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  1. seanbeag7


    Can I ask here guys have many of you wonderful ppl got vaccine yet. Reason I ask : oh happy days I got vaccine today 1 shot Johnson in the arm and I am fucking buzzing
  2. Can someone post pics here if any of the girls paint their cocks green
  3. Does it matter who any bodies grandparents or theirs were just as long as we can say who we are and be proud to be decent human beings. Qg if you believe u have Irish blood well as a 100% Irish gobshite welcome to the clan
  4. I hope your great grandfather was not a Langer and be related to that Roy Keane fecker or our gobshite Teoieach Michael Martin
  5. Thank u Mr bb grunt Happy Paddy's Day to all
  6. Hmmm might have to check this out, as with a lock down here in old Ireland I might need a nice green cock to stimulate my weary bones
  7. Can I ask the admin could there be a special collection of Irish emoji's as I find it bloody annoying scrolling thru all the others just to find one I like. Thanks SB7
  8. Well thank god they didn't include us nice Irish with those brits
  9. Who cares if you think your gay or just fucked-up I realised along time ago that when I joined these forums I was joining the dark side And as I am currently stuck here old Eire with a fucked-up virus and miserable cunts all around me, well I keep dreaming about Los and the dark side and stay sane for a little longer
  10. seanbeag7


    Well it's official right after Christmas at midnight of 26th we in Ireland go back to level 5 We are basically fucked before we see out this Motherfucker of a year good riddance
  11. seanbeag7


    In Northern Ireland lockdown measures will happen after boxing day, and down in the wonderful Republic we could be back with lockdown by NYE what a great way to un-welcome in 2021
  12. I thought I was the only one to start that, no wait a minute I fuck up about time machine
  13. I am going along with bb and vote for duke007 a guy I never met yet but over the year I respect him as a good (not quite Irish) friend and look forward to the day we do meet and have a Chinwag about premiership
  14. Who here has a twitter account and let's try find others
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