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Ladyboy Water Volleyball Pics

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some of my collection, just got home a few days ago. Fantastic event and great to see the girls in action

I'd like to dedicate this post to my favorite team: The Golden Girls of La Bamba,

and the unique snick cam ™ shots

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I have 3.5 Hours of Video. It was all shot from one location and needs a great deal of editing - there may be about 10/12 minutes of reasonable footage after editing out BMs and uninteresting video.

It is a big job needing a decent editor both human and software.

I am working on a possible solution where someone professional can edit but it will be some while.

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Happy New Year - what a way to start.

Welcome to the new web site dedicated to all the teams, in the LB Water Volley Ball Event - 2012.


Why have a separate site?

The only way for the contestants/bars, to see their photos, would be to have allowed them access to the Forum. A big No, No.

There were 3 professional photographers, at the event. who freely provided their services and took more than 1000 Photos.

Editing and discarding reduced the final count to about 450 photos - that is still about 100 per hour.

We also hope to add a short video, of the actual action, from the matches in the near future - 3.5 hours needs some major editing.

Unfortunately one photographer was arrested, shortly afterwards, for a crime totally unrelated to the event.

This site is NOT a Forum it is a public domain site. You can, however, leave comments.

Please take some time to review News & Updates and comments about the success of 2012.

The site is a 'Viewing Gallery', for each participating bar, providing many photos from the 2012 event.

It also provides plans for 2013 - tentatively booked for Saturday 26th October, at Areca Lodge, in Soi Diana.

The focus of the site is on the charity aspect of the event and the participants.

In 2013 it is planned to increase the number of tickets for sale but the event can only achieve its goal by having:

* Team sponsors

* Ticket sales

* Donations

* Items for the Auction

7 Tickets have already been reserved and numerous BMs have also offered sponsorship.

The site already contains many comments, from attendees, about 2012 and other background informative data.

As plans for 2013 develop there will be more information about how you can help and which charities will benefit.

There may also be a 2014 Calendar on sale with photos from 2012 and 2013.

All this has only been possible due to the success of 2012 - many of you supported the bars and their staff made it happen.

here was some doubt, early on, as to whether the 2012 event would deliver - it did.

You, and they, raised 285,000 Baht for Charity - the goal for 2013 is 500,000 Baht.

Hope you enjoy all the photos and many thanks to all those (you) that provided their help and support - many unsung heroes.

Thanks to this forum and all their supporters.

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