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Ladyboy Water Volleyball Pics

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Anaconda Defeats Baby Boom In Water Volleyball Final

Anaconda and Baby Boom each won their divisions. Anaconda defeated BabyBoom 2 sets to 1 in the Final and that was by a pubic hair!

What a great day!

I'm drunk but we're going to pics up soon.

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some of my collection, just got home a few days ago. Fantastic event and great to see the girls in action

I'd like to dedicate this post to my favorite team: The Golden Girls of La Bamba,

and the unique snick cam ™ shots

Posted Images

But the Horny Bar girls' boobs were the real stars of the day; their choice of bikini (intentional?) led to numerous wardrobe malfunctions like this one.

Is that Ploy going for the shot? I thought she would be the Horny Bar team's striker as she must be the tallest of the HB girls.


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Your doing sterling work here B B :drinks:

He sure is! :happy0065:

After the daytime activities, I told BB that I have 400 photos but am too drunk to do anything with them, and I have to get to the evening portion of the program. So BB went to his darkroom and developed, enhanced, resized, cropped, and blurred out falang faces. He might have also had a good wank in the privacy of the darkroom in the bowels of LBR's European headquaters.

I'm not a photographer so i figured let me just snap away and some of the pics will turn out OK.

Think some of the lads were hung over from the night before so took it easy.

But i'd been working late the night before on the LBR redesign which might launch Tuesday.

There's nothing like an afternoon party and I was ready.

It was an electric atmosphere with the color cordinated bikinis, great music, Rossco said at the last minute they had to bring in Josh's system from Baby Boom, and a beer buzz. Got to see lots of old friends and meet some new ones.

A great job indeed by Rossco, the Refs, and and all involved in bringing this logistical nightmare to fruition.

Everyone was in a great mood, a picture perfect day, and oh muy Buddha what a scene to behold.

Remember Masturbator's Nang Fa Resort. I guess he had something like this in mind.

There must have been 60 ladyboys around the pool strutting their stuff as besides the competitors some teams had cheerleaders. Anaconda had a significant turnout.

I have never seem anything like it!

Congrats Anaconda! :happy0065:

And hats off to Khun Rossco! :hi:

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I would love to know what the management and other residents of the Evergreen thought of this event :biggrin:

Strangely enough I did not see many people on the balconies overlooking the pool.

The Areca/Evergreen complex has two pools and Evergreen residents were told the pool was closed for a special event and to use the Areca pool instead.

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Great work Team LBR! Congrats of course to Team Anaconda, but the real kudos go to PD and BB for the hard work (well - for one of them!) in getting these photos prep'd and uploaded.

I am amazed at how erotic this whole thing turned out to be. There's something I cannot put my finger on that really sets these photos apart from all the typical posed bar shots and candid shots from guy's trip reports.

I'm really sorry I missed it.

A bit disappointed with the effort from my La Bamba Bombers, despite the gorgeous golden bikinis. Must not have kept their eye on the prize, seems the extra sunrise practices that Team Anaconda put in spelled victory in the end.

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