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In China’s northern regions -- where more than 1,700 cases have emerged -- some are being subjected to anal swabs with little warning. The method involves the insertion of a saline-soaked cotton swab about two-to-three centimeters into the anus, with the sample then tested for active traces of the Covid virus.


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On 1/28/2021 at 11:30 AM, BigTel said:

I don't think they are going far enough with this testing :biggrin:  :yahoo:

also they should use much bigger "swabs" :D

wait, they could just put a nurse collecting samples from condoms at Nana short time rooms?

my preferred swab would be Cindy

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I couldn't find a Topic on Anal Warts.... so I'm going to vent here....


I got a tranny escort yesterday (rarely ever get escorts in US.... it was a Latina in Tampa Florida) and the damn fucking bitch had a terrible case of anal warts.

She tried to tell me they were hemeroids. Bull shit. It was so gross. We had fooled around a lot but I hadn't fucked her yet.  i just paid her some money and got her out of my place.

I've had this a couple of times in Pattaya and BKK too.... mostly warts on the nut sack.

This cunt had giant wart mushrooming out of her ass. Pissed me off because she was pretty hot.

What the fuck are these bitches thinking?

Has anyone had this unpleasant experience before? 

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On 2/13/2021 at 1:47 PM, rxpharm said:

CIA Deputy Director

She was Deputy Dawg but when Pompui moved from Director of the CIA to Secretary of State, Trump appointed her to be Director of the CIA.

One of Haspel's claims to fame was overseeing the rectal feeding program at the secret USA detention center in Thailand; the location still not public knowledge.   

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