in her hips, not her bum, to which I reply "same same, not different".
  10. Agreed. Nay has never looked better than she did in her video with him, but I can't watch it because yeesh.
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