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Sweehearts Bar, Soi Buakhao 2019

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Apologies for being M.I.A. for a while . Here are some pics from our Live Stream, which starts at 9 p.m. thai time on Weds, Fri, Sat & Sun

Friday Night:  With the rains belting down all day, I was concerned I would be doing my compereing thing from home. However, they ceased at the right time and  I was able to get to Soi Burkhao wi

Here you go Jimbo 

Posted Images


You do realize that Australia has gone forward 1 hour so now the show does not start until 1.00am. I need my beauty sleep so very rarely can I stay up to see Nana!.

Please do something about this!!!!.

Also what is a hard on?. Re Nuoy.

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Thursday Night

 Having enjoyed a couple of fun evenings with J Bar (soi 7 Jomtien) playing a Pool match, it was decided it was time for a rematch.

J Bar play in pool leagues, nevertheless on Home turf we secured a 7 - 6 victory


Team Sweet hearts




Games in progress








A couple of End Shots i couldn't resist!

DSCN1240.thumb.JPG.d014b5861485e368483e59ed72ee6115.JPG  DSCN1241.thumb.JPG.629a9add24108dd8e68d636e2d5f2d5a.JPG

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Friday Night - Oct 30th

It's our Keith's birthday today and we're having a party! Nevertheless, we'll be doing our Online Stream until/or unless the bar gets too busy, so please look in and wish the old perv  a Happy Birthday.

Saturday Night - Oct 31st (Halloween)

Thanks to the generosity of a couple of BMs, we're offering cash prizes to the 3 best costumes/made up on the staff. Look in and be afraid, be very afraid!

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This is to congratulate Youngone, Jimbo and all the ladyboy staff for resurrecting Sweethearts after it shut down due to COVID, thereby keeping the ladyboys employed and our dreams alive of returning to Pattaya one day and find at least some bars opened.  The decision to do livestreams was a very timely welcome one and potentially a game changer which, all combined, made Sweethearts the #1 Ladyboy Bar of 2020.

Hit Play


Edited by Rom
The video was parallelly posted at the other Board where Youngone and Jimbo are prominent BMs and it was PMed to them TWICE in case moderation hoovered the video (which they did) and the first PM sent from the same BM account that posted the video.
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